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No bounce for Romney. Next up on the trampoline, Obama

By Paul Choiniere

Publication: theday.com

Published 09/04/2012 12:00 AM
Updated 09/04/2012 04:50 PM

As the nation gets ready for the start of the Democratic National Convention, it appears Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney received no bounce from last week's Republican convention. According to the Gallup Poll, Romney landed with a thud rather than took off with a bounce, actually losing 1 percent to President Obama over the course of the convention. The post-convention polling showed Obama with a 47 percent to 46 percent lead.

Getting a bounce coming out of the convention is seen as nearly automatic for presidential candidates, with the question usually how much the convention will help the candidate not whether it will. The fact that Romney saw no boost in his polling has to be of concern to the Romney camp.

CNN also reported that Romney received virtually no traction with the Republican convention. CNN reported:

CNN's previous poll, released as the Republican convention got underway, indicated 49 percent of likely voters backing Obama, with 47 percent supporting Romney, a virtual tie. In the new survey, which was conducted Friday through Monday, entirely after the GOP convention, both the president and Romney are at 48 percent.

"The Republican convention had at best a mild effect on the presidential race, and from a statistical viewpoint, no effect at all," said CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. "Demographically, Romney's overall one-point bounce masks some movement among subgroups and suggests that Romney's pitch to some groups may have worked but at the expense of turning off another group of voters."

Only the Rasmussen Presidential Tracking Poll, which some pollsters contend slants a bit right, showed Romney moving past Obama over the course of the convention, but the poll appears to be an outlier.

The big question now is whether the president can get some bounce out of his party's convention, or are most voters so locked in that they will not be moved by a few nights of partisan speeches? If Obama cannot get some post-convention separation, this race could be tight right through Election Day.

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