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Property Transactions - Dec. 28, 2012

Published December 28. 2012 4:00AM


374 Jurach Rd: Tipton, Alyce F & Tipton, Jimmy A to Surprenant, Rochelle A, $245,000.

425 Cabin Rd: FHLM to Lemay, Justin J & Lemay, Heather L, $196,275.

79 Midland Dr: Randolph, Paul to Dumond, Bernadette, $179,500.

210 Mcdonald Rd: Kiendzior FT & Kendzior, Richard to A1 Home Buyers, $90,000.

302 Chestnut Hill Rd: Furphy, James A to Hochdorfer, Thomas & Filloramo, Kerry, $70,000.

27 Caverly Mill Rd: US Bank NA to Garvie, Michael J & Garvie, Tracy A, $356,500.

8 Brookstone Dr: J Russo Custom Home Bldrs to Ginand, David W & Piacente, Karen A, $407,500.


18 Ridgewood Rd: Franklin, Jane H & Franklin, Robert H to Lafond, Matthew J & Lafond, Cynthia A, $345,000.


50 S Main St: FHLM to Senay, Robert A, $55,000.


40 Spyglass Cir #40: Sisisky, Alan H to Veroneau, Mark S, $154,000.

21 Chicago Ave: United Cmnty&Fam Svcs Inc to ABH Ent LLC, $125,000.

31 Fleming Ct: USA HUD to Lowney, James & Lowney, Christine, $85,000.

43 Sharon Rd: Arruda, Jon to Garvie, Joseph M, $210,000.

182 Pearl St: Spenlinhauer, Margaret B to Bednarcik, Edward D & Bednarick, Paula J, $1,765,000.

231 High St (Mystic): Shadle, Lisa A to Bancroft, Nanette A & Bancroft, Mark J, $152,500.

284 Pumpkin Hill Rd: Pequot Dev Assoc LLC to Czapla, Michael J & Adams, Kyla S, $370,000.

N/A: Anderson, Lydia M to Kallinen, Evelyn S, $74,500.


6 Oakridge Dr: Ryan, Thomas D to Camardella, Gian B & Camardella, Kaitlin M, $167,500.

6 Hickory Dr: Kil, Jerry to Fletcher, Rachel & Fletcher, Ralph, $159,900.

9 Lakeside Dr #J: PNC Bank NA to Wadecki, Thomas J & Wadecki, Sharon L, $73,500.

60 Pheasant Run Dr: Figler, Nancy L to Tramantana, Susan & Tramantana, James, $256,000.

116 Lambtown Rd: Evans, Patrick A & Evans, Michael J to Grant, Nicholas, $170,000.


74 Ferry Rd: Bartman Eleanor M Est & Ward, Linda B to Elwell, Lance E & Russell, Sarah F, $225,000.

19 Town St: Lord, Parker H & Lord, Diana R to Mildrum, Louis P & Mildrum, Jacquelyn A, $4,000.

19 Town St: Lord, Parker H & Lord, Diana R to Gigliotti, Adam M & Gigliotti, Bernard A, $2,000.

154 Rogers Lake Trl: Chapman, Robert C & Old Lyme Shopping Ctr Inc to Adams, David, $50,000.


6 Daisy Hill Rd: Ruhs, Craig to Ascare, Alan F & Ascare, Alicia M, $315,000.


280 Gardner Ave #D3: Miller, Sharyn A & HSBC Mtg Svcs Inc to HSBC Mtg Svcs Inc, $1.

118 Gardner Ave: Arnold, Sharon & Hird, Patricia to Cottrell, Tracy L, $215,000.

32 Lodus Ct: Faulk, Reginald S to Likollari, Pellumb & Likollari, Andia, $140,000.

513 Ocean Ave: Hoffman, Brenda J to Aleksandrova, Yuliana, $156,000.

217 Ocean Ave: Burnham, Stowell L to Brown, Lydia F, $140,000.

888 Bank St: Negrelli, Miranda to CDP Props LLC, $13,000.

17 Braemer Pl: Wood, Jennifer M & Bank Of New York Mellon to Bank Of New York Mellon, $1.

128 State St: Bacon Building LLC to Cornish Contracting&RE, $1,400,000.

14 Pleasant St: Hunter, David J & Charter Oak FCU to Charter Oak FCU, $1.


112 Lakeside Dr: Johnson, Charles L to Lesmerises, Peter & Lesmerises, Suzan, $259,000.

234 Mystic Rd: FNMA to Carini, Stephen P & Carini, Larica A, $236,000.

155 Cossaduck Hl: Cooper, Scott T to Williams, Eileen & Hernandez, Jesus, $250,000.

165 Wyassup Rd: Rehnberg-Murray, Stephani to Smith, Ward, $150,000.

404 Cossaduck Hl: Yarish, Seth M & Botelle, Heather L to Schmitt, Charles J & Schmitt, Kimberly, $207,500.

166 Babcock Rd: Lipp, Joseph W & Lipp, Barbara A to Mellow, Michael G, $250,000.

192 Pendleton Hl: Westcott, Jason & HSBC Bank USA NA to HSBC Bank USA NA, $1.

192 Pendleton Hl: HSBC Bank USA NA to Luzzi, Egidio & Cillino, Lauri, $35,000.

13 Fowler Rd: Alper, Francis & Alper, Michael L to Kappes, Robert & Kappes, Katherine, $292,000.

88 Tom Wheeler Rd: Leblanc, Daniel M & Murphy, Judith A to Sekel, Adam R & Sekel, Lauren H, $329,000.


38 Cherry Hill Rd: Daigle Rhoda Jonap Est & Arpin, Toby to Nedrow, Abby K, $160,000.

213 W Town St #A1: CM Reo T to Chen, Yanyun, $71,500.

97 Cliff St: Chan, King O & Retained Realty Inc to Retained Realty Inc, $166,498.

221 Broadway: Ducharme, Brian T & Dehler, Ryan J to Ostrin, Jeffrey R & Ostrin, Victoria L, $250,000.

105 Stonington Rd: Sham, Sanny & Citimortgage Inc to Citimortgage Inc, $1.


9 Fairway Ln: Blumenkopf Todd A Est & Austin, James H to Mather, Karen, $350,000.

453 Shore Rd: Daly, Jennifer A to Lawrie, Jermain J, $282,500.

17 Sandpiper Point Rd: Volland, Robert S & Volland, Patricia J to Volpe, Bruce T & Diamond, Betty, $1,050,000.

79 Rowland Rd: Hinman, Janet G to Westbrook, Nicholas K & Mccanty, Anne, $285,100.

20 Short Hills Rd: Tooker, Howard S to Short Hills Props LLC, $363,750.

117 4 Mile River Rd: Faircloth, Russell to Forostoski, Nicholas W, $182,000.

6 Mansewood Rd: Williams, Beatriz C & Williams, Sydney to Strub, Allison, $362,950.

20 Noyes Rd: Deutche Bank to Budney Hill LLC, $152,000.

22 Noyes Rd: Deutche Bank to Budney Hill LLC, $152,000.

24 Noyes Rd: Deutche Bank to Budney Hill LLC, $152,000.

10 Duck River Ln: Larry Thude&M Wind RET & Wind, Manon to Fales, Robert & Fales, Valerie, $432,500.

5 Ledgewood Dr: Moser, James J to Borland, William & Borland, Sandra, $419,000.

4 Hillside Rd: Littlefield, Janet B to Phaneuf, Brian J & Phaneuf, Lesley W, $168,000.

18 Jericho Dr: Green, Lawrence S to Fiore, Paul C, $264,000.

14 Springfield Rd: Dressler, Daphne C & Dressler, Richard M to Parker, Eric S & Parker, Mary K, $305,000.

63 Breen Ave #63: Calandra, Salvatore F to Calandra, Michael, $165,000.

29 Connecticut Rd: Hancock, Lorraine P & Hancock, Lorraine T to Hancock, Gregory L, $240,000.

N/A: Berry, Loretta M to Olsen, Kathleen B, $220,000.


1 Salem Mnr: Roes, Thomas C & Roes, Marlene to RMD Land Dev LLC, $40,000.

139 Forsyth Rd: Secor, Virginia A to Cuadro, Rosemarie, $29,000.

33 Meadow Ln: Standish, Jeffrey W to Candage, Jason B & Candage, Marguerite B, $285,000.

67 Skyline Dr: Householder, George & Householder, Elizabeth P to Bednarz, Michael S & Bednarz, Crystal M, $263,000.

63 Horse Pond Rd #E: Townsend Territory LLC to Adams Co LLC, $42,500.

65 Horse Pond Rd #G: Church, Deirdre R & One West Bank FSB to One West Bank FSB, $1.

83 Horse Pond Rd #C: BAT Holdings 7 LLC to Kong, Yinjie & Wu, Ronghui, $29,900.

5 Emerald Glen Rd: Stolle, Wayne T & Stolle, Anita M to Pottie, Kenneth E & Matus, Kimberly A, $369,000.

37 Oakridge Rd: Thomas, Bobbie L & Thomas, Bret D to Mercik, Kimberly M & Mercik, Michael, $440,000.


14 Cutter Dr: Coccomo 3 LLC to Hubbard, Christopher P & Hubbard, Kristen M, $310,000.

11 Whitehall Lndg #11: Perri, Christine E to Stark, Barry I & Stark, Linda M, $525,000.

11 Allen St: Sheehan, James P to Doyle, Gleanna B, $50,000.

18 Grandview Park: Pequot Dev Assoc LLC to Hamilton, Lance, $402,000.


7 B Ln: Chiappone, Harry A & Chiappone, Melissa M to Autrey, Jeffrey L & Autrey, Tara M, $330,000.

14 Perkins Farm Rd: Saporito, Guy A & Saporito, Michelle L to Chiappone, Harry & Chiappone, Melissa, $640,162.

198 Shore Rd: Giebelhaus, Allison M to Frenzel, Kim C & Lucey, John B, $495,000.

14 Race Rock Rd: Sauer, Jack R to Ryone, Arthur H, $340,000.

16 2nd Ave: Beckwith, Richard E & Oliver, Judith A to Debboli, Nicolas M, $150,000.

4 Maple Ter: Cannon, Jane M to Rue, Constance G, $202,000.

287 Niantic River Rd: USA HUD to Veazie-Williams, Jaime, $67,819.

468 Boston Post Rd: Morgan, Stanley D & Morgan, Ruth O to Camillucci, Dorothy, $243,000.

26 Mary St: Franklin, Richard A to Law, George & Mccormick, Laura, $249,900.

27 Soljer Dr: Weymouth, Carol to Specht, Randall T, $195,000.

14 Tyler Pl: Eccard, Paul B to Eccard, Paul B, $104,600.

53 Trumbull Rd: Hinson, Lawrence R & Hinson, Leonora M to Doran, James R & Doran, Patricia H, $565,000.

18 Laurel Crest Dr: Bartolucci, Linda to Wright, Jonathan & Wright, Laurie, $184,000.

16 Maple Ter: Caldwell, Brent M to Favalora, Mark L & Favalora, Catherine M, $235,000.

49 Old Norwich Rd: Morris, Donald C & Morris, Amy L to Ryan, Patrick K, $175,000.

5 Quinley Way: Glidden, Marguerite to Jones, Elizabeth M & Jones, Jason M, $205,000.

529 Mohegan Avenue Pkwy: Devivo, Thomas E to Devivo, Benjamin T, $205,000.

7 Casean Ct: Sablewood Props LLC to J Russo Custom Homebuildr, $75,000.

13 Casean Ct: LAS LLC to J Russo Custom Homebuildr, $75,000.

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