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Guide to a Stroll Through Historic Clinton

By Kelly Smith

Publication: Shore Publishing

Published January 14. 2013 4:00AM   Updated January 15. 2013 3:50PM
Roy Dickinson, Wally W. Woods, and Denise J. Woods have compiled the booklet "Take a Stroll Through Historic Clinton" for Clinton's 350th anniversary.

Ever wonder exactly what historic homes are in Clinton-and where? Thanks to Roy Dickinson, Wally W. Woods, and Denise J. Woods, now residents have a detailed booklet with researched history on several of the historical buildings in town.

When newcomers Dickinson and Wally Woods moved to Clinton a couple of years ago, they took note of several antique-looking structures in town. With the town's birthday rapidly approaching, they offered to produce a guide to the town's treasures to distribute during the anniversary.

"Wally and I...began looking at the individual houses and said, 'Oh, there's some nice little houses here' and then we started taking pictures of the nice little houses here and we began to get a little information on them and I said, 'Oh, we'll make a nice little booklet for the 350th anniversary,'" Dickinson said. "We put together a couple pages of quick, boiled-down history and then we followed it up with kind of a tour through town."

Coined "Take a Stroll Through Historic Clinton," the booklet consists of 14 pages of comprehensive information on the history of the town, followed by a short summary of each historic house outlined.

The booklet notes that Clinton (founded in 1663) still has many homes from the 17th-, 18th-, and 19th centuries intact. There are more than 150 houses in Clinton on the National Register of Historical Places along East Main Street, Liberty Street, and Waterside Lane.

The two men met every Wednesday morning for months discussing how they would provide this information to the public. They both traveled to several homes, taking pictures of the properties then doing research on each of them (with assistance from Denise Woods) to provide background in the booklet.

There are 13 homes on East Main Street profiled in the booklet, though many other homes on the street are mentioned. The Stanton House is singled out as one of the town's most interesting structures, considered "one of the 10 finest historic structures in Connecticut."

The authors also highlighted 14 houses built between 1725 and 1850 on Liberty Street, and take readers on a tour down Waterside Lane, documenting 18 historic homes near the waterfront, many of which were built by sea captains.

Members of the 350th Anniversary Celebration Committee were thrilled by the idea and agreed to share the booklet with residents in town as part of the celebration.

They wrote and researched this tremendous little booklet of strolling through Clinton's historic homes," said committee member John Allen. "We just published 300 or so and we're sending them around."

For a copy of "Take a Stroll Through Historic Clinton," head to the 350th Anniversary Headquarters at 30 East Main Street or visit for details.