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Article Published December 26, 2019
Mulvihill Was Thrilled to Get Back in Action
Peter Vander Veer

Devin Mulvihill made a triumphant return to the soccer field for Westbrook in 2019. After missing her sophomore season with an injury, Devin worked hard to get back on the pitch with a clean bill of health as a junior this fall. Devin’s dedication led to her being named a captain for her senior year.

Devin found out that she had a serious foot injury during the summer of 2018. After completing her freshman campaign with the Westbrook girls’ outdoor track team, Devin started experiencing pain in the bottom of her left foot. When doctors examined Devin, they realized that the sesamoid bone at the bottom of her left foot had shattered.

“What had begun as a stress fracture turned into a complete break,” Devin says. “I knew right away that I wasn’t going to be playing sports for some time.”

After undergoing an operation to pin the broken bone back together, Devin started physical therapy that summer. She was forced to sit out her sophomore year with the Westbrook girls’ soccer team.

“The only bright part of it was that the team’s captain, Callie Newberg, and I did our therapy together,” says Devin. “She had a torn ACL. I had company.”

Westbrook Head Coach Rob McConville saw just how dedicated Devin is while she was sidelined. Even though she was unable to play, Devin remained a constant presence on the squad.

“Devin never missed coming to a game or a practice all the time that she was getting better,” McConville says. “She was there constantly cheering her teammates on. She’s just a great kid.”

Devin also missed her sophomore year with the track team due to her injury. However, after traveling a long and arduous road, Devin arrived at a destination that was several months in the making when she suited up to play soccer for the Knights this season.

“It turned out to be a long wait, but it was worth it. I’ve been playing soccer since I was in the 3rd grade, and it would have been very difficult if I couldn’t have played again,” Devin says. “I did experience some pain when I started summer workouts. It only took about three games back for me to be at full speed.”

Coach McConville says that speed is one of Devin’s best assets on the field.

“We play Devin up front, because she has that speed and ability to move the ball, then get open to receive it right back,” says McConville. “Devin has natural abilities for the game and is an excellent team player.”

Westbrook saw some struggles by finishing with a record of 3-11-2 this year. While the Knights wanted to win more games, Devin was happy to be healthy and still took some valuable away from the experience.

“We all worked hard to get better. Most importantly, we found a good team chemistry,” Devin says. “We’ve been able to work well with each other, both on and off the field.”

At the end of the season, Devin learned she will be leading the Knights as a senior captain next year.

“I’m already looking forward to the season, and it’s an honor to be the team captain,” she says.

This winter, Devin and several of her Westbrook teammates are going to play indoor soccer with some varsity players from the squad at Hand. Devin will also be returning to the indoor track team and plans to throw the discus.

“I was asked if I’d like to try it, and I said, ‘Why not?’ I found discus throwing to be very complex,” says Devin. “You need to develop your technique to be good at it.”

In the classroom, Devin has taken numerous Advanced Placement classes at Westbrook, including courses in anatomy, physiology, and biology. She has a goal of working in medicine and is considering a future in speech therapy. During the summer, Devin works with kids with disabilities as a volunteer in the Buddy Baseball program.

“I really do love working with people who have disabilities,” Devin says.