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Article Published January 13, 2021

Spotlight Stage Company Looks to Spread Love with Upcoming Virtual Cabaret

By Jenn McCulloch/

With so much negativity in the air and a lack of live performances, the people at Spotlight Stage Company (SSC) have created an event to not only give people a chance to perform, but also to spread love and positivity.

SSC will host Love Always: A Tribute to Love cabaret on Sunday, Feb. 21 as a free livestream event.

“We wanted to create something to lift the spirits of those in the community and bring some positivity,” said Sandy Mascia, co-founder and director of sales and community engagement for SSC. “In this crazy world we’re living in, what supersedes all of that is love. We want to get as many people from the community involved as we can.”

There are several ways community members can participate in the cabaret. SSC is seeking recorded audition submissions for performers for the live stream. Video submissions of any love song from any genre should be emailed to

Those interested in being a live performer in the cabaret must submit their audition video by midnight on Jan. 15.

Soloists, duets, and groups are welcome and auditions are open to people of all ages. Space is limited and submissions received after midnight on Friday, Jan. 15 will not be reviewed.

Video submissions will be accepted through mid-February.

Performers will then be scheduled to come to a vocal room at Studio BE on Sunday, Feb. 21 for a COVID-safe livestream of their songs.

“The auditions are open to anyone who is interested and they can be any song from any genre about love from a person loving life to loving themself, as long as it’s uplifting,” said Mascia. “It has been hard for performers. There is no stage to perform on so this not only gives them the opportunity to perform but spread that positivity.”

The performances will be held in 15-minute slots, leaving time in between for following COVID protocols. During those gaps, Mascia plans to continue sharing messages of love, giving the community another way to get involved.

In between performances, Mascia and those at SSC will air video interviews with community members about what love means to them. She is hoping to partner with local businesses as well, noting places like Arnold’s Jewelers must have many stories about love between proposals and designing pieces for loved ones.

While SSC will be reaching out to some in the community, all residents are welcome to submit a positive message or their idea of love by emailing it to Those wishing to share a message can also schedule an in-person interview recording with SSC.

“We’d love to hear from different people in the community about what love means to them, whether it’s about the person you love, a sense of community, or any other uplifting, positive message,” she said.

While there is no cost to participate or view the Love Always: A Tribute to Love cabaret, SSC will be accepting donations to its GoFundMe page, “Spotlight Stage Company: Hope For Our Future.” SSC was founded in 2019 and had just begun gaining traction when COVID-19 shut down stages across the world.

“Our goal is to do a production when it’s safe, but productions do cost a lot of money,” said Mascia. “We haven’t been able to make money because we haven’t been able to do performances in the past year.”

“We’re just looking to build up everyone’s spirits,” said Mascia. “This will be all about love and what’s more uplifting than love?”

For information, visit or see Spotlight Stage Company on Facebook.