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Article Published October 20, 2021

The Required Skill Set

By Michael Ruben Peck

I write to promote the candidacy of Michael Jordan for the position as alternate to Chester’s Board of Finance. This specific position he has held for nearly four months.

Good citizenship is defined as the role we properly fill as citizens. With a bit of immodesty, aren’t we a village indeed? Paraphrasing Theodore Roosevelt: a good citizen pulls his own weight. Such a person is my candidate.

Our statutes state the Board of Finance is charged with the power to lay in taxes. The very same words are found in Article I of the Constitution of the United States of America. I state without equivocation Mr. Jordan has the required skill set to deal with these important taxing issues. He has, after all, spent a career in finance. Currently, he serves as chief operating officer of a global gaming and technology platform handling more than $18.7 billion. In prior years he advised banks, hedge funds, and broker dealers on Wall Street.

Lucky for me, Michael is a dear neighbor and an occasional dog walker. He and his very accomplished wife moved from New York City. They recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Not only has he begun to establish himself in Chester, his parents have deep roots in the lower Connecticut River Valley. Our special place is thriving if we are attracting people of the stature of Michael Jordan. Michael understands our issues and the challenges of our times. He is an asset to our Board of Finance.

In sum, I encourage your readers to vote on Nov. 2 for Michael Jordan for the Board of Finance Alternate position.

Michael Ruben Peck

Democrat Michael Ruben Peck is seeking a full term seat on the Zoning Board of Appeals.