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Premium Content Author Chris Bohjalian at Bee & Thistle luncheon

 July 10, 2014; Updated: 2:32 pm

Sometimes, the literary world gets a bit conceptual. Writers eschew punctuation, experiment with fonts and color - Rick Moody, I'm talking to you! - or invent their own languages and just sort of leave it up to the reader to figure it out.


Premium Content Book tip: "Joyland"

 July 10, 2014; Updated: 2:27 pm

Stephen King


John Verdon’s cleverness shines in new thriller

 July 6, 2014; Updated: 11:29 pm

John Verdon's skillful melding of the puzzle mystery with the police procedural and the psychological thriller brings a unique spin to his series about retired NYPD homicide Detective Dave Gurney.

"Peter Pan Must Die" again presents Dave...


Books for children - July 6

 July 6, 2014; Updated: 11:29 pm

"Alchemy and Meggy Swann" by Karen Cushman, Clarion, 167 pages

Read aloud: age 8, 9 and older

Read yourself: age 10 and older

At the end of the 16th century, young Meggy Swann has been sent from her rural...


James Patterson and others debate Amazon.com

 July 5, 2014; Updated: 3:02 pm

For a discussion titled "Amazon: Business as Usual?" panelists at the New York Public Library cited Winston Churchill, Thomas Jefferson and the Stamp Act of 1765. Questions were raised about the future of democracy, the manners of Silicon Valley...


Premium Content Book tip: "Those Who Wish Me Dead"

 July 3, 2014; Updated: 1:38 pm

Michael Koryta


Pakistani author’s debut novel captures Karachi

 June 29, 2014; Updated: 3:05 pm

The blurb on the back of Saba Imtiaz's debut novel "Karachi, You're Killing Me!" compares the book to the single girl's Bible, "Bridget Jones's Diary."


Books for children - June 29

 June 29, 2014; Updated: 2:47 pm



Premium Content Author Marc Levy comes to Bank Square Books

 June 26, 2014; Updated: 2:23 pm

Amongst the canon of widely read French novelists are François Rabelais, Stendhal, George Sand, Honoré de Balzac, Victor Hugo, Marcel Proust, Collette, Jules Verne, and Alexandre Dumas.

Oh - and don't forget Marc Levy.

Yes, Levy is a...


Debut novel by Lisa Howorth is a Southern mosaic

 June 22, 2014; Updated: 12:00 pm

There are many good reasons to read and enjoy "Flying Shoes."

For one, it is the debut novel of Lisa Howorth, a much revered stalwart of the literary South. She is the founder, with her husband, Richard, of Square Books, a venerable...


Books for children - June 22

 June 22, 2014; Updated: 12:00 pm

The following book is available at many public libraries.

"Bunnicula: A Rabbit Tale of Mystery" by Deborah & James Howe, illustrated by Alan Daniel, Atheneum, 98 pages

Read aloud: age 6, 7 and older



Jane Lynch pulls off her tracksuit to go cabaret

 June 19, 2014; Updated: 5:52 pm

Jane Lynch has zipped off the tracksuit and left the Cheerios behind. The "Glee" star is going cabaret.


Premium Content Book tip: "Natchez Burning"

 June 19, 2014; Updated: 1:37 pm

Greg Iles


Premium Content Author Janet Evanovich talks at Foxwoods

 June 19, 2014; Updated: 12:52 pm

Always wanted to be a crime novel-style hero or heroine?

Cool: see if you can unravel these clues and determine the identity of history's biggest-selling female mystery writer.

1. The author's first name is Janet.

2. Her...


Premium Content Author Janet Evanovich takes new book to Foxwoods

 June 16, 2014; Updated: 8:52 pm

Over the course of several bestselling and hilarious mysteries starring 30-something New Jersey bounty hunter Stephanie Plum, series author Janet Evanovich thinks her iconic heroine has learned a few things.


Avery Corman writes memoir of Bronx boyhood

 June 15, 2014; Updated: 3:54 pm

Before Brooklyn became a hipster haven with pricey real estate and the Bronx became the poster child for urban blight, neighborhood life in those outer boroughs was pretty much the same.

That's the recollection of Avery Corman, who grew up...


Premium Content Books for children - June 15

 June 15, 2014; Updated: 3:54 pm

"Hachiko: The True Story of a Loyal Dog" by Pamela S. Turner, illustrated by Yan Nascimbene, Houghton Mifflin

Read aloud: age 4 and older

Read yourself: age 7, 8 and older

Hachiko is a puppy when he goes to...


Premium Content Connecticut: Revolutionary and literary

 June 14, 2014; Updated: 9:01 pm

Connecticut has produced a wealth of literary talent over the centuries, from Mark Twain to Wally Lamb. In their newest co-venture, "Literary Connecticut: The Hartford Wits, Mark Twain and the New Millennium," English professors and...


Premium Content Navy diver shares stories from autobiography

 June 13, 2014; Updated: 6:17 pm

There are some folks who lead fascinating lives. Like the dude you knew in college who could hold his breath in the shallow end of the pool for more than 90 seconds!

Then there are people like Bob Croft, whose REALLY interesting life...


Premium Content Book tip: "The Laughterhouse"

 June 12, 2014; Updated: 12:03 pm

Paul Cleave


Premium Content Bank Square Books welcomes author Joanna Rakoff

 June 12, 2014; Updated: 12:00 pm

If you're going to spend a year of your life answering fan mail for a Famous Person, who better than J.D. Salinger? And if, because you're so moved by the desperation and affection that oozed out of the letters, you decide to disregard an...


Court: Searchable books database is ‘fair use’

 June 11, 2014; Updated: 5:01 pm

The creation of a full-text searchable database of millions of books is a fair use of copyrighted works, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday, saying it also is permissible to distribute the books in alternative forms to people with...


Clinton kicking off high-profile book tour

 June 10, 2014; Updated: 6:43 pm

Hillary Rodham Clinton is embarking on a book tour this week that will feature overtones of a potential presidential campaign in 2016 and could offer a window into the former Secretary of State's stamina and how she might present her rationale...


Premium Content Stephen King pits Madman, retired detective in fast-paced thriller

 June 8, 2014; Updated: 4:51 pm

The book is peppered with contemporary pop-culture references that give it a veneer of veracity: iPads, Dexter, online dating sites, boy bands with lead singers who sound like "Jim Morrison after a prefrontal lobotomy."


Books for children - June 8

 June 8, 2014; Updated: 8:01 pm

"Daughter of Venice" by Donna Jo Napoli, Wendy Lamb Books/Random House, 274 pages

Read aloud: age 9, 10 and older

Read yourself: age 10, 11 and older

Donata is a daughter of a great noble family in Venice.


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