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"Anchorman 2": Swapping joke for joke

 February 24, 2014

This is genius. "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" will be back in movie theaters this week — but it’ll be a little different.
Scratch that. It’ll be a LOT different.


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It’s the ’80s again!

 February 12, 2014

I love the ’80s, but, really, this is too much.
This week, three movies are opening that are remakes of films made in the 1980s.
The unholy trinity are:...


Trailer trouble at the cinema

 January 29, 2014

Well, here's good news: the National Association of Theatre Owners is going to start restricting movie trailers to no more than two minutes each.
They also want trailers to show for no more than 150...


Who'll win the Golden Globes?

 January 10, 2014

It's time for the most fun awards show of the year!
The Golden Globes are handed out on Sunday, and it's always enjoyable — even more so with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler returning to host. (It airs...


Ratings madness and Dame Judi Dench

 November 25, 2013

Nothing screams "R rating" like a film starring Judi Dench.
Dench’s latest movie, "Philomena," which opens at several theaters in our region on Wednesday, first earned an...


Holy Affleck, Batman!

 August 23, 2013

No, Ben, say it ain’t so!
I was chagrined, to say the least, when I heard that Ben Affleck had signed on to be the next Batman.
Way to undermine your renewed...


“The Butler” beats “Kick-Ass 2” — hurrah!

 August 20, 2013

Every once in a while, my faith in humanity is restored
"Lee Daniels' The Butler" was expected to bring in around the same amount of money this past weekend as "Kick-Ass 2.


Pow! Bam! Is that all there is to “Elysium”?

 August 12, 2013

Please, Hollywood, enough with the dystopian sci-fi flicks!
This year, we’ve been inundated with action thrillers that are set in an unhappy future — "Pacific Rim," "After...


Ellen DeGeneres back to host Oscars

 August 2, 2013

Earlier this year, snarky, envelope-pushing Seth MacFarlane hosted the Academy Awards.
It was just announced that, next year, nice, likeable-to-all Ellen DeGeneres will do the honors.


Singing the praises of summer’s smaller films

 August 2, 2013

Let’s hear it for the little movies!
Often, a small, umassuming summer film turns into a sleeper hit. "Little Miss Sunshine" is a perfect example. Or "Moonrise...


Do you agree with Spike Lee?

 July 31, 2013

As a professor teaching film at New York University, Spike Lee hands out to students a list of what he considers "the greatest films ever made." He sees these as required viewing for those who want to become directors.


James Gandolfini and his role in "Violet & Daisy"

 June 20, 2013

In directing his first feature film, "Violet & Daisy," Geoffrey Fletcher gathered an impressive cast of actors — chief among them, James Gandolfini.
In a lot of ways, Gandolfini,...


‘This Is the End’: A guy thing?

 June 18, 2013

While I was watching "This Is the End," I kept thinking: is it me?
The reviews for this apocalyptic comedy have been out of this world. Critics have raved: It’s laugh out loud!...


British villains rule: Benedict Cumberbatch in “Star Trek”

 May 29, 2013

When I saw Benedict Cumberbatch glower into the camera in "Star Trek Into Darkness" and carefully pronounce his lines in an arch, theatrically overripe British accent, I got giddy. There’s just something about urbane...


Matthew McConaughey’s name is “Mud” — and that’s a compliment

 May 24, 2013

Sometimes, getting the cover of Vanity Fair is NOT a good thing.
The buzz surrounding Matthew McConaughey’s debut in 1996’s "A Time to Kill" was pretty damned deafening. The...


Luhrmann-izing “The Great Gatsby”

 May 15, 2013

If this whole film-director thing falls through, Baz Luhrmann could have a second career as a party planner.
The wing-dings he helped whip up for his "Great Gatsby" are roiling, riotous amusements.


Stark-raving mad for ‘Iron Man 3’

 May 8, 2013

No, kids, "Iron Man 3" is not as good as the original "Iron Man" —but that shouldn’t be much of a surprise. The original of anything is usually better than any sequel.


When a ‘Big Wedding’ goes bad

 May 6, 2013

As I watched "The Big Wedding," I thought to myself, "How did all these good actors end up in this half-baked, shtick-filled movie?"
Sometimes, with a bad movie, you sense there might have been a good script...


Tailoring ‘Iron Man 3’ for Chinese audiences

 May 1, 2013

I understand trying to please your audience, but this takes that notion beyond the norm.
The "Iron Man 3" that you’ll see when it’s released here next Friday will be different...


Let the summer movie season begin!

 April 26, 2013

I have never been so happy to see Robert Downey Jr. in my life.
Let’s face it, it’s been an underwhelming few months in terms of movie releases.
But next week begins the full summer...


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