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The Age of Choice

Seizing the day

 November 8, 2013; Updated: 5:16 pm

 Louise Marconi O’Boyle is spending her retirement on the move.She and her husband, John O’Boyle, add pins regularly to a map of the world they mounted in the upstairs hallway of their...


From personal care to community networks, folks find help at home

 November 8, 2013; Updated: 5:36 pm

It's probably no surprise that most folks would prefer to remain in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes and communities for as long as possible. In fact, that's true of nearly 90 percent of people over age 65, according to AARP (American Association of Retired Persons).


More Coverage

Carole Marks takes her positive aging message to the airwaves

 November 8, 2013; Updated: 2:48 pm

It would defy the principles of physics and biology, but an argument could be made that Carole Marks, the 70-something host of the syndicated "A Touch of Grey" radio program, is actually getting younger.In 1990, Marks started the show,...


'There's something we need to tell you'

 November 8, 2013; Updated: 2:43 pm

We can never choose when or what befalls us as we age, but how we deal with it, as well as how we help family respond, is in our control.Every family will have their own approach and temperament in their response to issues such as death, disability,...


Black Point Bocce League makes friends and memories

 November 8, 2013; Updated: 2:19 pm

Copernicus was wrong when he theorized that the earth and the planets twirl around the sun — at least so far as the Niantic community of Black Point Beach is concerned.Y’see, in Black Point, the solar system revolves around their bocce...


Bored by modern music, Jake Kaeser started singing his own tune

 November 8, 2013; Updated: 2:12 pm

New London’s Jake Kaeser enjoys and shares most of the myriad characteristics emblematic of rock musicians everywhere — from the sense of fun and musical adventure to late night chicanery and creative passion.At 60, though, Kaeser admits...


An unlikely athlete becomes a triathlon competitor and coach

 November 8, 2013; Updated: 1:52 pm

If you’ve ever toyed with the idea of giving up the potato chips-and-Tivo lifestyle to — oh, why the heck not? — jet off to Hawaii and compete in the World Ironman Triathlon, there are several ways to go about it.One really good...


Dancing queen: Nancy Smith-Tefft loves to perform

 November 8, 2013; Updated: 1:43 pm

She’s loved dancing since her parents took the family to square dance in nearby Coventry when she was growing up.True to form then, it was while Nancy Smith-Tefft was stepping to a band one night at the Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun that she saw an...


Bill Hermanson took up golf in high school and never looked back

 November 8, 2013; Updated: 1:10 pm

It was a few moments after he signed his scorecard following the opening round of the 31st Connecticut Senior Open at Shennecossett Golf Course in Groton and Bill Hermanson was in mid-conversation.He was lamenting a six he shot on the 380-yard, par-4...


Beth Quesnel is playing ball until the sun goes down

 November 8, 2013; Updated: 1:06 pm

In order to play for the Bethel (Maine) Red Sox baseball team in the local Little League growing up in the 1950s, Beth Quesnel, then Beth Brown, had to ask the other teams’ permission before the games started. Some of her opponents refused to play against a girl.


Spyros Barres runs miles beyond his medical condition

 November 8, 2013; Updated: 1:03 pm

Spyros Barres of Mystic is billed — as public address announcer Nick Bottone pointed out at the Ocean Beach/John & Jessie Kelley 11.6-Mile Road Race in early August — as the man who once ran to Boston to run the Boston Marathon.Barres...


John Benbow shares the secret to letting go, and living

 November 8, 2013; Updated: 1:00 pm

In his old life, John Benbow, who holds a doctorate in organic chemistry, was an assistant professor at Lehigh University. That was followed by a stint at Pfizer Inc. in Groton, where his job entailed trying to discover the next "wonder drug." He wasn't very often in, what he refers to...


Curious? URI has a special program for your insatiable intellect

 November 8, 2013; Updated: 6:29 pm

At The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at the University of Rhode Island, seasoned adults are given the opportunity to learn for the joy of it — without the pressure of tests or grades familiar in traditional continuing education. Within a community of like-minded people,...


AGE IN PLACE: Modifications can make your home stylish, safe

 November 8, 2013; Updated: 6:13 pm

Now that medical science is keeping us alive longer, why not do so, for as long as possible, in the comfort of your own home?That’s the idea behind "Aging in Place," a nationwide initiative which the Centers for Disease Control...


River cruises accommodate all ages, abilities

 November 8, 2013; Updated: 6:12 pm

If oceanliners are the buses of water travel, river cruises are like limousines — a little more intimate and relaxing.And river cruises are popping up on all seven continents, a testament to their growing popularity, especially among the...


Caregiver contracts can clarify aging parent’s wishes

 November 8, 2013; Updated: 6:08 pm

For those worried about the consequences of growing older, a relatively new legal tool known as caregiver contracts can help alleviate money and life stressors.Caregiver contracts outline who should care for a parent at home in the case of an...


Heart attack: Been there, done that, next chapter

 November 8, 2013; Updated: 5:40 pm

My tap on the shoulder came in the middle of a summer night, 2012. Actually, it was more like a punch in the chest that went clear through to my back and grabbed a hold of my lungs on the way. Something told me it wasn’t indigestion.Not wanting...


She's a trooper

 November 8, 2013; Updated: 5:22 pm

Susan Kumro loved being a Connecticut state trooper.She joined the agency when female troopers were scarce, achieved the rank of master sergeant and worked beyond the required 20 years before retiring in 2004.By...



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