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Premium Content Hardly hearing

 April 16, 2014; Updated: 10:54 pm

The purpose of holding public hearings is to hear from the public. It would logically follow that, if the people send a clear message, their leaders should act accordingly.

This is not what happened in Stonington.

Last week residents...


Premium Content Veto vendor change

 April 16, 2014; Updated: 10:56 pm

It remains baffling why the Montville Town Council, or at least its Democratic members, feels compelled to dramatically alter the town's vendor ordinance. If there was a groundswell of support to make things easier for vendors peddling cheap...


Premium Content This Rand-Montville deal makes sense

 April 15, 2014; Updated: 12:06 am

It is understandable why the good people of Montville might get queasy over the prospects of the town entering a deal with the Rand-Whitney Containerboard paper-mill company concerning the treatment of wastewater. The last time the town entered...


Premium Content Helmsley was right about who pays taxes

 April 14, 2014; Updated: 5:38 pm

Most of us would love to be Warren Buffet, or at least have even a tiny fraction of his estimated $50 billion-plus net worth - especially tomorrow, April 15, when, as the business magnate/investor/philanthropist often has stated, he will be...


Premium Content State's gun law working as intended

 April 13, 2014; Updated: 4:07 pm

A year after the General Assembly passed and Gov. Dannel P. Malloy signed historic gun legislation inspired by the killings in Newtown, there are strong indications the new law is doing what it was meant to do.

We hasten to add it is not...


Premium Content Monica's returns sunny-side up

 April 12, 2014; Updated: 4:59 pm

We're delighted, as are many hungry customers, that Monica's State Street Diner reopened on New London's State Street this week after an Aug. 21 fire heavily damaged the popular downtown restaurant, along with Zambala Grocery and upstairs...


Premium Content Malloy's refund gamble

 April 12, 2014; Updated: 4:59 pm

Only in an election year would you see Republicans, who normally portray themselves as champions of the overtaxed, grumbling about the governor's plan to give Connecticut residents some of their money back from the state treasury.



Premium Content GOP foolish to block equal pay law

 April 11, 2014; Updated: 5:51 pm

When it comes to the race for control of the U.S. Senate, Republicans may yet figure out a way not to win.

At this early date, political prognosticators seem to agree that odds favor a Republican takeover of the Senate. More Democratic-held...


Premium Content Locally grown grows

 April 10, 2014; Updated: 11:54 pm

Take even a fairly brief trip through any supermarket and the geographic gulf that has developed between shoppers and the source of much of the food they eat becomes readily apparent. Grocery store shelves are stocked with Central and South...


Premium Content Double crowns, again, for UConn

 April 10, 2014; Updated: 11:53 pm

Congratulations to the University of Connecticut's men's and women's basketball programs in winning the NCAA national championships. In 2004, UConn became the first school to win both basketball titles in the same year. Ten years later,...


Premium Content NL's cash-flow fix

 April 9, 2014; Updated: 12:21 am

The New London City Council appears to be doing its due diligence in assessing a series of unusual bonding proposals recommended by Director of Finance Jeffrey H. Smith and backed by the Finizio administration.

On Monday, the council...


Premium Content Reasonable plan for antibiotic use

 April 9, 2014; Updated: 4:33 pm

Lower meat prices could come at a high price of human suffering if sensible antibiotic-use policies are not adopted.

Legislation intended to protect the public from the growing threat of dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria remains...


Premium Content Lost history, Seaside's sad saga

 April 8, 2014; Updated: 3:41 pm

Unfortunately, it appears one of our primary motivations for supporting a long-standing and long-troubled proposal for redeveloping the Seaside Regional Property in Waterford - preservation of its historic structures - is off the...


Premium Content Include locals in book-buying budget

 April 7, 2014; Updated: 4:46 pm

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Bookstore expands in Mystic!

Front page headline? Alas, no.

The ballooning, in October, of Bank Square Books - from 3,000 to 4,800 square feet - didn't rise to that level. Nor did the opening of the...


Premium Content State must sustain NL magnet plan

 April 6, 2014; Updated: 4:33 pm

Grumblings coming out of Hartford should cause concern for New London officials planning for the transformation to an all-magnet school district. The expectation is to attract increased state funding, while racially and economically diversifying...


Premium Content Burning less trash

 April 5, 2014; Updated: 5:38 pm

About 30 years ago, Connecticut began an innovative plan to deal with solid waste. Landfills across the state were leaching contaminants. The burial approach for the state's trash was wasteful and dangerous.

The solution was the opening of...


Healthy GOP ideas

 April 5, 2014; Updated: 5:38 pm

The following editorial appears on Bloomberg View.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal proposed an alternative to Obamacare this week. His blueprint follows on a plan from Sens. Richard Burr, Tom Coburn and Orrin Hatch in January. And in the...


Premium Content Moving closer to Coltsville Park, Hartford

 April 4, 2014; Updated: 5:12 pm

The decade-long effort to build a national park on the site of Coltsville - gunmaker and inventor Sam Colt's showcase industrial village along the Connecticut River in Hartford - took a major step forward last week.

The Congressional Budget...


Premium Content Finizio's surprise move

 April 3, 2014; Updated: 11:45 pm

In a move that appeared to surprise most everyone, New London Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio declared himself a lame duck Tuesday, announcing he would not seek re-election in November 2015.

The mayor's stated motivation is to set election...


Premium Content UConn's great Final-Four run

 April 3, 2014; Updated: 11:52 pm

While the arrival of the University of Connecticut's men's basketball team to the Final Four was a wonderful surprise, the women's squad marched their way into the championship bracket with an air of inevitability.

At times this...


Premium Content Rowland's arrogance again his undoing

 April 2, 2014; Updated: 5:25 pm

John G. Rowland is an arrogant and reckless man, seemingly devoid of scruples. Ten years ago, he resigned as Connecticut governor for accepting gifts from state contractors and lying about it. This newspaper is proud to be among the first to...


Premium Content Reform pension policy

 April 1, 2014; Updated: 5:00 pm

Connecticut must reform a system that provides lavish pension payments for judges regardless of how brief their tenure on the bench. Granted, reducing the pension largesse for judges will have only a miniscule impact in the context of overall...


Premium Content What a season!

 April 1, 2014; Updated: 12:02 am

This fifth trip to the Final Four for the University of Connecticut's men's basketball program is the most improbable to date.

The Huskies arrive in the championship round only one-year removed from NCAA tournament ineligibility caused by...


Premium Content Improving great tradition

 March 31, 2014; Updated: 11:13 pm

All-night post-graduation parties are ubiquitous among high schools throughout the region. These drug- and alcohol-free parties help keep celebrating students safe, busy and happy at the culmination of their high school careers. Due credit should...


Premium Content Demand is there for Obamacare

 March 31, 2014; Updated: 5:12 pm

The following editorial appeared recently

in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

For what the Obamacare website went through during its first couple of months, 5 million sign-ups so far for new insurance plans under the...


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Premium Content Hardly hearing

The purpose of holding public hearings is to hear from the public. It...

Premium Content Veto vendor change

It remains baffling why the Montville Town Council, or at least its...

Premium Content Speak up, Ledyard, or prepare to pay up

To my friends, neighbors and fellow taxpayers, we have a chance to do...

Premium Content In Val Tamano, NL schools had a gem

With the recent announcement that Valerie Tamano will retire from the...

Premium Content Will GOP seize opportunity in 20th Senate?

With Democratic state Sen. Andrea Stillman's decision not to...

Premium Content How it went so bad, so fast, for Finizio

While there was definitely rejoicing in some circles last week...



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