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Letters to the Editor

Premium Content P&Z Seaside vote delay is troubling

 September 14, 2014

Three Waterford Planning and Zoning commissioners clearly oppose the commercialization of the Seaside Preservation district, yet the town attorney carefully persuaded them to table a vote that would have resulted in an outcome detrimental to the...

Premium Content Wash., D.C. statehood? Congress must say, 'no'

 September 14, 2014

The residents of D.C. had the right to vote for congressional representation from the founding of the republic until Congress took that right away in The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1801. And Congress can restore that right without making...

Premium Content Move museum locale

 September 14, 2014

Several well-written and timely letters have been published by The Day regarding the proposed location for the national Coast Guard museum in New London's downtown district. How did we the people ever let this happen? Dumb! Talk about traffic...

Premium Content Carbon credits another ploy to enrich 'suits'

 September 14, 2014

As we enter the national "political season" we should anticipate an amplified plea for action to address man-made climate change. The president, the present secretary of state and the former secretary all seem to think global warming is the...

Premium Content Send exit sign plan to off ramp

 September 12, 2014

Concerning the renumbering of the exits on I-395, I can't possibly be the only person who finds this utterly ridiculous and a waste of $5.5 million. Does Connecticut have no better way to spend money?

The Federal Highway Administration has...

Premium Content Fix NL City Council meeting TV audio

 September 12, 2014

As one who enjoys watching our government in progress, the viewing of the New London City Council meetings on television has become a mystery. At times it is impossible to hear the City Council's proceeding as the audio is obscured, garbled, or...

Premium Content Exit number change a big waste of money

 September 12, 2014

"Interstate 395 exits to get new numbers," (Sept. 6). Please tell me that this headline isn't true?

Our roads and bridges are desperate for infrastructure improvements and this is the best we can do? Were our elected state and federal...

Premium Content Reader disagrees that Conn. a moderate state

 September 12, 2014

This is a response to the column, "Foley's laughable mansion rebuke," (Sept. 7). Where do I start? Citing your attack of Tom Foley and your feigned support of Gov. Malloy is not my thought of the day.

Within paragraph 11 of David Collins'...

Premium Content Stonington acted prudently in awaiting FOI order

 September 12, 2014

The Day's editorial, "One record released, but Stonington's Haberek still stalling," (Sept. 5), about their Freedom of Information Act request for information on a former Stonington town employee, fails to mention the FOI Commission's vote was...

Premium Content Missing President Bush? Are you crazy?

 September 11, 2014

What wacky tobacco are you smoking? "Missing President Bush as Obama flounders," (Sept. 9). I am not a fan of what's happening in Washington, D.C., both in the White House and the House and the Senate, but to say Americans miss George W. Bush is...

Premium Content Wall St. will exploit evils of marijuana

 September 10, 2014

Is it worth the risk to lose a precious child to the use of marijuana? This question is raised by the Sept. 2 story, "Will traffic deaths rise as states legalize pot?"

I applaud The Day for keeping the pot issue going, as it has by...

Premium Content Water taxi coverage

 September 10, 2014

Your team at The Day did a wonderful job covering the water taxi demonstration and the whole issue of completing the heritage park, "Water taxis make a splash," (Sept. 7). Having the interest of The Day on a project like this is essential,...

Premium Content For Stonington's good, appoint Rob Simmons

 September 10, 2014

With the upcoming vacancy of the minority party seat on the Stonington Board of Selectmen due to Glee McAnanly's resignation, the remaining two Democrats have a clear choice that is best for Stonington: Rob Simmons.

His resume is...

Premium Content Water taxi regs?

 September 10, 2014

Sept. 7 I noticed on the Region section online a photo of people riding on the new water taxi. I was wondering why the young children didn't have any flotation devices on? Are laws different for water taxis over regular boating regulations? Just...

Premium Content Life vests missing

 September 10, 2014

I do not mean to be a killjoy, but what is wrong with the photo of the three little girls riding in the new water taxi on the Thames River in Sept. 7 newspaper? What about lifejackets for small children?

I know these vessels are used at...

Premium Content Don't resist arrest

 September 10, 2014

A great number of the tragic shootings, lootings and riots could be greatly reduced if everybody was required to write, 100 times, "I do not have a constitutional right to resist arrest." (Those who have trouble writing, they can text it to a...

Premium Content Cool warming planet by marching on NYC

 September 9, 2014

Judy Benson's article, "NYC march to press for action on climate," (Sept. 3), was right on point. No social movement in American history, from women's rights to the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, has succeeded without mobilizing in the...

Premium Content Online applications only ad to nightmare of trying to find work

 September 9, 2014

In this overpopulated, indebted, downsized, outsourced country, employers seem to feel free to bring benign neglect to hiring practices. With online applications the norm in the brave new world economy, a close friend experienced eight months...

Premium Content A frustrated reader wants comics overhaul

 September 9, 2014

Kudos to William Kelly, "Comic Suggestions," (Aug. 28)! I have been mentally composing a letter to The Day for the past six months to complain about the sad offerings on the comic page and to beg for replacement strips.

While Mr. Kelly...

Premium Content Missing President Bush as Obama flounders

 September 9, 2014

Big talk, no action. I knew President Obama was going to be bad, but not this bad. Yet he has a 40 percent approval rating. How do you explain this blind devotion to such Tom Foolery? Look what this lefty running the government has achieved. It's...

Premium Content Curtin criticism unfair and off base

 September 8, 2014

Once again The Day has come out with a malicious and vicious editorial vilifying Peg Curtin for the Terrence Carter debacle. I find your editorial to be repugnant and way off the mark due to your misguided and misplaced support for the former...

Premium Content Southbury closing would make no sense

 September 8, 2014

This is in response and in opposition to the editorial, "Time to close Southbury Training School," (Aug. 8).

As a sister of a resident at STS, I have first-hand knowledge of conditions there, and know that this is not a rundown or crumbling...

Premium Content Lockwood was petitioning candidate, not endorsed by town committee

 September 8, 2014

I read an article, "Andrew Lockwood seeks Hewett's state House seat," (Aug. 6), about Lockwood looking to unseat incumbent Democratic state Rep. Ernest Hewett in the 39th House District.

While searching for more articles I was surprised...

Premium Content Ashamed for backing Malloy's ed policies

 September 8, 2014

In the Spring of 2012, having faith that Dannel Malloy's pledge to reform education in Connecticut meant equality of opportunity and creation of safe and secure learning environments, I endorsed the reforms. I'm now ashamed that what I endorsed...

Premium Content Avoiding the worst of human nature

 September 7, 2014

Prejudice raises barriers between people, making some look at others as something different, as something else, as less than themselves; making it OK to do bad things to them.

Since the beginning of the human species, people have had a...

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Premium Content P&Z Seaside vote delay is troubling

Three Waterford Planning and Zoning commissioners clearly oppose the...

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The residents of D.C. had the right to vote for congressional...

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