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Letters to the Editor

Premium Content Fears Foley's stand on gun safety law

 August 30, 2014

These days everyone wants their rights. They ignore the other half of that equation: their responsibilities. Foley is willing to repeal gun legislation enacted after Newtown. Recently, a 9-year-old girl killed an instructor while handling an...

Premium Content As always, bet on NL to make wrong choice

 August 30, 2014

The letter, "Move CG Museum site, use tax money wisely," (Aug. 22), makes perfect sense, which is why it is destined to be ignored. The museum will surely be crammed across the tracks; traffic on State Street will coagulate, and the proprietor of...

Premium Content Simmons clear choice

 August 30, 2014

I am writing to express my endorsement for the appointment of Rob Simmons as selectman in the Town of Stonington to replace Glee McAnanly, who is stepping down due to a career change and relocation.

Rob has an extraordinary resume as The...

Premium Content Wrong to question use of service dog

 August 30, 2014

Dear restaurant owner/store manager/supervisor of any other public building:

Do you remember me? I'm the person (one of many) who crosses your threshold with an important piece of medical equipment. This one doesn't have wheels or tubing.

Premium Content NL school story not well reported

 August 30, 2014

When I first saw the headline, "NL parents see classroom vacancies," (Aug. 23), I thought "oh no, no one is going to the new Arts Magnet School!" Apparently, and it is not totally clear in the article, a parent or grandparent saw one empty...

Premium Content Vote for these quality conservatives Nov. 4

 August 29, 2014

Our local towns are in need of strong leadership in Hartford for the upcoming elections. For over 10, and more, years we have witnessed excessive spending without resistance from our elected officials.

The overspending that has been...

Premium Content Kids want to have fun, need playground

 August 29, 2014

At Preston Veterans Memorial School, moving to the upper-grade playscape was a rite of passage for students. New third graders were devastated last year when they finally were old enough to play on the big wooden play structure, only to have it...

Premium Content VA solution

 August 29, 2014

The problems at the Veterans Administration could be cured in the shortest possible time if all members of Congress were required to use their services. The only danger in this approach is that the entire resources of the federal government could...

Premium Content Shame on The Day for knocking noise law

 August 28, 2014

Shame on you for belittling the efforts of a neighborhood seeking some peace and quiet! Your editorial, "Stonington seeks the sound of silence," (Aug. 26), on the proposed noise ordinance in Stonington is a shameful step down in what should be...

Premium Content Primary reform has weakened parties

 August 28, 2014

An open GOP Primary, as discussed in the editorial, "Open primaries would benefit state GOP," (Aug.18), is a bad idea, because it enables those committed to a GOP defeat in November to vote for the most unqualified and least electable...

Premium Content Flag help offered

 August 28, 2014

Regarding the stealing of flags at the Liberty Pole in Mystic, I agree with the letter, "Protecting Mystic flag," (Aug. 25). Growing up in Mystic, I remember merchant Archie Radiconi, owner of Archie's, raising and lowering the flag for many...

Premium Content Comic suggestions

 August 28, 2014

Am I the only one who thinks that certain weekday comics in The Day have run their course? I'm speaking of Beetle Bailey, Mother Goose and Grimm, and Pooch Cafe. These three, it seems to me, regurgitate the same old garbage!

What would it...

Premium Content Them or us?

 August 28, 2014

Concerning, "Stopping the worst people on Earth," (Aug. 23), not only do I agree with Charles Krauthammer's commentary - for a change - but would make it clear that the only way to stop these people is to kill them. I remember Col. Oliver North...

Premium Content Editorial didn't align with Stonington views

 August 28, 2014

The editorial - "Small cost to protect our rich history," (Aug. 24) - endorsement of the Stonington Land Trust's request for over 50 percent of the town's open space fund to support purchasing a conservation easement on the Davis Farm is at odds...

Premium Content Don't blame Catala, he voted for Foye

 August 27, 2014

The New London Board of Education made the right choice appointing Richard Foye the interim superintendent, though the decision arrives 11 years late.

In 2003, the board passed up on the opportunity to appoint Mr. Foye. Myself and...

Premium Content Join together to block big electric rate hike

 August 27, 2014

State utility regulators are accepting public input on Connecticut Light & Power Co.'s request for a rate increase for delivering electricity, effective Dec. 1. If this rate hike is approved, the average non-heating residential customer's monthly...

Premium Content Water crisis handled well by NL officials

 August 27, 2014

I want to note my appreciation for the actions of the mayor of New London, New London Housing Authority, the Red Cross and everyone who was involved in the water emergency that occurred at 202 Colman Street, George Washington Carver Apartments,...

Premium Content Demand that Amistad port at Mystic Seaport

 August 27, 2014

In reference to the letter, "Bring the Amistad home to Mystic Seaport," (Aug. 21), it is time that the people of Connecticut demand that the Amistad be returned to Mystic Seaport. It was built there by people who know ships with money from the...

Premium Content Her faith in police has sadly waned

 August 27, 2014

Growing up with programs like DARE, and the booths at local fairs where you could give your kids fingerprints, taught kids to trust the police. We were taught that the police are there to help.

By high school, I learned first hand that a...

Premium Content Time to awake, U.S.

 August 25, 2014

Rip Van Winkle awoke after 20 years, according to the famous tale.

Internationally, America has been sleeping for almost six years - since 2009. The death by beheading of James Foley at the hands of ISIS was so gruesome that television has...

Premium Content Protecting Mystic flag

 August 25, 2014

Regarding the stealing of flags at the Liberty Pole in Mystic; a recommended solution would be to raise the flag at 8 a.m. and lower it at sunset, as is done on military bases. There is no need to fly the flag all night, especially since the top...

Premium Content Jumping to conclusion that officer was at fault

 August 25, 2014

My response to the Aug. 18 letter, "Targeting of young, black men must stop," is this: "Here we go again!"

People are jumping to conclusions before the facts are out. The letter writer calls Michael Brown a teenager with a bright future.

Premium Content Israel's Hamas fight is for democracy

 August 25, 2014

Bruce Shipman wrote a compelling op-ed, "Groton cleric reflects on generations of loss and dispossession," (Aug. 10 ), about Palestinians in Gaza. Unfortunately, it's riddled with blatant inaccuracies. His woeful story of "loss and dispossession"...

Premium Content Handling of disasters not the primary issue

 August 24, 2014

The Day editorial, "Malloy not wrong citing handling of crises," (Aug. 15), references the governor's response to natural disasters. It mentions other governors who have responded. Most of this country's leaders respond to such calamities, but do...

Premium Content Passing the torch, hoping for the best

 August 24, 2014

Upon turning three score in years...

We cannot stop youth. As much as we try, they are our sons and daughters, daily blazing new trails into the future.

I like to think that I can supply a brake to their excesses. I like to think that...

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Premium Content Fears Foley's stand on gun safety law

These days everyone wants their rights. They ignore the other half of...

Premium Content As always, bet on NL to make wrong choice

The letter, "Move CG Museum site, use tax money wisely," (Aug. 22),...

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