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Different judge, same result for Shenkman

 November 24, 2010; Updated: 4:24 am

A New London judge has denied another bond motion by accused arsonist and kidnapper Richard J. Shenkman.


Shenkman's former wife trying to dig her way out of divorce debt

 January 19, 2010; Updated: 12:48 pm

Nancy J. Tyler is still trying to get out from beneath the rubble that remains from her nightmare divorce from her ex-husband, Richard Shenkman.


Judge denies Shenkman's bid for bond

 December 4, 2009; Updated: 12:49 pm

A New London Superior Court judge Thursday denied Richard J. Shenkman's motion to have a bond set in his arson case.Shenkman is accused of torching his ex-wife's Niantic beach home in March 2007.Last...


Shenkman denied bond in arson case

 December 3, 2009; Updated: 4:16 pm

A New London Superior Court judge Thursday denied Richard J. Shenkman's motion to have a bond set in his arson case.Shenkman is accused of torching his ex-wife's Niantic beach home in March 2007.Last summer Judge Susan B.


Shenkman found in contempt of divorce orders

 October 6, 2009; Updated: 12:50 pm

The very thing that Richard J. Shenkman said he feared on the day he allegedly kidnapped his ex-wife at gunpoint and held her hostage in his South Windsor home has happened. A Hartford judge has found Shenkman in contempt for failing to...



 September 24, 2009; Updated: 9:34 am

Accused arsonist/kidnapper Richard Shenkman's Hartford court case has been continued to Nov. 10. Shenkman was scheduled to appear Wednesday, but was never brought before Judge David P. Gold. Instead, the attorneys discussed the case in the...


Shenkman asks attorney to re-argue bond revocation

 September 16, 2009; Updated: 10:57 am

Richard J. Shenkman, accused of kidnapping his ex-wife and holding her hostage on July 7, has asked his attorney to re-argue the question of bond before the New London judge who revoked his bail. The bond argument will take place Nov. 5...


Shenkman can't silence ex-wife

 August 15, 2009; Updated: 2:24 pm

Richard J. Shenkman, who is facing charges related to a July 7 hostage ordeal in South Windsor, wants his ex-wife to stop talking to the media. The 60-year-old former public relations executive appeared briefly in Hartford Superior Court...


Tyler: 'My family and I feel safe again'

 August 11, 2009; Updated: 9:36 am

Nancy P. Tyler was relieved to hear Monday that the state Supreme Court upheld a New London judge's revocation of bail for her ex-husband, Richard J. Shenkman, who is accused of burning down two houses during the couple's bitter divorce...


Shenkman's bail revoked

 July 22, 2009; Updated: 9:07 am

Protective orders were all that stood between Richard J. Shenkman and Nancy P. Tyler during the past three years as their contentious divorce sprouted into criminal charges and civil lawsuits in several Connecticut court jurisdictions.


Shenkman unlikely to be freed in near future

 July 16, 2009; Updated: 12:20 am

The New London state's attorney has filed a motion to revoke Richard Shenkman's bonds in his arson and domestic violence cases, while Shenkman's lawyer said there are no immediate plans to post the $12.5 million bond that is holding his client in...


Shenkman arraigned with no plea

 July 15, 2009; Updated: 1:20 am

Hartford - Richard Shenkman did not enter a plea in his first court appearance Tuesday morning, one week after allegedly kidnapping his ex-wife and then holding her hostage during a 12-hour standoff with police.Unshaven, his hair...


No sign of explosives at fire scene

 July 11, 2009; Updated: 1:45 am

Fire investigators found no evidence of explosive devices and could make no determination on the cause of the fire that destroyed the house where Richard Shenkman held his ex-wife hostage for 13 hours and then allegedly set the house...


Investigators probe rubble after fire

 July 10, 2009; Updated: 1:05 am

South Windsor - Late Thursday morning an excavator continued to dig through the smoldering rubble that was Richard Shenkman's house on Tumblebrook Drive. A South Windsor police van was parked in front of the property, which was secured...


Media role in hostage-taking raises the question of timing

 July 10, 2009; Updated: 1:05 am

New London - When Richard J. Shenkman took his ex-wife hostage in his South Windsor home Tuesday and demanded a media blackout, The Day and other news organizations in the state were forced into a rapid series of decisions they don't often...


'I don't know why he didn't kill me'

 July 9, 2009; Updated: 1:20 am

Her gun-wielding ex-husband left his basement "bunker" to investigate a noise Tuesday night, and Nancy P. Tyler said she seized the opportunity to save her own life. Exhausted after a day of terror at the hands of Richard J. Shenkman,...


Protection for potential victims often a slippery slope, legal experts say

 July 9, 2009; Updated: 1:20 am

New London - In a sea of court records, the warning appears again and again: the constant threat by Richard J. Shenkman, insinuated or explicit, to hurt the woman he claims to love.Shenkman "stated that he was going to make his...


Shenkman's bail set at $12.5M in arraignment at Hartford Hospital

 July 9, 2009; Updated: 1:20 am

Richard J. Shenkman was arraigned in the emergency department of Hartford Hospital late Wednesday afternoon, handcuffed to a stretcher and surrounded by court personnel, correction officers, police officers, psychiatric staff and Superior Court...


Fiery end to hostage drama

 July 8, 2009; Updated: 2:36 pm

South Windsor - A Hartford attorney was freed late Tuesday from the home of her ex-husband after being held hostage nearly 12 hours in a house police believe was rigged with explosives.


Shenkman called Day reporter to list his demands, tell his story

 July 8, 2009; Updated: 2:13 pm

Shortly before 12:30 p.m. Tuesday, a Hartford police detective discovered an e-mail to Day reporter Karen Florin from Nancy Tyler, who was being held hostage by her ex-husband in his South Windsor home.


Tyler visits crime scene; Shenkman to be arraigned in hospital

 July 8, 2009; Updated: 1:28 pm

South Windsor – Nancy J. Tyler returned to the rubble of her former home on Tumblebrook Drive today, after surviving a harrowing 13 hours being held captive by her ex-husband, Richard J. Shenkman.


Partial transcript of Shenkman's phone calls

 July 8, 2009; Updated: 1:34 pm

Reporter Karen Florin received four phone calls from Richard Shenkman while he was holding his ex-wife hostage in South Windsor. The first call was shortly before 1 p.m. and the last call about 4 p.m.



 July 8, 2009; Updated: 2:05 am

n July 13, 2006: Richard Shenkman is charged with second-degree threatening following a domestic dispute in East Lyme. Nancy Tyler serves him with a restraining order.


Fiery end to standoff

 July 8, 2009; Updated: 10:57 am

The home of Richard Shenkman was engulfed in flames when police took him into custody.


Richard Shenkman phones The Day during hostage crisis

 July 7, 2009; Updated: 7:24 am

Richard Shenkman calls Day reporter Karen Florin while holding his ex-wife hostage.



 July 1, 2009; Updated: 3:35 am

The state Appellate Court has upheld the divorce of Richard J. Shenkman and Nancy P. Tyler, whose acrimonious breakup has been the subject of criminal and civil court proceedings in several Connecticut jurisdictions.



 May 13, 2009; Updated: 1:05 am



Shenkman faces more charges

 April 22, 2009; Updated: 5:20 pm

Accused arsonist Richard Shenkman has been charged with forging his ex-wife's signature in order to obtain a loan against a life insurance policy she owned, according to South Windsor police.


No stories were found in this category.

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