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Win her heart with Xingu

By Alex Nunes

Publication: theday.com

Published March 21. 2012 2:38PM   Updated March 21. 2012 2:45PM

I hate to be someone who over generalizes, so I'll keep my observations just to people I know on this particular topic.

With that said, some of the women in my family are a little particular when it comes to drinking beer (with the exception of my wife who started off cool to beer but has warmed up to it in recent years). When I think about it, I don't think I've ever actually seen my mother or my older sister touch a beer.

But I have a suggestion for women (or anyone) who thinks they don't like beer or are somewhat picky about what beer they drink. It's called Xingu.

My wife has a real problem with ales that are too hoppy. Once, when we were in a package store, a guy there gave us a recommendation for people who might want the craft beer quality but not the overly strong or hoppy taste of some of the popular craft ales.

He recommended Xingu, a Brazilian black beer. Xingu has been among my wife's favorites ever since. I also really enjoy Xingu too but it's not my favorite type of beer. I'm more of an IPA type. Even so, for what it is, I give Xingu and A-.

It's a dark lager that has a strong flavor while being easily drinkable at the same time. My wife has often said she thinks it has an almost sweet taste to it.

Xingu can be hard to find at your average package store. But according to the company's website it is carried at Harvest Hill on South Frontage Road in New London, Montville Wine & Spirits on Norwich New London Turnpike and Star Discount Liquor on Goldstar Highway in Groton.

So if you're looking to impress a lady friend this weekend, buy her a six pack of Xingu.


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