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Property Transactions - Oct. 12, 2012

Published October 12. 2012 4:00AM


214 Wauregan Rd: Gilleese, Monique to Tetreault, Joshua & Tetreault, Krystin, $204,000.

336 Barstow Rd: Champagne, Robert J to L&R Bldrs&Remodeling LLC, $42,900.

69 Wauregan Rd: Miller Caroline Est & Miller, Charles to Durbin, Bonny, $14,760.


Red Schoolhouse Rd: Brookstone Estates LLC to Connecticut Props, $92,000.

Antioch Rd: Sypher, Debra to Lapila, Alex & Mack, Sarah, $100,000.

1 Westchester Hls #C: US Bank NA to Willard, Jade K, $71,500.

24 Hammond Ct: Till, Daria & Dilaj, Irene to Lynch, Melinda A, $60,000.


19 Walter Dr: Kudej, Lillian G to Rancourt, Andre G & Webster, Traci L, $242,500.


189 Daniel Brown Dr: Capizzano, Jeffrey M & Clark, Sherry to Breshears, Jeffrey R & Breshears, Samary B, $247,000.

12 Beach Rd: Clark, Douglas W to Pierce, Deborah A & Pierce, N S, $391,900.

123 Great Brook Rd: Rother, Richard R to Basile, Joseph M & Basile, Maggie A, $275,000.

104 Murphys Dr #104: Vrize, Derek C & Vrieze, Renee L to Novak, Philp M & Novak, Joann, $200,000.

Hillcrest Ave #24: Mauro, Mary D & Marshall, Mark F to Santos, Thelma A, $255,000.

57 Crown Knoll Ct #72: Ganley, Maria to Drake, Bruce M, $64,900.

39 Marquardt Ln: Blaisdell Lois M Est & Blaisdell, Richard L to Kerr, Joann L & Kerr, William B, $185,000.

188 Thames St: Cott, Ralph V & Cott, Donna C to Mackey, John N & Blake, Christopher D, $383,000.

226 Baker Avenue Ext: Biekert, Steven J & Biekert, Patricia M to Dowd, Craig A, $259,100.

892 Eastern Point Rd: Raggi, Michelle to Comstock, Donald J & Comstock, Linda A, $258,000.

205 Tyler Ave: Olixy, Henry A & Olixy-Khoury, Lucia to Olexy, Lee A, $150,000.

26 E St: Guild, Deborah L to Lamphere, Brad R, $8,900.

100 B St: Connors, Stephen M to Bates-Mir, Maricel E, $12,000.

14 Brookside Ln: Reynolds, Michael P to Eusebio, Suzanne C & Crandall, Karin, $120,000.

30 Marlin Dr: Root, Howard F & Root, Rhoda H to Fulco, Dominic & Fulco, Ann K, $597,500.

30 Whitney Rd: Roberts, James to Traxler, Rebecca, $229,000.

673 New London Rd: Norris, Roger P to Vinson, John F & Dawley-vinson, Robin M, $170,000.

149 Elm St: Wells Fargo Bank NA to Gothie, Carrol, $265,000.

195 Prospect Hill Rd: Deaton, William & Deaton, Laura to Trella, Donald, $332,000.

20 Pearl St (Mystic): Simson, J D to Perini, Charles W & Perini, Nancy L, $302,000.


200 N Burnham Hwy: PSK Realty LLC to Lepage, Daniel J & Lepage, Heather M, $70,000.

92 Ross Hill Rd: Guerneri, Ronald P & Guerneri, Margaret A to Kolasa, Walter, $185,000.


Ridge Hill Rd: Meyers, Carl A & Meyers, Eleanor to Chapman, Gregory R, $60,000.

17 Allen Dr #B: Walt Hewitt LT & Hewitt, Walt to Ruan, Zi-Yu, $72,500.

7 Benway Ct: Morse LT & Morse, Steven L to Hillyer, Matthew T & Hillyer, Tonja H, $125,000.

127 Massapeag Rd: RTT Dev Inc to Troop, Charles C & Troop, Hillary, $290,000.

Ridge Hill Rd: R Hilmen Jr APC Pen Plan & Hilmen, Judith A to Chapman, Gregory R, $60,000.


20 Beech Dr: Stevens, Andrew to Deutsche Bank Natl T Co, $1.

70 Farmington Ave #3M: Lignelli, Elsie to New England Holdins LLC, $37,000.

468 Pequot Ave: Cornish, William M to Cornish, Roderick M, $300,000.

22 Avery Ct: Place Partners LLC to Schoen, Hally M, $149,900.

8 Union St: Turner Philip A Est & Turner, Sherry B to Turner, Sherry B, $45,033.

19 Coit St: Bankunited FSB to Pascual-Pena, Juan & Pascual, Belquia A, $43,000.

294 Jefferson Ave: Bank Of New York Mellon to RVA Realty LLC, $320,000.

18 5th Ave: Adcock Philippe J Est & Adcock, Jacques to Jurczyk, Glenn A, $47,500.

18 5th Ave: Adcock, Francoise D to Jurczyk, Glenn A, $47,500.

10 Whittlesey St: Hitte, Allison M to FNMA, $129,026.


32 Great Plain Rd: Moreau, Lori to BAC Home Loans Svcng LLC, $1.

339 New London Tpke: Canlas, Glenda to He, Jian L, $73,000.

2 Penobscot St: Bell, Solomon to First Guaranty Mtg Corp, $1.

80 Warren St: Nickse, Judith D to Ackermann, Robert P & Ackermann, Margaret E, $90,000.

25 Rogers Ave: Deco Drive LLC to Constitution State Mtg, $1.

54 W Thames St: Ford, Heather M to BAC Home Loans Svcng LLC, $1.


19 Plainview Dr: Cockrell, Robert E & Cockrell, Amanda to Gwozdz, Sara L, $171,000.

30 Philmar Dr: Fantasia, Peter M to Nelson, Robert W, $162,500.

7 Mapleshade Ave: Twomey&Whitney Ent LLC to Messier, Nicholas A & Messier, Sarah E, $145,000.

306 Kate Downing Rd: Miller, Robert D & Miller, Amy L to GC Of Taftville LLC, $125,000.

27 Northern Dr: CHFA to Hansen, Robert C, $75,000.

95 Daggett St: Kettle Michael A Est & Kettle, Sally to CHFA, $1.

284 Main St: EH Pooled 712 LP to C&C Electrical Cont LLC, $13,500.

26 Harrington Dr: Lawson, Waldo E & Lawson, Helen J to Leclair, Patricia, $9,000.


136 Krug Rd: Ross, Daniel C & Ross, Sheree L to Brookfield Relocation Inc, $228,000.

196 Branch Hill Rd: Payette, Robert R to Dombkowski, Kerry M & Dombkowski, Matthew M, $215,000.

3 Cider Mill Rd: Theriault, John H to GMAC Mortgage LLC, $1.

95 School House Rd: Dombkowski, Matthew A & Dombkowski, Kerry M to Voccio, Christophr, $122,000.

31 Lynn Dr: Miner, Reba M to Messina, Stephen, $220,000.

175 Miller Rd: Vadnais, Richard & Franklin, Richard to Spanos, Karen V, $239,900.

16 Mains Way: Green Falls Assoc LLC to Luty, David G & Luty, Julie W, $340,000.


396 N Main St: Stone Acres Assoc LP to 2001 Paffard FT & Simmons, Edith P, $920,000.

132 River Rd: Moore, Thane E & Moore, Dianna E to Crowley, Charles M & Houle, Annmarie, $263,500.

67 New London Tpke: Dog Bones LLC to Chelsea Groton Bank, $361,460.

41 Pequot Trl: Prudential Relocation Inc to Serra, Caitlyn E, $210,000.

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