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Property Transactions - Oct. 26, 2012

Published October 26. 2012 4:00AM


214 West Rd: Beaupre, James F & Beaupre, Caroline A to Tichy, Jason J & Tichy, Jennifer L, $273,000.

217 Taylor Rd: Madden, Patrick A & Madden, Joyce A to Chiaverini, Timothy J & Chiaverini, Lara K, $221,700.

171 Westerly Ter: Bank Of New York Mellon to Wood, Richard M & Wood, Katherine J, $110,000.

72 Woodbine Rd: Lapierre, Ryan M to Goggin, Dennis, $270,000.

48 Dorset Rd: Joseph, Heidi A to Schweizer, John N & Schweizer, Thomas M, $126,000.

612 Westchester Rd: 612 Westchester Rd LLC to Crump, Gary L, $75,000.


12 Darrows Rdg: Samuelsen, Christopher A to Poola, Mihkel, $55,000.

35 Scott Rd: PAZZ & Constr LLC to Crouch, Casey B & Crouch, Melinda A, $329,000.

25 Goldfinch Ter: KSK Associates LLC to Capizzano, Jeffrey M & Clarke-Capizzano, Sherry, $384,000.

N/A #7: Legere, Thomas & Northrup, Jay O to Brookfield Relocation Inc, $350,000.

N/A #8: Legere, Thomas & Northrup, Jay O to Brookfield Relocation Inc, $350,000.

N/A #9: Legere, Thomas & Northrup, Jay O to Brookfield Relocation Inc, $350,000.

N/A #10: Legere, Thomas & Northrup, Jay O to Brookfield Relocation Inc, $350,000.

37 Laurel St: Brookfield Relocation Inc to Paganetti, James C & Paganetti, Elizabeth B, $350,000.

46 Fairhaven Rd: 46 Fairhaven Road LLC to Formica, Paul M, $200,000.

7 Cypress Way: Amaral Lea D Est & Amaral, Michael J to Sevigny, Jason W & Sevigny, Kristine C, $238,000.

19 Romagna Rd: Sullivan, Daniel F to Phillips, Leila & Phillips, Ian, $215,000.

40 Stoneywood Dr: Sigersmith, Arthur to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $1.

29 Broadway: Lentz John M Est & Farrar, Kim R to Mccarthy, Andrew T & Mccarthy, Kathleen M, $150,000.

27 Forest Rd: Lloyd, James R to Kane, Matthew S & Kane, Stephen E, $235,000.

23 Forest Rd: Dostie, Mary M to Bessire, Andrew J & Bessire, Kimiko T, $225,000.

9 Quarry Dock Rd: Gustavson, Stephanie M & Gustavson, Mark D to Gombos, Jeanine M & Gombos, William J, $225,000.

28 Poppy Ln: Luo, Zhidong & Wang, Xinyuan to Murphy, Leland M & Murphy, Alacea C, $415,000.

11 King Arthur Dr #2C: Amity Reality LLC to Nino LLC, $125,000.

34 S Beechwood Rd: Landers, Greg A & GALCO LLC to Seifel, Deneen L & Janty, Stephen C, $254,000.

70 S Beechwood Rd: Zdeb, Theodore S & Zdeb, Kathleen A to Galco LLC, $47,500.


44 Allen Dr: Shippee, Roy C & Shippee, Ana to Mann, Robert & Mann, Barbara, $15,000.

6 Leisure Dr #6: Larson, David S to Weischet, Patricia, $165,000.

Dennis Dr: 9R Burlake LLC to John C George Co Inc, $45,000.

6 Dennis Dr: John C George Co Inc to Dart, Jason S & Dart, Jeanette N, $264,000.


44 Jeremy Hl: Mitchell, Roger & Mitchell, Anna B to Biekert, Steven J & Biekert, Patricia M, $348,000.

21 Babcock Rd: Perry, John E & Perry, Ardice to Tiberii, J Michael & Tiberii, Lorraine, $425,000.

376 Pendleton Hl: Samuelson, David R & Samuelson, Ann E to Stedman, Timothy P & Marley-Stedman, Stephanie, $312,900.

329 Grindstone Hl: Roberts, Carol A to Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, $1.


213 W Town St #H43: Garabedian, Christina M to BAC Home Loans Svcng LP, $1.

68 Thermos Ave #219: Howard, Patricia A to Daynard, David S, $66,720.

80 Sherman St: Jewett City SB to Sherman Investments LLC, $365,000.

141 N Wawecus Hill Rd: Podvojsky, Mikel D & Podvojsky, Monique E to Sadler, Brien M & Sadler, Kaylyn A, $256,000.

69 Pearl St: Armenakes, George J to Bank Of America NA, $1.

180 Baltic Rd: Dempsey, Bryan S & Dempsey, Stacie A to Mellor, Kevin S & Mellor, Michelle R, $121,500.

85 7th St: Damas, Antoine I to Deutsche Bank Natl T Co, $1.

4 Waldo Rd: Wuorio, John D to GMAC Mortgage LLC, $1.

7 Stetson St: Thomas, Jean R to PHH Mortgage Corp, $1.


Entrance Rd #6: Nadeau, Karen E to Smigel, John R & Smigel, Lisa A, $674,900.

11 Woodcrest Dr: Gaspe Corp to Sweet, David E & Sweet, Deborah C, $265,000.

Rogers Lake Trl #46: Chapman, Robert C to Davis, Roger S, $6,500.

6 Otter Rock Rd: Bohinc, Thomas J & Bohinc, Brenda L to Garvin, Christopher P & Garvin, Jessica L, $102,000.

47 Flat Rock Hill Rd: Cairns, Kristin A & Cairns, David to Sullivan-Jones, Jeanine & Jones, Craig, $380,000.

1 Boston Post Rd: Johnston, Anne S to Graybill, James L & Graybill, Joanne A, $219,000.

72 Neck Rd: Moll, Richard A & Moll, Patricia to Koproski, Christopher R & Koproski, Anna M, $350,000.

60 Town Woods Rd: Rockwell, Dorothy A & Rockwell, James A to Oleary, Thomas M & Storch, Tammy M, $291,900.

21 Champlain Dr: Shalaev, Eugenyi Y & Shalaev, Marina Y to Bushnell, Courtney L & Bushnell, Thomas J, $295,000.

90 Sill Ln: Tyler, James R & Tyler, Lesley A to Dirgo, George M & Dirgo, Lynne M, $281,000.

8 Tamiami Trl: Bleeker, Rebecca to Olson, David J & Olson, Stephen, $255,000.

42 Portland Ave: Rodriguez, Dorina to Guidobono, Frederick L & Guidobono, Lisa A, $180,000.

52 Gorton Ave: Pado, Henry to Castanho, Luis, $295,000.

42 Brightwater Rd: Lynch, Daniel E & Lynch, Alice W to Sullivan, Kathleen M & Sullivan, William J, $497,000.


428 Darling Rd: Litsky Family Assoc LLC to Salem Land TInc, $95,000.

326 Round Hill Rd: Dempsey, Patricia M to Tisdale, Rebecca M, $280,000.

401 Old Colchester Rd: Bowen, Steven E to Toth, Zoanne & Toth, Eric, $50,000.

640 Old Colchester Rd: Cooke, Joan I to Repa, Mark, $175,000.

95 Witter Rd: Powers, Craig C to Yorges, Donald J & Yorges, Wendy L, $247,000.

126 Beckwith Hill Dr: Kang, Ming & Xi, Yumin to Whalen, William M & Whalen, Maria Z, $282,500.

171 Forsyth Rd: Vaill, Charles & Vaill, Joan to Paradis, Richard A & Long, Melanie F, $348,000.

45 Emerald Glen Rd: Bales, Kelly R & Kingston, Ann E to Brookfield Relocation Inc, $456,500.

New London Rd #2: Whealton Wilfred E Est & Farrell, Gaila A to Lindo, Horace, $32,500.


45 Cove Side Ln #45: Patterson, James L to Devincke, Judith A & Devincke, Dorothy S, $150,000.

8 Reynolds Hill Rd: Dickson, Eric & Dickson, Donna to Orris, Jonathan K & Orris, Joan L, $400,000.

2 Tanner Ct: Kozora, David S & Zwick, Philip M to Fisher, Geoffrey & Fisher, Katherine, $425,000.

10 Pheasant Run Rd: Noether-Banyon, Crystal R to Hecht, Abram E & Guffin, Katherine A, $179,500.

286 N Main St: Charles&Cynthia Adam T & Dixon, Christopher P to Lazar, David M & Lazar, Caren L, $1,025,000.

31 Liberty St: Lopresto Frances Est & Alferi, Tammy J to 31 Liberty Street LLC, $145,000.

472 N Anguilla Rd: Michael Lenihan Bldr LLC to Banks, Christopher & Azzinaro, Mary, $324,000.

24 Clipper Dr: Murphy, Ruth & Murphy, John to Eck, Tyler & Eck, Marie, $230,000.

2 Elaine St: Vartabedian, Susan M & Leveille, Catherine R to Underhill, William E, $215,000.

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