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Guilford Woman Charged With Permitting a Minor to Possess Alcohol

Press Release from Guilford Police Department

Published January 23. 2013 12:31PM

Kelly Ann Krasnow 48 of 57 Ironwood Road, Guilford was arrested by warrant on January 18th, 2013 after turning herself in to the Guilford Police for the charges of Permitting a Minor to Possess Alcohol, Risk of Injury to a Child, Reckless Endangerment First Degree, and Interfering with an Officer; violation of Connecticut General Statutes 30-89a, 53-21, 53a-63, and 53a-167a respectively.

The charges stem from allegations that she hosted and was aware of a party at her home on New Years Eve in which several juveniles were consuming alcohol, some to the point of being unconscious and requiring hospitalization.

Guilford Police responded to the residence at 1:37 a.m. on New Years Day after receiving a 911 call from the parents of one of the juveniles who were at the house with their child who was unresponsive. The parents had attempted to contact their child without success and responded to the residence to check on the child's well being. Several other children were located by the Police within the residence at the time in various states of intoxication. The child was transported by ambulance to Yale New Haven Hospital for treatment.

Mrs. Krasnow was released from Police custody on a Promise to Appear in Superior Court G.A. 23 on 22 January 2013. Sgt. Sandra Brooks-Coppola was in charge of the investigation. Officer Nicole Gerosa was the lead officer, assisted by Officer Lawrence Ruggiero