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School's on Today; BOE Will Finalize Calendar Changes

By Pam Johnson

Published February 19. 2013 11:16AM
Pam Johnson
Branford High School was piled high with snow dumped by Blizzard Nemo. Branford Public Schools were cancelled Feb. 8, 11, 12 and 13 due to the storm.

Branford Public Schools are in session today instead of taking the day off for a long President’s Day Weekend. Tomorrow, at the Feb. 20 meeting of the Board of Education, Branford Superintendent of Schools Hamlet Hernandez will discuss options for addressing when the last of day of school will now fall.                                                      

The calendar has been hit by numerous cancellations caused by fallout from Super Storm Sandy in October and February’s Blizzard Nemo. Nemo shut down Branford Public Schools on Feb. 8, 11, 12 and 13; bringing the district’s total number of 2012-13 weather emergency cancellations up to the maximum of 10 (set by the BOE before the school year began).

The district addressed hitting the maximum by putting school back in session today, to bring the tally of emergency days used back to nine.

Hernandez and the BOE are set to discuss the district’s maximum number of 10 snows days, including whether that number should be increased to 11, if needed.  Once the maximum number of snow are used, the district would begin taking days away from 2013 April vacation week, in order to make up for any additional snow days occurring during the remainder of the school year, said Hernandez.

The new date for final day of school in June will be decided at the Feb. 20 meeting. Due to recent school cancellations, Branford Public Schools have also rescheduled elementary parent/teacher conferences for Feb. 26, 2013, which will be an early release day for elementary schools only.  For more information, visit or call (203) 488-7276.