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Food tip: Veggie Frittata Panini

Published March 28. 2013 4:00AM


140 State St., New London

This charming cafe serves fresh, organic food, and this veggie frittata panini certainly benefits from that freshness. It's tasty without being overdramatic, simple but satisfying. On the day I was there, artichoke and tarragon were the featured ingredients. Beyond that, what's part of the mix are: egg, parmesan, cheddar, feta, sour cream, provolone, and garlic aioli. (Garlic aioli is a wonder sauce; it gooses every dish with a happy zing.) The focaccia was toasted so it had a hint of crispiness, and the cheese/egg mix melted ever so slightly onto the bread. All in all, there is something breakfast-dish about the veggie frittata panini, but it's a fine meal choice the rest of the day, too. The cost: $7.65.


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