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Speak of the devil: Murrum at El 'n' Gee

Published April 25. 2013 4:00AM

You're probably SO tired, every time you want to see authentic devil metal, of hopping on a jet to Sweden or Norway.

Happily, on Friday, right here at New London's El 'n' Gee Club, Murrum is performing. And while they're technically from Norwich, these young men have spent their entire lives in the feverish creation of what they call "Satanic ritual black metal."

Need more? How about this: the band members are named Heretic, Mörg* and Abyss, so that proves the whole darkness thing. Plus, in March, Murrum released "Wolves of New England," a split CD also featuring the band Malacath.

Also on Friday's bill: Nocuous, Cold Northern Vengeance, Alcoholicaust, Arduous Task, Your Pain is Endearing, and Art Garfunkel. (Just kidding about Art.)

* The umlaut is important. With it, "Mörg" means a multi-entitied demon. Without it - just "Morg" - it means "happy guppy."


Murrum, 6 p.m. Friday, El 'n' Gee Club, 86 Golden St., New London; Nocuous, Cold Northern Vengeance, Alcoholicaust, Arduous Task and Your Pain is Endearing also playing; all ages; $8; (860) 437-3800.

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