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Property Transactions - April 26, 2013

Published April 26. 2013 4:00AM


212 Cabin Rd: Farrington, Susan S to Carson, Coit M, $242,900.

126 Prospect Hill Rd: Laroche, Terri S & Laroche, David J to Cote, Daniel G & Perron, Kassandra R, $260,000.

168 Dara Dr: Piacente, Karen A to Gawlak, John A & Merrifield, Kristy L, $205,000.

32 Shugrue Rd: FNMA to Schmidt, Michael W, $255,000.


10 Miranda Way: Pazz&Constr LLC to Kyne, Robert E & Kyne, Grace R, $397,000.

22 Mohawk Dr: Williams John L Est & Graves, Mary K to Mangini, Steven J & Mangini, Megan, $279,000.

13 Bayview Ave: Bergquist, Rebecca P to Strube, Michael A, $288,900.

11 King Arthur Dr #6B: Marks, Jeanne M to Patel, Trilok S, $132,000.

40 Nehantic Dr: Karsy, Anita N to Johnson, Alice N & Tralongo, John J, $120,000.


103 Pachaug River Dr: Canova, Dominik P & Zwiefka, Kathryn H to Dietz, Bryce T & Dietz, Dinah E, $192,500.


123 Toll Gate Rd: MMB Mgmt Co LLC to Schumann, Mark A & Schumann, Deborah S, $153,000.

2590 Gold Star Hwy #308: Johnston, Gwendolyn P to King, Colleen J & King, Cecil E, $185,000.

23 Cutler St: Deck, Gary S to Lowe, Kevin, $85,000.

Pine Island Rd: Tuthill, Philip H to Dempsey, Jerome J, $75,000.

1014 Gungywamp Rd: Pennymac Corp to Schultz, Frank S, $163,000.

70 Buddington Rd #8: Briggs, Sarah H to Gregory, Scott E, $55,000.

289 Midway Oval: Morgan, Thomas K to Salalac, Irminda L & Salalac, Rodrigo P, $90,000.

28 Concord Ct: Silvia, Michael L & Silvia, Michael to Rodriguez, Alexandra, $136,000.

24 Osage Ln: Molander, Leiann & Molander, Rickard to Fleming, Brian A & Desillier-Fleming, J, $276,000.

1291 River Rd: Watt, Karen H to Florence, Robert A & Florence, Deborah M, $458,000.


1004 Shewville Rd: Mashantucket Pequot Tribe to Rogers, Charles, $112,465.

15 Iron St: Martel, Stephen F to Cronin, Kelly R, $121,000.

32 Meeting House Ln: Jorgensen, Eric J to Netze, Eugene & Netze, Michelle, $115,000.

14 Country Club Dr: Debrodt, Justin T to Calton, Joshua D, $138,500.

3 Parkwood Dr: BP Investments LLC to Power, Kyle D, $206,500.


56 Mell Rd: Cyr Const Inc to Riley, James W & Riley, Aimee E, $279,900.

208 S Burnham Hwy: Bartloomei, James H & Bartolomei, Donna L to Barrera, Edward S, $175,000.

24 Lisbon Hts: Buddington, Michael J & Hoch, Elizabeth to Mathieu, Steven M & Mathieu, Amanda K, $185,000.

13 Pleasant View Cv: Gibson, Roger L & Gibson, Catherine J to Blendermann, Sarah, $202,500.


38 Hope St #130: JV Hope Street LLC to Hennion, Nancy, $330,000.


36 Orchard Dr: Simmons Thomas A Jr Est & Simmons, Thomas A to Rothholz, James J & Rothholz, Wanda L, $119,500.

18 Ortega Dr: Hemingway, Patricia to Fargo, Craig F & Hanks, Donald M, $208,500.

1020 Route 163: Chiaramonte, John P & Chiaramonte, Donna G to Spisak, David A, $232,000.

49 Pennsylvania Ave: Robbins, Frank S to Howard, Robert W, $160,000.


Reed St #28: Davis, Celanie to Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr, $1.

Reed St #30: Davis, Celanie to Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr, $1.

111 Niles Hill Rd #C: Clancy-Dougherty, Susan to Dougherty, Alyson E & Dougherty, Patrick C, $32,500.

546 Ocean Ave: Robbins, Margot to Herbette, Christopher & King, Emily, $155,000.

361 Ocean Ave: Dart, Dino to Savings Institute B&T, $1.

63 Fair Harbour Pl: Rumsey, Nathan L & Zaglifa, Sarah J to Kydd, Logan G, $180,000.

109 Pequot Ave: Giordano, Michael to DNQ Pequot Avenue LLC, $283,000.

91 Riverview Ave: Petrone, John to Bafor, Paul O, $189,900.

208 Ocean Ave: Garofano, Joseph F & Garofano, Carol A to Strazza, Helen & Strazza, Helene S, $172,000.

93 Ocean Ave: Ortiz, Joseph to CHFA, $1.

158 State St: Captains Walk LLC to 146 Main LLC, $225,000.

7 Prest St: Mclaughlin Co LLC to Helpful Homes LLC, $99,000.

21 Chappell St: Bank Of New York Mellon to Goldschmidt, Paul, $37,500.

358 Vauxhall St: Mcclardy, Jacqueline M to Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr, $1.

140 Norwood Ave: Cellemme, Pamela L to Laudano, Joseph J, $85,000.


249 Broadway: Munzer, Craig & Munzer, Patricia A to Zeeman, Andrew T, $62,500.

70 Hunters Rd: USA VA to Gold Star Const LLC, $52,000.

19 Lucas Park Rd: Deutsche Bank Natl T Co to Wawrzynowichz, Paul, $70,000.

18 Railroad Ave: Ducharme, Brian T & Dehler, Ryan J to Zeilman, Ryan, $145,000.

127 Sheraton Ln #127: Clark Katie Est & Jewell, Michael E to Desione, Alfred L & Desimone, Cathy L, $77,000.

17 Railroad Ave: Ducharme, Brian T & Dehler, Ryan J to Zeilman, Ryan, $145,000.

25 Boswell Ave: Colonni, Cheryle M to Debari, Michael J & Debari, Margaret L, $164,900.

232 Old Canterbury Tpke: Tarryk Genevieve A Est & Tarryk, Anne M to Tarryk, Henry J, $90,000.


7 Pierce Rd: Zaccaro, John C & TD Bank NA to TD Bank NA, $8,000,000.

8 Pierce Rd: Zaccaro, John C & TD Bank NA to TD Bank NA, $8,000,000.

9 Pierce Rd: Zaccaro, John C & TD Bank NA to TD Bank NA, $8,000,000.

39 Pierce Rd: Zaccaro, John C & TD Bank NA to TD Bank NA, $8,000,000.

42 Pierce Rd: Zaccaro, John C & TD Bank NA to TD Bank NA, $8,000,000.

43 Pierce Rd: Zaccaro, John C & TD Bank NA to TD Bank NA, $8,000,000.

515 Route 165: Zaccaro, John C & TD Bank NA to TD Bank NA, $8,000,000.

122 Route 2A: Waldron Genevieve M Est & Bergeron-Waldron, Nancy to Chamberlain, Matthew A, $175,000.


21 Cemetery Rd: Wilson, Trudy G & FNMA to FNMA, $1.


1154 Plainfield Pike: Dupont, David A & JP Morgan Chase Bank NA to JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, $1.

483 Valley View Rd: Gagnon, Joel & Bank Of America FSB to Bank Of America FSB, $1.


113 Whittaker Dr: Conlin, Floyd B & Conlin, Stephanie to Tewell, Nicholas P & Couto, Ashley, $474,000.

19 Grandview Farm Dr: Pequot Dev Assoc LLC to Ejzak, Alexander J, $140,000.

30 Extrusion Dr: Component Props LLC to Cart Realty LLC, $220,000.

40 Extrusion Dr: Extrusion Holdings LLC to Sylwall Props LLC, $130,000.

39 N Broad St: Adele Jessica Peterle RET & Huard, Tina to Deperry, Jonathan & Laing, Bethany A, $196,000.

71 Mechanic St: Shannon LLC to Giorno, Carlo & Spino, Attilio, $97,000.

19 Fellows St: Anderson, Bryan J & Long, Karey M to Swingly, Brian W, $278,000.

23 William St: Morrison James J Est & Hayward, Judith A to Lyman, William H & Lyman, Kristine, $190,600.

4 Moss St: Sarrasin, Margaret C to Dasilva, Jack P & Dasilva, Melody, $207,000.

21 Mystic Hill Rd: Wiehn, Frances J to Heron, Nye & Housden, Elizabeth F, $512,000.

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