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Climate-denier letter no laughing matter

Zell Steever Groton

Publication: The Day

Published 05/02/2013 12:00 AM
Updated 05/01/2013 03:28 PM

The April 22 letter, "Global warming claims are just a bad joke," mistakenly claims that climate change is not happening, and those who are believers are fools. The overwhelming evidence from the scientific community worldwide indicates this is flat wrong. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has risen from 280 ppm to over 390 ppm today in less than 100 years. Glaciers are melting, polar ice is disappearing and sea level is rising.

Scientific evidence from the peer-reviewed literature clearly links human activities to the warming of our planet now by more than 1 degree Celsius.

Measurable adverse impacts are happening worldwide and in Connecticut, as The Day has reported in numerous news articles. The letter writer did not present the facts of climate change and is a rare remaining "climate-denier." Global warming for the rest of humanity is a real problem that will need everyone's help to resolve.

We as individuals and as a nation need to mitigate our activities to slow and stop global warming. Global warming is here today - it's no joke! It is one of the most serious issues facing all humanity.

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