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Property transactions - May 10, 2013

Published May 10. 2013 4:00AM


405 Stage Coach Row #405: Maplesden Gail J Est & Gausley, Dana to Fennell, Kevin R & Fennell, Edward P, $134,000.


12 Miranda Way: Black Point Const Co LLC to Pazz&Constr LLC, $82,500.

24 S Cobblers Ct: Denison, Nanci E to Mccollum, Richard J, $195,000.

40 Stoneywood Dr: USA HUD to Soteriou, Stefanie, $210,000.

8 Hill Rd: Fazzino, Anthony & Fazzino-Mead, Dominique to Fazzino, Angelo J & Fazzino, Mary A, $150,000.

21 Sea View Ave: Stone Maribeth Est & Jordan, Patrick J to Reis, Dominick & Johnson-Reis, Geralyn, $307,500.

21 Sea View Ave: Stone, John W to Reis, Dominick & Johnson-Reis, Geralyn, $307,500.


7 Deloge Dr: Deloge Dennis Jr Est & Deloge, Jo Ann to Steding, Jessica L, $156,500.

39 Old Voluntown Rd: FHLM to Breault, Phillip G & Cardenas, Celina L, $225,000.


33 Crown Knoll Ct #70: Devine, Michael R to Thaxton, Kelly A, $62,000.

123 Morse Ave: USA HUD to Stanton, James, $100,250.

378 Meridian Street Ext #30: Martino, Nicholas A & Martino, Nilcholas A to Schneider, Kate E, $158,000.

196 Ridgewood Dr: Hansen, Christopher D & Hansen, Carolyn L to Arruda, Jon, $145,000.

76 Route 27: Foley, Shaun A & Foley, Ashley B to Costakos, Peter & Costakos, Panayiota A, $350,000.


231 Goshen Hill Rd #A-B: Williams Props LLC to Cushman Farms LP, $308,000.

191 Exeter Rd: FNMA to Amalfi, John A, $178,000.

256 Village Hill Rd: F R Jr&E A Cranick RET & Cranick, Frederick R to Stearns, Ethan & Stearns, Michelle, $655,000.

1402 Trumbull Hwy: Lebanon Topsoil & Earth LLC to Cushman Farms LP, $375,000.

2049 Exeter Rd: Grabber, John H to Taylor, Daniel, $222,500.

1264 Trumbull Hwy: Jacoby, Kevin to Cyr, Gaston, $65,000.

754 Tobacco St: Smith, Richard I to Langworthy, Robert L & Crompton, Marie E, $205,000.

80 Park Rd: Alden, George E & Alden, Marilyn L to Leary, Kevin T, $40,000.


12 Reuven Dr: Via Verde 2 LLC to Tetlow, David & Tetlow, Elizabeth, $292,725.

16 Marlene Dr: Farnum, R Carolyn to Birkodd LLC, $25,000.

9 Forest Ln: USA VA to Johnson, David & Johnson, Marie, $107,000.

66 Iron St: Hadinger, Ernest L & Hadinger, Lois K to Tucker, George A, $219,995.

1 Lakeside Dr #L: Valentin, Yvonne & US Bank NA to US Bank NA, $1.


13 Turner Rd: Ovecka, David M to Ovecka, David M & Ovecka, Janice E, $173,163.

1395 Old Colchester Rd: Gillespie, John to Gillespie, George & Gillespie, Jo A, $300,000.

12 Sparrow Ct: Hawk, Scott A to Malone, Trevor S & Malone, Kelsey B, $222,500.

36 Georgia Rd: Decosta, Brian J & Decosta, Kirsten L to Martinez, Benjamin R & Corey, Samantha A, $185,000.


18 Holly Ter: Roth, Gregory to Fishbein, Michael J & Oppenheimer, Mary A, $219,000.

100 Pequot Ave #3536: Laware, Edward J to Klockars, Erik C & Klockars, Karen L, $17,000.

225 Shaw St: Housenew London LLC to Pappas, Alexander, $30,000.

28 Linden St: Deutsche Bank Natl T Co to Hasankahyaoglu, Mehmet, $128,625.

204 Elm St: Stroud, William R to Schultz, Brittany E, $120,250.

84 Terrace Blvd: US Bank NA to Lloret, Nelson & Encarnacion, Evelyn, $107,000.

66 Raymond St: USA HUD to Habitat For Humanty SE CT, $55,000.


225 Wintechog Hl: Mashantucket Pequet Tribl to Colebut-Kearse, Yashica, $160,000.

9 Anna Farm Rd W: Lynch, Robert J to Johnson, Benjamin G & Colleary, Brenna J, $280,000.

2 Cedarcrest Dr: Bank Of America NA to Gross, Joseph, $115,000.

4 Cedar Dr: Friello, Jessica R to Mooney, Brian F, $160,000.

Stillman Rd: Lemieux, Joann to Avalonia Land Conservancy, $58,400.

329 Grindstone Hl: Roberts, Carol A & Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, $1.

362 Denison Hl: Contino, Paul L & Contino, Nicole M to Nelson, Christopher & Nelson, Sarah, $357,500.

98 Billings Lake Rd: Pottinger, Ursula A to Pottinger, Stefan E & Pottinger, Pamela R, $30,000.


62 Starr St #E4: Aker, Scherene D & CHFA to CHFA, $1.

22 Henry St #22: Portelance, Paul R & Portelance, Jacqueline J to Brooks, Jacquelin A, $57,000.

98 Cliff St: Gertrude A Horelick LT & Shubbuck, Karen A to Beaupre, Eric, $55,000.

86 Cedar St: Horochivsky Alexander Est & Horochivsky, Nicholas to Heist, James R & Heist, Betty J, $60,000.

15 Jewett City Rd: Przekop, Raymond & Przekop, Gene to Timz Props LLC, $123,333.

23 Williams St: Wells Fargo Bank NA to RNG Investments LLC, $51,311.

3 Atlantic Ave: Bobe, Wanda R to Mellor, Kevin S & Mellor, Michelle R, $2,331.

37 Flyers Dr: Pope, Jason to Sieczkowski, Amy N, $143,000.

34 Garfield Ave: USA HUD to Hunt, Lisa A, $15,500.

330 Mohegan Park Rd: FNMA to Mcwilliams, Mark, $60,100.


366 Old Jewett City Rd: Rodman, Martha to Pervine, Douglas M & Pervine, Tara M, $320,000.

39 Old Voluntown Rd: Alexander, Valerie & Wells Fargo Bank NA to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $262,795.

39 Old Voluntown Rd: FHLM to Breault, Phillip G & Cardenas, Celina L, $225,000.


14 E Forest Rd: Masons Island Co to Allyn, Louis P & Allyn, Cynthia A, $9,244.

40 William St: Maguire, Bruce to Boudreaux, Michael J & Boudreaux, Amy S, $305,000.

17 E Grand St: Baio, Regina to Stanford, James J & Stanford, Marjorie B, $895,000.

27 Lantern Hill Rd: Whitford, Andrew E & Whitford, Roslyn to Ross, Jonathan A, $145,000.

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