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Property Transactions - May 17, 2013

Published May 17. 2013 4:00AM


105 Cemetery Rd: Stringer, Colleen to Gagnon, Anthony T, $166,000.

309 Water St: Wells Fargo Bank NA to Loux, Daniel, $108,000.

60 N Society Rd: Williams, Michael L & CHFA to CHFA, $52,250.


93 Colchester Cmns: Timmins, Virginia H to Farland, Timothy M & Soule, Susan, $83,000.

173 Lakeview Dr: Brock, Jacqueline to Zylberman, Sol, $100,000.

37 Edgewood Dr: Marhefka, Sonja L to Pelletier, Allan J, $204,000.

136 Hammond Ct: Citibank NA to REO Asset Mgmt LLC, $34,500.

136 Hammond Ct: REO Asset Mgmt LLC to Household Inv Group, $45,000.


6 Mohawk Dr: Kelly, Robert E & Kelly, Sandra E to Keefe, Jayme L & Keefe, Adam C, $257,000.

176 Pennsylvania Ave: Garry, Robert & Garry, Kathy to Kirby, Russell E, $152,500.

7 Bramble Bush Dr: Tyrrell Marian T Est & Cellemme, Pamela L to New England Holdings LLC, $130,000.

10 Luce Ave: Jutila, Frances F to Gineo, Jonathan & Oliveri, John, $95,000.

12 Damon Heights Rd: Marie-Carlson, Lynn W to Mary Funk Brodhead LT & Funk-Brodhead, Mary, $211,000.

10 Winston Rd: Privett, Laurie Z to Garcia, Esteban & Garcia, Jessica S, $280,000.

11 Sylvan Glen Dr: Korineck, Michael J & Korineck, Rebecca to Rowe, Michael & Morse, Samantha, $205,000.

69 Spring Glen Rd: FNMA to Frogameni, James J, $135,000.


79 N Main St: Bank Of America NA to 5 Treasures Inc, $39,900.


232 Eastern Point Rd: Chmura, Longen J & Chmura, Mildred W to Tourjee Constr LLC, $33,000.

57 Park Ave: Tourville, Mark A & Tourville, Janet L to Milde, Katherine D & Milde, Lane R, $262,000.

292 Meridian St #G: Devito, Joseph to Benoit, Mason R, $65,000.

15 E Shore Ave: Perina, Barbara H to 18 Niles Street Assoc LLC, $875,000.

223 Cedar Rd: Garvin, John R to Shea, Peter H & Shea, Jane M, $690,000.

2037 Gold Star Hwy: Allied Dev Partners LLC to Turnquist, Thomas J & Turnquist, Lorraine J, $90,000.


20 Silas Deane Rd: Reber, Terry N & Reber, Candace G to Feldman, Bryan & Feldman, Jennifer L, $329,000.

642 Colonel Ledyard Hwy: Feldman, Bryan & Feldman, Jennifer L to Ladyga, Bruan, $103,750.

35 Meeting House Ln: Arruda, Jon to Grohocki, Kevin & Mcnamee, Michelle C, $180,000.

4 Baron Ct: Rodolico, John A & Rodolico, Joyce C to Petardi, James M & Oldakowski, Darlene M, $260,000.


16 Chapel Hill Rd: 146 Main LLC to Capano, Kenneth J, $95,000.

16 Chapel Hill Rd: Petrosus, Bonnie L to 146 Main LLC, $95,000.

850 Chesterfield Rd: Pelletier, John P & Pelletier, Karen M to Maginess, Sean M & Maginess, Rachael A, $287,000.

Jerome Ave: TH 1 LLC to CT Multifamily Equities, $60,903.


461 Bank St #605: New London Harbour Towers to Grasser, Michele, $388,000.

461 Bank St #707: New London Harbour Towers to Frederick, Richard C & Frederick, Holly B, $482,000.

281 Gardner Ave #E1: Abutin, Robert D to CHFA, $1.

630 Montauk Ave: Banever, Andrew & Banever, Elizabeth to Ashton, Robert L, $279,000.

877 Bank St: Bryte, David A to Bhatia, Swarnjit S & Singh, Pritpal, $101,000.

18 Mountain Ave: Old Ironsides LLC to Acevedo, Cimara, $176,600.

265 Elm St: USA HUD to Morales, Cruz M & Allen, Joseph, $98,000.


148 Miller Rd: Colombi Hugo P Est & Colombi, Patricia E to Lynch, Vicky L, $220,000.

148 Miller Rd: Patricia Colombi T & Coleman, Janet to Lynch, Vicky L, $220,000.


65 Otrobando Ave: FNMA to Franklin, Sara M, $80,000.

27 Carpenter St: Bank Of New York Mellon to Lynch, Dennis & Lynch, Jennifer, $32,000.

215 Norwich Ave: FNMA to Bowie, Rodney H & Bowie, Etta C, $56,000.

27 Terrace Ave: Fratoni, Alfred to Portillo, Juan C, $122,000.

1 Trading Cove Cir #1: Kirstein Winifred B Est & Rogoff, Judith K to Portelance, Paul R & Portelance, Jacqueline J, $148,000.

86 Otrobando Ave #21: Jensen, Cannie F to Jacobs, Arlene M, $128,000.


1333 Norwich Rd: Perry, Kenneth J to Phillips, Sandra O, $12,980.

315 Kate Downing Rd: FHLM to Bellavance, John W, $210,000.

46 Diane Dr: Robinson, Susan E to Slattery, Michael E, $134,000.

36 N Chestnut St: Smith, Janice M to Harpin, Gregory S & Harpin, Christine S, $85,000.

58 Plainfield Rd: Mcmaster, Mickey C & Mcmaster, Linda J to Riendeau, Danielle, $194,000.

240 Prospect St: Bennard, Scott M & Deutsche Bank Natl T Co to Deutsche Bank Natl T Co, $1.

10 Spring St: Lohbusch, David W & Lohbusch, Sheryle B to Torres, Carlos & Torres, Lillian, $149,900.


8 Tanglewood Dr: Lynch, Vicky L to Henderson, Rodney E & Henderson, Brooke E, $188,000.


49 Church St: FNMA to Rathbun, Donna L, $74,900.

852 Gibson Hill Rd: FNMA to Medeiros, Vanessa L & Medeiros, Gail A, $103,000.

19 Hell Hollow Rd: Marion, Alan S & Marion, Karen L to Hinojosa, Edwin K, $180,000.

728 Plainfield Pike: Admirals Realty Holdings to Dumas, Laurie & Dumas, Jeffrey, $82,500.

1281 Plainfield Pike: Wernco Farms LLC to Ruggieri Props LLC, $250,000.

684 Sterling Rd: Lavalley, Sandra M to Gentile, Louis E & Gentile, Annette M, $168,000.

483 Valley View Rd: FNMA to Loubier, Danny & Loubier, Tina, $88,500.

114 Linwood Dr: Wernco Farms LLC to Ruggieri Props LLC, $250,000.

3 Easy St: Miller, Jesse E & Miller, Joan P to Wall, Robert E & Revel-Wall, Brigitte, $289,900.


20 Denison Ave (Mystic): Goldman, Neil B to Pavone, Philip F & Mcclelland, Cindy J, $400,000.


69 Bassett Mills Rd: Lafleshe, Edgar D & Lafleshe, Loretta V to Houlihan, Paul R, $105,000.

837 Beach Pond Rd: Drake, John R to Lima, Amie L, $159,500.


204 Great Neck Rd: Great Neckllc to Turpin, Wendall G & Santacroce, Lisa M, $365,000.

204 Great Neck Rd: Great Neck LLC to Turpin, Wendall G & Santacroce, Lisa M, $365,000.

16 Ridgewood Ave: Scillieri, Peter to Greene, Mathew H, $107,500.

374 Glenwood Avenue Ext: Scarpa, Bruce A & CHFA to CHFA, $1.

8 River St: GCE LLC to Harrington, Linda, $2,000,000.

7 Hamast Ave: USA HUD to Shyner, George J & Shyner, Maria R, $125,100.

12 Clements St: Siciliano, Alfred A to Siciliano, Michael A, $69,000.

310 Boston Post Rd #30: Farrell, Krista D to Ferullo, Anthony, $126,800.

14 Wild Rose Pl: Mcguirk, Brendan J & Mcguirk, Marianna G to Wainwright, Walter, $35,000.

265 Niantic River Rd: FNMA to Mcvaney, Thomas & Mcvaney, Candace, $200,000.

74 Stoneheights Dr #74: Cohen, Jeffrey P to Watt, Pamela, $135,000.

10 Marilyn Rd: Mathieu, Richard R & Mathieu, Patricia H to Adams, Amanda M & Brodaski, Mark A, $199,000.

22 Gilead Rd: Stock, Darrell to Zegarra, Oscar, $140,000.

22 Gilead Rd: Garban, Thomas J to Zegarra, Oscar, $70,000.

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