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Property Transactions - May 24, 2013

Published May 24. 2013 4:00AM


3 Lake Rd: Closson Elizabeth J Est & Collins, Cheryl L to Turker, Jacob L, $191,000.

211 Bashon Hill Rd: Doubleday Herbert Est & Doubleday, Donald to Schena, Michael A & Schena, Beth A, $530,000.

Knickerbocker Ave: Loretta M Fedus RET & Fedus, John G to Adams, Norman & Adams, June, $4,250.

44 Cedar Ln: Silver, Michael O & GMAC Mtg LLC to GMAC Mtg LLC, $1.


291 Bingham Rd #21: Young, William I & Hampden Bank to Hampden Bank, $1.


31 Sashel Ln: Hayn, Bruce P & Hayn, Patricia C to Thiel, Ingrid G & Hanson, Tracey T, $458,000.

112 Alexander Dr: Dawnorowitz Janine Est & Kilham, Debra A to Henderson, Daniel E & Hein, Emily E, $125,000.


38 Hope St #126: JV Hope Street LLC to Salen, William R & Salen, Dorothy A, $351,000.

N/A: B&G Dev Corp to Adams, Donald & Adams, Hilary, $10,000.

38 Hope St #125: JV Hope Street LLC to Barber, John C & Barber, Pamela W, $330,000.

38 Hope St #124: JV Hope Street LLC to Andrews, Raymond S & Andrews, Barbara W, $385,000.

97 W Main St #63: Minor, Joann L & Grzyb, Frank J to Vento, Henry V, $174,000.

82 Plants Dam Rd: Huber, Stephen T & Huber, Carol L to East Lyme Town Of, $425,000.

82 Plants Dam Rd: East Lyme, Town of to Niantic Sportsmens Club, $125,000.

91 Riverview Rd #9C: Burrows-Swenson, Catherin to Hubbell, Nelson B & Hubbell, Carlene A, $185,000.

19 Anchorage Rd: Hubbell, Nelson M & Hubbell, Carlene A to Mariani, Peter P & Nazarko, Heather, $237,000.

25 Willow Ln: Foster, John A to Susco, Jeremy J & Susco, Sarah B, $380,000.

21 Indianola Rd: Dalessio, Helen P to Steele, Leslie E & Steele, Ann E, $372,500.

Parkview Dr: Teitenberg, Priscilla A to Galco LLC, $30,000.


519 Pond Rd: Miner, Marjorie J to Arrowhead Acres LLC, $122,500.

82 Eager Rd: Leffingwell, William Y to Driesch, Edward A & Driesch, Karen S, $52,500.


148 Mathewson St #106: Aber, Charles to Opportunity RE Equities, $90,000.

22 Richard Ave: Decosta, Debra to Cyr Const Inc, $34,000.

348 Stone Hill Rd: Ladd, Joyce to FNMA, $140,086.


48 Chapman St: McPherson, James A & McPherson, Madeline R to Hillman, William F & Benson, Mary A, $216,000.

77 Cobblestone Dr #77: Dong, Qi to Patel, Nimesh & Patel, Amita, $117,000.

269 Gales Ferry Rd: GMAC Mtg LLC to Schneiter, William C, $110,000.

2 Prospect St: Patterson, Lois A to Cassella, Stephen R, $236,000.

24 Bern Ct: Chafee, Charles E & Chafee, Sharon T to Rabideau, Debra L, $193,000.

82 George Ave: Asuncion, Maria A to Bocchino, Jason & Bocchino, Mary, $195,000.


141 Meadow Ridge Dr: Hyde, Jonathan to Tesconi, Marc & Tesconi, Denea, $339,000.

126 Old Hwy: Poirier, Kristen L & Marquardt, Steven R to Laibrandt, Shelly, $266,000.

655 Waterman Rd: Videll, Gordon & Fish, Richard D to Fish, Richard D, $198,000.

111 Camp Moween Rd: Carroll, Robert & Carroll, Alycin to Rothholz, James J & Rothholz, Yolanda, $201,265.

74 Norwich Ave: American Family Adventure & Peoples United Bank to Peoples United Bank, $1.

279 Geer Rd: Sovereign Bank FSB to Aloi, David, $228,000.

844 Trumbull Hwy: Lugli, Robert J to Lebanon Hist Soc Inc, $172,500.


210 Bundy Hill Rd: Paradis, Donald W to Wagner, Joseph M, $15,800.

23 Rex Rd: Blanchard, Michael A & CHFA to CHFA, $156,500.

31 Dogwood Dr: Summers, John D & Summers, Terri L to Bessette, Brad, $132,500.


240 Gay Hill Rd: Rainville, Joseph P & Rainville, Lisa M to Lachance, Jennifer R, $304,000.

11 Massachusetts Rd: Thompson Homes LLC to Naholnik, Chad M, $189,900.


5 Arrowhead Dr #5: Swanson, Ronald C to Reese, Robert E & Reese, Joan L, $142,000.

14 Sturtevant Ave: FHLM to Taiyueh Holding LLC, $67,000.

260 Washington St: FNMA to Mcwilliams, Mark, $72,100.

259 Washington St: Lucier, Alyn W & Warzecha, Sandra A to Cagle, Bernest & Feindt-Cagle, Julie, $180,000.

9 Cherry Hill Rd: GC Holdings LLC to Dallis, Michael J & Dallis, Jenny A, $192,500.

28 Woodrow Ave: Barry, Deborah to Bhatt, Gaurang P, $130,000.

148 Corning Rd: Schott, Brandi L & Schott, Gerald A to Valin, Peter J, $65,000.

287 Harland Rd: Cancro, Jeanne M to Ruggiero, Christina M, $222,500.

360 Washington St: FNMA to McWilliams, Mark, $72,100.

38 Laurel Hill Ave: Homemax LLC to Guo, Hong W, $150,000.

239 Broad St: FNMA to Mason Jeffrey Props LLC, $37,000.


52 Bishop Crossing Rd: FHLM to Bard, Alphy C & Bard, Viviane J, $62,000.

Seaton Rd: Bellavance John A Est & Borner, Thomas A to Jolly Johns Mill LLC, $5,000.

29 Winthrop Dr: Stament, Brian & Stament, Joan E to Maheu, Richard G, $148,000.

87 Main St: Dehaan, Richard N & JP Morgan Chase Bank NA to JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, $1.

3 Myrtle St: USA VA to Cyr, Gaston, $97,000.

378 N Main St: Bellavance John A Est & Borner, Thomas A to Jolly Johns Mill LLC, $320,000.

36 Shepard Hill Rd: Arruda, Jon to Doyle, Keely R, $164,000.

Highland St #29-30: Bank Of America NA & Bitgood, Andrew D to Bank Of America NA & Bitgood, Andrew D, $29,900.

Salisbury Ave #47: Bank Of America NA & Bitgood, Andrew D to Bank Of America NA & Bitgood, Andrew D, $29,900.

Ward Ave #12: Bank Of America NA & Bitgood, Andrew D to Bank Of America NA & Bitgood, Andrew D, $29,900.


50 Hanover Versailles Rd: Zinavage, Wilfred to Zinavage, John T, $48,000.

47 Parkwood Rd: US Bank NA to Ganley, James W & Ganley, Melissa A, $150,000.

5 School Hill Rd: Sweet, Richard G to Dennis, Thomas P & Works-Dennis, Dawn, $100,160.

5 School Hill Rd: Kisselbeurgh, Cindy & Sweet-Estate, Douglas J to Dennis, Thomas P & Works-Dennis, Dawn, $100,160.

5 School Hill Rd: Elizabeth Sullivan RET & Sullivan, Elizabeth S to Dennis, Thomas P & Works-Dennis, Dawn, $100,160.


7 Bradley St: Jennings, William to King, Morgan P & Kepple, Rebekah M, $1,200,000.

62 Pequot Trl: Capizzano, Timothy M & Capizzano, Laura C to Rodearmel, Marilyn E & Rodearmel, John E, $130,000.

47 Lindberg Rd: Wennberg, Bengt O & Wennberg, Virginia to Brudz, John J & Brudz, Patricia H, $450,000.

Clarence Ave: Sadler, Michael & Sadler, Dana to Smith, George M, $150,000.

5 Latitude Cir: Toll CT LP to Hryn, Wojciech & Kuzniar-Hryn, Anna A, $656,412.

Hinckley Hill Rd: Capizzano, Timothy M & Capizzano, Laura C to Champ, Steven W & Champ, Shana L, $130,000.

17 Croft Ct: Trudeau, John & Trudeau, Debra to Bowdy, James B & Fess, Kristie, $260,000.


142 Old Norwich Rd: Johnson, Gilbert J & Johnson, Carolyn to Garstka, Robert D, $215,000.

64 Scotch Cap Rd #128: Thames Dev LLC to Muldoon, Michael, $232,000.

54 Rope Ferry Rd: USA HUD to Baude, Chelsey M & Roberts, Bradley J, $86,100.

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