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Movie tip: "The Heat"

Published July 11. 2013 4:00AM

I hope Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock got extra pay as writers, because they clearly ad-libbed some of the best parts of this film. The set-up is familiar: an uptight FBI agents is forced to team up with a loose-cannon local cop. Let the opposites-working-together hilarity ensue! I suppose the theory was, the difference here is, both lead characters are women. But the real difference is delivered by the two actresses. See, the story in Katie Dippold's script doesn't lead any place particularly fascinating - or anyplace all that dissimilar from the usual buddy-cop playbook - but the camaraderie between Bullock and McCarthy makes the trip a hoot. They play off each other with hilarious abandon. "The Heat" isn't as consistently gut-busting as director Paul Feig's last film, "Bridesmaids," but it'll do in a summer that's been light on comic gold.


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