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Property Transactions - July 26, 2013

Published July 26. 2013 4:00AM


3 Polly Ln: Maynard Leonard P Est & Maynard, Barbara A to Randall Const LLC, $43,000.


Brooklyn Rd: Collelo Excavation & Pav & Collelo, Ernest J to Garey, Veronica, $48,900.

355 Westminster Rd: Burroughs, Elliot & Burroughs, Kathryn to Vincent, Matthew T & Hoppe, Jessica E, $90,500.

291 Bingham Rd #30: Jayco Homes LLC to Kielski, Neil & Kielski, Rose, $77,900.

609 S Canterbury Rd: Badura, Lori L & Parker, Raymond J to Kerney, Pamela S & Lippy, Amber M, $320,000.

12 N Canterbury Rd: Rioux, Alan J & Rioux, Sherrie A to Horstmeyer, Leif, $176,900.

173 Buck Hill Rd: Huntington, C M & Huntington, Channing M to Johnson, Joan M, $195,000.


210 McDonald Rd: A1 Home Buyers LLC to Stoddard, Chad J, $221,000.

19 Lakeview Dr: Seaman, David C & Seaman, Karen C to Lord, Russell F & Lord, Muriel C, $220,000.

270 Prospect Hill Rd: Michaud, Robert A & Michaud, Wendy N to Lawley, Janet L, $225,000.

407 Linwood Cemetery Rd #407: USA HUD to Forster, Katelyn A, $70,000.

44 Beechwood Dr: Levere, Russell F to Levere, Christina B & Daddio, Christopher J, $165,000.

555 Lebanon Ave: ALJ Ent LLC to South Rd Marlborough LLC, $30,000.


25 Center St: Harner, Amy R to Klim, Joseph R & Klim, Anne M, $145,000.

11 Darrows Rdg: Bohonowicz, William J & Bohonowicz, Barbara J to Tousignant, Mark & Tousignant, Amy, $920,000.

15 Freedom Way #55: Pommer, Thomas N to Dimaggio, Kathryn M, $108,000.

17 Upper Kensington Dr: Staub, Dwight D & Staub, Judith to Laubach, Kawel B & Laubach, Leslie, $616,500.

38 Hope St #97: Etter, Laurie W to Dombrowski, Stephanie M, $258,000.

10 Clarks Ln #10: Swords, William W to Palmer, John A & Palmer, Kathleen, $335,000.

249 Old Black Point Rd: Hubby Kingsley K Est & Hubby, Nicholas M to Kramer, Jeremy R & Davis, Dorothy R, $1,158,750.

249 Old Black Point Rd: Essex Savings Bank & Hubby, Nicholas M to Kramer, Jeremy R & Davis, Dorothy R, $1,158,750.

6 Barone Rd: FNMA to Geida, Stephen L & Geida, Allyson M, $340,000.

79 W Main St: Caffarelli, Fred to Johnson, John, $180,000.

334 Main St: Hayes, Darryl J & Collins, Melinda A to Gumdrops & Lollipops Candy, $290,000.


42 Anthony St #14: Serrano Inv Group to Gardner, Keith & Gardner, Susan, $49,900.


98 High St: Tazerouti, Jennifer A & Kurlfink, Julie E to Kilhenny, Brett W, $278,500.

84 Ensign Dr: Tess, David A & Tess, Lisa A to Brookfield Relocation Inc, $325,000.

Ensign Dr #10: Brookfield Relocation Inc to Burfoot, Ambrose J & Negron, Cristina, $325,000.

18 High St: Barnaby, Sharon to Evans, Robin A, $122,500.

70 Brandegee Ave: Rollins, Pamela D to Real Estate Rescue Svcs, $58,500.

15 Church St: Anson, Priscilla P to Farley, Darilyn, $603,500.

84 Bay View Ave: Lamb, Doris S to Navin, Joseph G & Navin, Josephine, $375,000.

21 Bank St: Troiano, Anna T to Leeson, Noel J & Leeson, Annette C, $315,000.

Colonel Ledyard Hwy: Elliott, Jeannine P to Ferrara, Susan & Luca, Jessica L, $212,900.

2039 Gold Star Hwy: Allied Dev Partners LLC to Leonard, Robert & Leonard, Danielle, $350,000.

25 Old Farm Rd: Morgana, Richard D & Morgana, Anna R to Laflamme, Cynthia A & Laflamme, Mary, $220,000.

375 Toll Gate Rd: McLaughlin, Edward J & McLaughlin, Robert W to Heslin, Lauren E, $155,000.

46 Paulson Rd: Wehner, Verna E to Rose, Julia A, $90,000.

60 Daniel Brown Dr: Gasier, Heath G to Collier, Shonya, $237,500.

47 Clipper Ct: Nelson, Thomas S & Nelson, Nina M to McLaine, Michael V & McLaine, Jeanne M, $335,000.

49 Hancock Dr: Brookfield Relocation Inc to Minars, Lee M & Minars, Nahry M, $390,000.

49 Hancock Dr: McCarthy, Timothy J & McCarthy, Deborah W to Brookfield Relocation Inc, $390,000.

134 Edgecomb St: Mccarthy, Thomas W & Mccarthy, Catherine A to Gordon, Geoffrey S & Gordon, Valerie, $509,000.


260 Norwich Ave: Ansich, Michael P & Ansich, Mary J to Ansich, Michael P & Ansich, Ami L, $475,000.

Lakeview Hts: Dinoia, Jan to Leppo, Riley & Leppo, Sandra, $7,600.

134 Bascom Rd: Riley, Brian J & Fraser-Riley, Amy D to Rahmann, Theodore R & Rahmann, Samara R, $278,500.

84 Cove Rd: McCall, Diane L & McCall, Alan H to Lyon, Gillian A, $81,500.

145 Gates Rd: Olszta, Kenneth M & Olszta, Marsha M to Manizza, Katherine M & Larson, Kenneth E, $288,000.

685 Tobacco St: Janet L Carden RET & Carden, Janet L to Turner, William W, $222,000.

1742 Exeter Rd: Dilustro, John & Dilustro, Donna to Rider, Leigh H, $1.

357 Scott Hill Rd: Rahmann, Theodore R & Rahmann, Samara R to Nollenberger, Leah M & Murray, Benjamin C, $171,500.


5 Chidley Way: Green Falls Assoc LLC to Howell, Jonathan & Tharp, Steven, $304,000.

1653 Center Groton Rd: Allanach, Jeffrey S & Allanach, Jennifer D to Lidestri, Kathryn E, $263,000.

21 Michael Ln: Huckle, Arline E to Brooks, James G & Weaver-Brooks, Annette L, $180,000.

5 Bittersweet Dr: Iliff, Cecilia M to Capano, Scott, $226,000.

7 Hemlock Cir: FNMA to Clark, Brandon R, $107,500.

66 Avery Hill Rd: Schultz, Todd E & Schultz, Jill L to Whiting, Erik W, $220,000.

789 Colonel Ledyard Hwy: Gagnon, William J & GMAC Mortgage LLC to GMAC Mortgage LLC, $1.

757 Shewville Rd: Epes, Travis D to Hendl, Matthew & Hendl, Emely, $259,000.

3 Wolf Ridge Gap: Naylor, Gregory D & Naylor, Jessica L to Winslow, Marjorie A, $287,000.

11 Linden Ln: Moffett, Sabine R to Winkelman, Travis T & Winkelman, Marielle S, $231,000.


24 Paper Mill Rd: Pennymac Corp to Warren, Denise, $69,000.

55 Lisbon Heights Rd: Walston, Mark R & Walston, Valerie C to Perkins, Elizabeth M & Perkins, Justin, $235,000.


Selden Rd: Gladding, Calvin F & Gladding, Jill O to Parker, Travis, $20,000.

Park Side Dr: Williams Ted Est & Gronlund, Rebecca S to Gage, David & Geremia, Noelle, $105,000.


57 Lisa Ln: Ganley, James & Ganley, Melissa to Adams, Wendy J, $265,000.

17 Haughton Park 1: USA VA to Chan, Michael T, $63,000.

64 Pollys Ln: Rutchik, Irwin J to Hager, Raymond T, $110,000.

Fire St: FHLM to Yuchniuk, Robert M, $200,000.

116 Fellows Rd: Harvey, Keith R & Ellis, Bridgett to Nowakowski, Peter P, $40,500.

Lathrop Rd: Butler, Johnny A to Butler, James H, $92,500.

115 Woodland Dr #D: FNMA to Wong, Manling, $41,000.

107 Woodland Dr #A: FNMA to Guo, Xiumin, $49,000.

21 Texas Dr: Buchanan, Harold J to Burchwell, Joel K & Burchwell, Brittney, $199,900.

75 Gallivan Ln: Santos, Paul to Kazana, Matthew H, $195,000.

24 Old Colchester Rd: Moreira, Angela M to Mantis LLC, $45,000.

Norwich New London Tpke: FHLM to Thompson Homes LLC, $135,600.


975 Ocean Ave: Dime Bank to Jones, Roxanne A, $270,000.

20 Beech Dr: Deutsche Bank Natl T Co to Diaz, Angel A, $105,000.

Reyquinn St: Kleiman, Marc J to Correnti, James J & Correnti, Willa M, $30,000.

6 Eastridge Rd: Mike 3 LLC to Riordan, Timothy P & Riordan, Lori A, $190,000.

687 Ocean Ave: Hendry, Cliffton R to Rae, Mary E & Santos, Peter M, $188,000.

41 Evergreen Ave: Jones, Jacqueline I & Citimortgage Inc to Citimortgage Inc, $1.

62 Maple Ave: Suarez, Ruthaleen to Place Partners LLC, $53,750.

52 Gorton St: Myers, Matthew M to Vamvakides, Phillip J & Vamvakides, Jessica L, $160,000.

11 Colman St: McAvoy, Thomas M to Valenzuela-Suazo, Nadina, $100,000.

99 Garfield Ave: US Bank NA to Chaparro, Ovidio, $87,000.

18 Ashcraft Rd: Austin, Sarah J & Austin-Mathley, Sally to Toolen, Vincent A, $67,000.

68 Federal St: Mcguire, James C & Mcguire, Ellen H to Community Fndtn E CT, $325,000.

389 Broad St: Devendittis, Monte A to Rocco, Mary A & Encarnacion, Deana, $119,000.

45 Terrace Ave: Piersa, Elizabeth to Morgan, Allison D, $60,000.

25 Phillips St: Linke, David O & Lennox, Donna M to Dees, Anita, $65,000.

724 Williams St: Henrici, Marjorie to Myers, Tobias & Papathanasopoulou, Evgeni, $186,000.


32 Raven Wood Rd: King, William P & King, Melissa E to Poitras, Ryan, $236,000.

Stony Brook Rd (off): Oates, Marian J to Labbe, Lea A, $8,050.

23 Ryder Rd: Birkbeck, Virginia T to Chase, Marvin L, $80,000.

43 Fowler Rd: Driscoll, Leslie N to Bernasconi, Mark J & Bernasconi, Sharron E, $293,500.

227 Pendleton Hill Rd: Tillinghast, Robert F & Tillinghast, Jeanne L to Fritz, Dennis & Fritz, Marylou, $100,000.


Salem Tpke #22: Finckle, Judith S to Lyman, Olive P, $154,000.

8 Nelson Pl: FNMA to York, Doug, $45,600.

31 Woodland Dr: Green, Sharon C to Smith, Christopher J & Smith, Kerry A, $210,000.

33 Division St: Casey, Mary E to R Abel Props LLC, $25,000.

30 Hickory St: USA HUD to Contreras, Paula, $26,001.

465 E Main St: Larsen, Linda to Ramos, Marco A, $115,000.

18 Philanne Dr: Heard, Cheryl to Carroll, Robert J & Carroll, Alycin, $166,000.

141 Golden St: Henry, Lawuence to JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, $1.

44 Laurel Hill Ave: Chelsea Props LLC to Carp Realty LLC, $125,000.

358 Hamilton Ave #11: Bousquet, Anne M to JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, $1.

262 Broadway: Aliano Ronald D Est & Messier, Andre J to Aliano, Michael C, $450,000.

123 Hamilton Ave: Krause, Betsy R to Rogers, Nathan & Rogers, Elizabeth, $100,000.

129 Prospect St: Habitat for Humanity of SECT to Davis, Tanikka D, $143,071.

470 Norwich Ave: SI Realty Co Inc to McFennell T, $113,333.

458 Norwich Ave: SI Realty Co Inc to McFennell T, $113,333.

12 Sunset Ave: Lent, Judy G to Lent, Jonathan V, $109,375.

33 Sunnyside Ave: FNMA to Botticello, Monica A, $21,200.

66 N Cliff St: Thurlow, Christine to Nuccio, Marion & Gagne, Vicki, $1.


216 Mile Creek Rd: Goodfliesh, Robert M & Goodfliesh, Patricia A to CT Water Co, $125,000.

260 Whippoorwill Rd: McKay, Phyllis A & McKay, David J to Carroll, Paul, $310,000.

81 Mile Creek Rd: Marsh, Edward G & Marsh, Linda B to Marsh, Geoffrey E & Marsh, Sophie W, $402,422.

6 Sill Ln: Rice, Amy H & Moore, Stephen H to Childs, Samuel W & Childs, Elsie C, $1,600,000.

2 Parsons Farm Ln: McLean Robert Est & McLean, Marcia A to Czarnecki, Keith, $275,000.

11 Maywood Dr: Brookfield Relocation Inc to Ozanich, Gary & Ozanich, Leslie, $525,000.


Barber Hill Rd: Bellavance John A Est & Borner, Thomas A to Silveira, Christine C, $253,930.

96 Canterbury Rd #E: USA VA to Hearthstone Props LLC, $39,500.

5 Jackson Rd: Ballard, Lucille G to Miller, Brinda M, $200,000.

211 Tarbox Rd: Beams, Thomas J & Beams, Jennifer to Ezzell, Zachary J, $155,000.

23 Marie St: FNMA to Burnell, Scott E & Burnell, Denica M, $157,500.

251 Squaw Rock Rd: Olver, Alice to Buttacavoli, Joseph, $137,000.

221 Dow Rd: FNMA to Mancuso, Loriann, $163,000.

14 Colbridge Rd: Wells Fargo Bank NA to Fidelis Holdings Ltd, $82,799.

7 Bitgood Vlg: Scuncio, John V to Smith, Jason, $109,900.

40 Allen St: Koji, William F & Koji, Celia to Petrowsky, Julie A, $93,900.

20 Sylvia Dr: Marasco Home Builders LLC to Boucher, Steven C, $163,900.

8 Robin Rd: Mager, Sandra L to A Kausch&Sons LLC, $65,000.


115 Middle Rd: Serra, John S to Serra, Beth A, $5,300.


50 Hill Top Trl: Fairchild, Robert W & Fairchild, Kelli A to Sorrentino, Peter C & Sorrentino, Holly A, $345,500.

40 Old Colchester Rd: Gadbois, Stuart E & Gadbois, Judith S to Gadbois, John S & Gadbois, Daria Lauren, $300,000.


411 Main St: Shukis, Brian D to Rutigliano, Philip J, $149,900.

187 Willimantic Rd: Turner, Scott H & Turner, Mary C to HSBC Mortgage Svcs, $1.


192 Calvin French Rd: Myette, Brian R & Myette, Brenda to Driscoll, Ethel, $150,000.

462 Main St: Young, Robert B & CHFA to CHFA, $129,718.

364 Margaret Henry Rd: Kata, Richard J & Kata, Cynthia J to Batura, Michael J & Batura, Carol A, $165,000.

253 N Sterling Rd: Bissonnette, Lena M & Bissonnette, Michael J to Lockwood, Henry Z, $148,000.


45 Hewitt Rd #A6: Cooney, Eileen N to Bridges, Evelyn, $137,500.

20 Soundview Dr: Castaldi, Michael J & Castaldi, Dawn C to Hippchen, Edward E & Hippchen, Rande, $235,000.

13 Damato Dr: Oates, Marian J to Labbe, Lea A, $221,950.

5 Wilford Ct: BRJM LLC to Sadler, Michael C & Sadler, Dana S, $110,000.

257 River Rd #B48: Welch, Theodore R & Welch, Cynthia S to Miller, James, $37,000.

23 Carriage Dr: Ahlgren, Thomas to Tartaglino, Jenna, $370,000.

7 Wheeler Dr: USA HUD to Pierson, Rachel & Pierson, Samuel C, $185,000.

59 William St: Kupka, Lance A & Marr-Kupka, Jennifer to Driscoll, Leslie N, $240,000.

8 Green Meadow Rd: Tourville, George L & Tourville, Margaret to Graham, Eric & Graham, Wendi, $235,000.

203 Long Wharf Dr: Rosati, Robert L & Rosati, Marie M to Grandolfi, George P & Grandolfi, Elaine C, $540,600.

Latitude Cir: Toll CT LP to Whelen, Jessica, $672,762.

56 Stony Brook Rd: Weinrod Props LLC to Yankowski, Richard S, $510,000.

187 Montauk Ave: Brown, James M & Brown, Louise R to Greeley, John M, $508,600.

177 Flanders Rd: Orkney, Gary M & Orkney, Pamela J to Michael, Jeffrey G & Michael, Jennifer L, $515,000.

41 E Main St: Copper Beach LLC to Con Ry LLC, $745,000.

67 Water St: Equity Trust Co to D Water Street Realty LLC, $485,000.

35 Willow St: Koss Mayburn Est & Koss, Constance A to Cox, Glenn H & Cox, Lynn K, $360,000.


485 Beach Pond Rd: Vizthum, Jared & Vizthum, Andrea E to Loch, Chester T & Loch, Gale S, $364,900.

200 Bailey Pond Rd: Barkhouse, Charles E & Barkhouse, Margaret L to Shibilio, Joanne D, $190,000.


132 Niantic River Rd: Puchalski, Peter & Webster Bank NA to Webster Bank NA, $370,950.

13 Fulmore Dr: Lacey, Donna E to Beale, Jeffrey, $255,000.

6 Almond Dr: Riordan, Gloria L to Lafredo, Richard A & Lafredo, Star L, $225,000.

26 Pond Edge Dr: Ko, Sung Hwan & Ko, Jong Nim to Froling, Karl W, $359,000.

11 Bartlett Pl: Longsdorf, Michael K & Longsdorf, Charlene M to Folmer, Frederick M & Bevington, Sarah A, $305,000.

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