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Property Transactions - Aug. 9, 2013

Published August 09. 2013 4:00AM   Updated August 15. 2013 1:05PM


32 Stonepost Ln: Guarino, Michael & Guarino, Robin to Parekh, Utpal & Parekh, Valerie, $447,001.

343 Lebanon Ave: 55 Autumn Ridge LLC to 343 Lebanon Avenue LLC, $375,000.


30 Harvest Gln: Pilarski, David M & Pilarski, Christie A to Foltz, Robert E & Foltz, Jennifer H, $460,000.

264 Roxbury Rd: Bergin, John A to Kelley, James & Kelley, Jennifer, $229,000.

81 Lovers Ln: Thaller, William N & Thaller, Judith to Gwisc, Walter J & Gwisc, Anna P, $252,000.

11 King Arthur Dr #4F: Del-Gaudio, Fred M to Song, Wei & Tan, Beijing, $97,000.

15 Brookfield Dr: Bergeron, Paul & Bergeron, Beverly N to Falk, Justin M & Brown, Antina, $320,000.


26 Arpin Ln: FNMA to Camputaro, Pasquale, $40,000.


16 Morgan Ct: Adams, Kyla S to Martin, Cory & Martin, Lacy J, $200,000.

73 Quaker Farm Rd: USA HUD to Miller, Sarah & Goodenough, Jason, $180,100.

192 Noank Ledyard Rd: Ellis, Beth to Martino, Nicholas A & Martino, Lynn M, $306,000.

189 Dartmouth Dr: Scavello, Beth to Bowers, Michael E, $210,000.

160 Ann Ave: Hunter, Michael S & Hunter, Elizabeth J to Welchel, Sarah E & Welchel, Matthew P, $240,000.

14 Maxson St: Seehaus, Evan I & Seehaus, Laura V to Jurgens, Frank, $313,000.

9 Park Pl: Hogenauer, Barry S & Sommer, Mary M to Ferguson, Brian P, $900,000.

30 Route 27: Metayer, Dolores C & Negrelli, Miranda to AH Castle LLC, $110,000.

6 Shelby Ct: Gustavson Edith Est & Gustavson, Roy L to Mcbride, Laurie L, $275,000.

142 Ledgeland Dr: Amdur, Benjamin to Morehead, Lindsay K, $325,000.

44 Ensign Dr: Mamaclay, Judy to Hurt, Sidney L & Hurt, Natausha L, $325,000.


Randall Rd: Lebanon Country Collect to Colonial Mgmt Corp, $65,000.

125 Lakeside Dr: Akowitz, Jane T to Montz, Andrew J & Montz, Mary J, $125,500.

125 Lakeside Dr: Akowitz, Jane T to Montz, Andrew J & Montz, Mary J, $14,000.

33 2nd St: Wilkins, Donald & E Loan Inc to E Loan Inc, $1.

57 Lakeview Hts: Fellows, Scott & Fellows, Shirley A to Ports, William C & Ports, Judy M, $130,000.

124 Norwich Ave: Mindel, Maxine & Mindel, Marjorie to Green, Cyril W & Green, Lindsay K, $165,000.

173 Clarke Rd: Pelletier, Paul J & Pelletier, Christine S to Gray, Kathleen S & Gonzalez, Jimmy, $160,000.

491 Cook Hill Rd: Smith Charles R Sr Est & Smith, Joann V to Coutu, Glen, $25,000.


968 Shewville Rd: Quagan, John E to Mccarthy, Jennifer R & Sakowski, Todd M, $225,000.

867 Shewville Rd: Burdick, Allen E & Burdick, Cheryl A to Good, Mark & Good, Kristin, $122,500.

96 Whalehead Rd: Griffin, Benjamin T & Griffin, Janet T to Lary, Jonathan R & Michaels, Lauren K, $245,500.

134 Stoddards Wharf Rd: Mahoney, Alan J & Miller, Susan C to Michaud, Mark & Michaud, Jessica, $247,000.

14 Lakeside Dr #M: FNMA to Damato, Elizabeth, $60,500.

17 Lakeside Dr #R: Schuette, Harry to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $1.

1905 Center Groton Rd: Richardson, Aran to Nadro, Justin T, $149,000.

11 Chestnut Ln: Piscatella, Barbara J to Kennedy, Duncan E, $119,000.

120 Gallup Hill Rd #8C: FNMA to Zheng, Guanfang, $47,500.

3 Blackwatch Ln: Walker, Raiford D to Dombrow, Lawrence R & Dombrow, Abigail H, $170,000.

4 Browns Crossing Rd: Hunter, William R & Hunter, Elizabeth M to Gallinat, Ryan M & Gallinat, Erica L, $122,500.

27 Ledgewood Dr: Dennis, Michael A to CHFA, $1.

24 West Dr: Capital One NA to Molnar, Raymond & Rios, John R, $170,000.

803 Long Cove Rd: Cityside Mgmt Corp to Twomey, Michael F, $150,000.

20 Sandy Hollow Rd: Chapman, Matthew C to Pearson, Todd W, $349,000.

31 Pinelock Dr: Payson, Andrew W to Mcquillan, Daniel & Mcquillan, Lauren J, $80,500.

336 Pumpkin Hill Rd: FNMA to Weber, Eric, $260,000.


210 Bundy Hill Rd: Power, Dennis O to Dubreuil, Diane, $14,500.

60 Ethel Acres: Raymond, Dennis C & Herstein, Beverly A to Williams, Simon, $140,900.


48 Mowry Ave: Pennymac Corp to Arteaga, Carrie & Cammarata, Janice, $50,000.

32 Carpenter St: Ceccarelli, Daryl to Wang, Huabao, $103,500.

22 Fountain St: Deutsche Bank Natl T Co to Jordan, Barbara & Jordan, Gilbert, $22,299.

112 Palmer St: Li, Jin A & Zhu, Xiao Y to Fairview Farms LLC, $70,500.

155 Spruce St: Williams, Denise S to Metz, Gary W, $130,000.


Canterbury Rd #9: Bellenceau, Melissa S & Bellanceau, Leo H to US Bank NA, $1.

1048 Norwich Rd: Thomas, David A & Moore, Cynthia M to Andstrom, Mark L, $1.

63 Lester Dr: USA HUD to Robbins, David P & Larkin, Scott F, $95,100.

Lathrop Road Ext: CT Yankee Cmnty Ave Assoc to RLB&PAB LLC, $141,000.

159 Colonial Rd: Deojay, Daniel F to Murzyn, Nicholas A & Murzyn, Ashley M, $146,000.

16 Withey Hill Rd: FNMA to Gouvin, Roxanne, $80,000.

34 Douglas St: Tennant, Joseph F to Trolan, Andrew R & Trolan, Alison, $151,000.

5 Packerville Rd: White, Christopher to JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, $1.

Putnam Rd: Bayview Loan Svcng LLC to Shriji Realty LLC, $23,000.


152 Main St: Bibeault Main Street LLC to Phelps, Richard & Yerrington, Lissa, $70,000.

153 Main St: Gifford, Christopher J & Chelsea Groton Bank to Chelsea Groton Bank, $1.

59 River St: Wichael, Lawrence V & Deutsche Bank Natl T Co to Deutsche Bank Natl T Co, $1.


980 Plainfield Pike: Lamoureux, Sharon to Oday, Amy L, $100,000.

892 Gibson Hill Rd: Baker, Lisa L to Roses Farm LLC, $35,000.

240 River Rd: Lamb David D Sr Est & Lamb, David D to Integlia, Steven & Integlia, Sherry L, $225,000.

27 Porter Pond Rd: Heege, Edward & Heege, Irene to Martin, Kevin J & Goldman, Tammy A, $313,000.


16 Cutter Dr: Coccomo 3 LLC to Santoro, Eric P & Huhn, Colleen, $365,000.

Moss St: Smith, Ernest M to Delarosa, Arnulfo & Delarosa, Yvonne, $129,000.

Harvey Rd: Deciants, Frank C to Cifuentes-Lorenzen, A P & Randolph, Kaylan L, $20,000.

209 Lantern Hill Rd: Carey, Jacqueline M to Sasko, Douglas A, $110,000.

13 Pleasant St: Pribnow, Gai A to Eames, Alexander G & Digby, Lisa M, $264,500.

104 Liberty St: Patel, Bhirool J & Patel, Minal to Shortman, Michael, $50,000.

23 Pequotsepos Center Rd: Birch River Group LLC to Riverbend Bldrs Of Stonin, $70,000.

Pequotsepos Center Rd: Langworthy, Robert D to Riverbend Bldrs Of Stonin, $85,000.


13 Lloyd Rd: Rogers, Nancy R to Mock, Paul J & Mock, Linda C, $300,000.

69 Twin Lakes Dr: Carofano, Frank R to PNC Bank NA, $1.

20 Rogers Hill Rd: Tucarella, Tracy A to Peterson, Chad L, $275,000.

4 Pepperidge Dr: Getty, Julia C & Getty, David M to Getty, Adam E, $116,000.

18 Shore Rd: Mccracken, William M & Lennon-Mccracken, Maureen to Flaherty, Michael F & Flaherty, Alexsandra B, $140,000.

132 Shore Rd: Santangelo, Stephen & Santangelo, Paula to Toyen, Heather B, $385,000.

25 Woodland Rd: US Bank NA to Preka, David, $131,299.

40 3rd Ave: Hui, Tian X & Cheng, Tan to Hume, Richard A, $270,000.

13 Doyle Rd: Bouges, Erica & Bouges, Daniel to Pereira, Julius A, $30,000.

96 Spithead Rd: Rogers, William H to Rogers, John H & Rogers, Lisa A, $189,000.

43 Stoneheights Dr #43: Carling, Thomas P to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $1.

124 Stoneheights Dr #124: Hernandez, Miguel A & Hernandez, Alma R to Biehl, Andrew, $135,000.

520 Boston Post Rd: Robinson, Gail V & Robinson, William E to Veazie-williams, Jaime, $67,000.

23 Mary St: Walker, Olivia to Countrywide Hme Loans Svc, $1.

15 Pilgrim Rd: Freyer, Scott R & Freyer, Brenda M to Powers, Patrick & Powers, Samantha, $228,000.

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