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Opinion about Israel showed writer is nave

Randall Leone Windham

Publication: The Day

Published 09/02/2013 12:00 AM
Updated 08/30/2013 04:33 PM

John Quigley's ideas are typical elite liberal - "Aid to Egypt, Israel blocks peace" (Aug. 16). It isn't the money that really bothers him. Really, $1 billion a year for this or that is invisible in our coffers, which are ironically subsidized by China.

No, the real truth in what he is writing is Israel's existence, which was granted by his beloved U.N. long ago, and the establishment of the borders of the country's in that area by England and France. Those borders kept tribal feuds at bay and at the same time made both countries a tad richer. A win-win situation.

It is the thought of foreign intervention that really bothers Quigley. What he fails to understand is that foreign intervention is responsible for nearly every border that there is. So let's see, how far back in time would he be willing to go and live by? Yes, these elitists are all the same. No new ideas. Just more of the same in their search for utopia, while the only democracy in the place is still threatened on all sides except ocean side where even there sometimes come threats that must be dealt with.

Quigley's point of view is like a child who hasn't grown up enough to realize the real world. Evolution has eluded him.

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