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Property Transactions - Nov. 15, 2013

Published November 15. 2013 4:00AM   Updated January 09. 2014 10:08AM


42 Mill Hill Rd: Slade, John E & Slade, Kathleen M to Morocco, David J & Morocco, Amanda G, $225,000.

56 Daniel Dr: Calsetta, Nicholas N & Calsetta, Marcy A to Krol, Anthony M & Krol, Alicia A, $305,000.

31 Caisson Rd: Wright, John to Wright, Joann & Wright, Charles A, $243,608.

31 Caisson Rd: Brault, Lisa W to Wright, John, $250,000.

231 Bulkeley Hill Rd: Middleton, David T & Middleton, Patricia L to Fetzer, Kurt A & Fetzer, Julie A, $315,000.

366 Cabin Rd: Terrillion, Jill E to Carnelli, Joseph & Carnelli, Kathleen M, $260,000.

6 Westchester Hls #D: Haggerty, Timothy to Metell, Rhema B, $119,000.

59 Miller Rd: Pater, Christopher M & Pater, Julie A to Fedus, Stephen, $50,000.



118 Mackin Dr: Krasnow, Stuart to Cyr, Gaston & Cyr, Holly, $213,000.



52 Allen St: Aldred, Jo A to Beale, Stephen E, $242,000.

57 Country Club Rd: Clabby, James P & Clabby, Marilee M to Aldred, Jo A, $225,000.

8 Chestnut Hill Sq: Marcia B Bentley T & Bentley, Lawrence H to Clabby, James P & Clabby, Marilee M, $252,000.

1042 Poquonnock Rd: Krueger, Kurt & Krieger, Kurt to DEG Realty LLC, $15,000.

1042 Poquonnock Rd #55: Krueger, Kurt to Kaplan, Melissa, $24,000.

113 New London Rd: Baker, Jeanne N to Poulton, Ian R, $230,000.

239 Cedar Rd: Poirier, Raymond & Poirier, Barbara J to Chiaraluce, Michele P, $1,200,000.



51 Olenick Rd: Parkhurst, Leslie H to Pagano, James M & Pagano, Anna M, $266,000.

238 York Rd: Anderson, Donald L & Anderson, Barbara W to Quagliano, Adam M, $224,000.

137 Scott Hill Rd: Augustin Charles E Est & Filburn, Kimberly to Mulliken, Alissa A & Dinardo, Val, $169,100.

360 Beaumont Hwy: Durnik, Dan & Durnik, Anita to Durnik, Tomasz D & Durnik, Tina, $325,000.

37 Hillcrest Hts: StJean, Lawrence D & HSBC Mtg Services Inc to HSBC Mtg Services Inc, $1.

74 Lynch Rd: Botteron, Barbara to Thompson, Dennis V & Thompson, Bianca L, $204,000.

18 Fowler Rd: Jello LT & Jello, Raymond to Pechka, Chandra L & Fogg, David M, $110,000.



36 Saw Mill Dr: Willett-Butten, Leo J & Chase Home Finance LLC to Chase Home Finance LLC, $1.

48 Kings Hwy #402: Lamb, Walter W to Hughes, David E & Hughes, Karen L, $68,000.

32 Sandy Hollow Rd: Green Falls Assoc LLC to Widlicka, Daniel W & Widlicka, Gwynneth A, $365,000.

4 Johnnie Ct: Burke, Stephen to Burke, Justin M, $147,000.

56 Stonybrook Rd: Cook, Milton A & FNMA to FNMA, $1.

158 Indiantown Rd: Arruda, Jon to Sellers, Jared D & Sellers, Courtney N, $230,000.

18 Brewster Dr: Gregson, Shirley H & Gregson, Peter A to Racich, Rolf E & Racich, Jillian B, $215,000.

6 Glenwoods Ct: Peter Watrous Carpentry to Pequot Dev Assoc LLC, $70,000.

23 Spicer Hill Rd: Foltz, David F & Foltz, Mary H to McCorkle, Gerald & McCorkle, Cathleen M, $245,000.

47 Spicer Hill Rd: Magnus-Aryitey, George T & Provident Funding Assoc to Provident Funding Assoc, $1.

60 Spicer Hill Rd: Good, Paul A to Carroll, Linda, $200,000.

4 Old Quarry Rd: Orzechowski, Kirsten P to Whatton, James C & Whatton, Wendy L, $210,000.

74 Homestead Rd: Cost, Arthur R to Whittle, Frederick R & Whittle, Philip D, $50,000.

1 Lakeside Dr #L: Sullivan, Thomas to Logue, Andrew R & Logue, Janine M, $87,000.

281 Whalehead Rd: Dionne, Charles L to Bissonnette, Carolyn L, $137,500.

12 Winthrop Rd: Kozak, Jill R to Morange, Richard A & Morange, Eileen R, $260,000.

1573 Route 12: Hanania, Khalil & Hanania, Maha to Allyn, Frederic B, $65,000.

1660 Center Groton Rd: USA VA to McWilliams, Mark, $98,190.



168 Kitemaug Rd: Puskarenko, Seth A to Edwards, Rose, $22,500.

31 Damato Dr: McCormick, Roberta L to Mosaic, $260,000.

116 Sharp Hill Rd: FHLM to Thiel, Ian P, $124,000.

75 Lynch Hill Rd: Theiler, Michael to Wierzbicki, Rafal & Wierzbicki, Heather, $218,000.

200 Route 32: USA HUD to Case, Christian F & Case, Hope M, $59,000.



184 Pequot Ave #203: Bartlett, Linda L & Wells Fargo Bank NA to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $1.

Court Ave: US Bank NA to Harasimowitz, Edward J, $78,750.

43 Mott Ave: Galin, Gertrude to Breen, Steven, $400,000.

31 Bayshore Dr: Manroel, Gale & Brickman, Joel to Walker, Norma A, $125,000.

3 Shirley Ln: Mingrone, Joseph A to Marzano, Concettina, $350,000.

105 Glenwood Ave: Hecht, William & Cohen, Susan to Nunes, Melanie & Donihe, Andrew, $175,000.

771 Montauk Ave: Pugsley, Stanley G & McCarthy-Pugsley, Patrici to Watson, David E & Watson, Margaret S, $255,000.

106 Plant St: Dade Realty Co 1 LLC to Murphy, Merlita, $187,900.

32 Sherman St: Velez, Juan & US Bank NA to US Bank NA, $1.

88 School St: Deutsche Bank Natl T Co to Georges, Elmire, $49,299.

111 Montauk Ave: Sargo, Joyce W & Sargo, Venus to Kane, William E, $77,500.

182 Willetts Ave: Ogrady, Robert T & Nationstar Mtg LLC to Nationstar Mtg LLC, $1.

30 Gorton St: Webster, Peter R to Santiago, Israel N & Santiago, Patricia A, $151,000.

59 Linden St: McComish, Stephen J & McComish, Christine M to Deutsche Bank Natl T Co, $1.

39 Montauk Ave: Christiana T to A Beautiful Real Est LLC, $73,500.

28 Ocean Ave: Lainez, Juan R & Deutsche Bank Natl T Co to Deutsche Bank Natl T Co, $1.

28 Ocean Ave: Deutsche Bank Natl T Co to Gello, Scott, $44,000.



54 Coit St: Acloque, Pierre D & Acloque, Elizabeth M to Manum, Lubana S, $75,000.

27 Brook St: Bright, David D & CHFA to CHFA, $1.

154 Summit St #154: Wong, Sui Y & JP Morgan Chase Bank NA to JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, $1.

15 Watrous Ave: Duch, Glenn P & Dickinson, Janice to Onofrio, Cindy, $33,500.

54 Sholes Ave: Collins, Michael & Bank Of America NA to Bank Of America NA, $1.

20 Harriet St: Pasquier, Sandrine to Anderson, David J & Anderson, Sayumi, $165,000.

9 Country Dr: Rajotte Adeline M Est & Simonson, Nancy to Paul, Mark W, $162,500.

15 Sunset Ave: Beckwith, Edward & Deutsche Bank Natl T Co to Deutsche Bank Natl T Co, $1.

19 Bailey Hts: Trailor, Roland & Trailor, Colette to Kingsley, Brian & Kinglsey, Tracy Lynn, $300,000.


18 Harrington Dr: Becker, Patricia A to Lawson, Waldo E & Lawson, Helen J, $9,500.

49 Canterbury Rd #G: Blanchard, Loretta to Jensen, Sharon K, $65,000.

18 Margaret Ln: Lyons, Robert J & Lyons, Diana to Beaney, Brian & Tyler, Alice, $177,000.

377 Squaw Rock Rd: Rakowitz, Rosemarie A & Brimeyer, Amy M to Brimeyer, Daniel L & Brimeyer, Alicia M, $202,000.

201 Packerville Rd: FNMA to Prior, Joshua, $25,000.

91 Glebas Rd: FNMA to Langevin, Daniel E & Barrette, Bruce N, $90,000.

74 E Main St: Breault Realty 3 LLC to Capital Dev Partners LLC, $442,500.

55 Daggett St: USA HUD to Arruda, Jon, $60,000.



Easy St: Fallon, Christopher & Fallon, Beth to Read, Gordon H & Read, Deborah L, $34,500.

262 Ekonk Hill Rd: Frink Albert Est & Frink, Timothy to Hermonot, Richard K & Hermonot, Elena, $25,000.

413 Pine Hill Rd: Farkas, Joseph A to Fraher, George R & Fraher, Carol E, $175,000.

27 Pond St: Kohanski, Brian J & Deutsche Bank Natl T Co to Deutsche Bank Natl T Co, $1.

104 Woodland Rd: Gould, Shawn M & CHFA to CHFA, $1.



12 Croft Ct: Silvia, Christopher R & Silvia, Maria L to Mish, Kyle A & Mish, Amy L, $328,000.

255 Farmholme Rd: Carlson, Dorothy C to Birkhoff, John D, $290,000.

N Stonington Rd: Weitlauf, Diane C & Weitlauf, James C to Coutu, Paul M & Turner, William F, $32,000.

186 Dawley Dr: OConnor, Everett J to Moore, Todd D & Moore, Carrie, $755,000.

42 Island Rd: Cole, Kathleen D to Ross, John W & Ross, Camilla D, $465,000.

35 Cove Side Ln #35: Vanrees, Cornelius S & Vanrees, Alix M to Brengle, George & Brengle, Anne, $325,000.



100 10 Rod Rd: Gangwisch, Sheila to Daigneault, Alfred, $48,000.

78 Lillibridge Ave: Heon, Andre & Heon, Gerald to Larose, Ernest A, $40,000.

85 Main St: Petit, Keith C & Embrace Home Loans Inc to Embrace Home Loans Inc, $1.



18 Shore Rd: Flaherty, Michael F & Flaherty, Alexsandra B to Thompson Homes LLC, $136,000.

61 Windward Way: Wright, Christopher & Wright, Shaler to Kuntz, Lisa A & McNealey, Billie D, $495,000.

78 Ridgewood Ave: Turetzky, Paul A to Knight, Karen N, $218,500.

141 Niantic River Rd: Thompson, Jeffrey S & Thompson, Sandra to Savona, Ann M, $500,000.

54 Rope Ferry Rd #C52: Marrella, Micheal A & Marrella, Nancy L to McMahon, Kristina, $131,750.

22 Stone St: Darling, James R to Black, Megan L, $170,000.

310 Boston Post Rd #151: McGuire, Adam to Baskin, David T, $176,000.

266 Niantic River Rd: Thompson, Vincent J & Thompson, Lisa C to Dube, Paul, $295,000.

25 Locust Ct: Johnson, Thomas & Johnson, Kelly to Tellier, Mathew, $270,000.

62 Miner Ave: Greene, Helen L to 38 Woodlawn Ave LLC, $60,000.

39 Cross Rd: Sullivan, Daniel to Hagerty, Roger G & Hagerty, June A, $219,000.

14 Point Comfort: Kenyon, William R & Kenyon, Carol A to Sullivan, Daniel F, $462,900.

570 Boston Post Rd: Meloney, Kenneth E & Waterford Town Of to Waterford Town Of, $1.

608 Vauxhall Street Ext: Bernacki, Lance & Wells Fargo Bank NA to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $1.

607 Vauxhall Street Ext: Coffey, Beverly C to Torres, Frances A, $118,000.

710 Vauxhall Street Ext: Littlehale, Paul A & Taylor Bean&Whitaker Mtg to Taylor Bean&Whitaker Mtg, $1.

30 Fargo Rd: Ramy LLC to 30 Fargo Road LLC, $900,000.

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