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BC wins in overtime (you heard it here first)

By Mike DiMauro

Publication: The Day

Published November 20. 2013 4:00AM

Well, it's finally here. Armageddon. Basketball. UConn vs. Boston College.

First time in a feature sport since Jan. 5, 2005, when BC, bound for the Atlantic Coast Conference, beat UConn at the XL Center. Quite a night. UConn fans sported signs such as "Betrayal College." Craig Smith, a BC kid and future NBA forward, waved goodbye to the gathering as he headed to the tunnel, bidding them "au revoir."

Nothing since. Until Thursday in the demilitarized zone known as Madison Square Garden. No more lawsuits, grandstanding, posturing, bloviating. The dramatis personae of earlier years have become irrelevant. Sen. Blumenthal will be off, presumably, mugging for the TV cameras. Gene DeFilippo, BC's former athletic director/fraud, is (mercifully) out of the big chair.

Now it's a game between two schools 80 miles apart that hate each other. Beautiful. The rattle and hum of sports.

You can go elsewhere for other breakdowns of the game. But nothing else is more scientific than what follows. It's BC vs. UConn in all the areas that count.

• Final Fours: UConn has four. BC has none. BC is tied with Missouri for most wins in NCAA tournament history (22 apiece) without ever making a Final Four. Now you know why yours truly and Hartford Courant columnist (and Missouri grad) Jeff Jacobs are occasionally irritable. Edge: UConn.

• Players with the initials BC: UConn had Bill Corley. BC had Bill Curley. Edge: BC.

• Play-by-play announcers: UConn has Joe D'Ambrosio. BC has Jon Meterparel. This is not a fair fight. Joe D is the best. Period. He does Marty Glickman, his mentor, proud every night. Meterparel is too much shtick, not enough substance. Free throw shooters don't make free throws during BC games. They "eye it and buy it," which is so hideously bad it prohibits further discussion. Edge: UConn (This is almost worth two points).

• Football coaches: BC has Steve Addazio. UConn has To Be Determined. Addazio, who has more voltage than Con Edison, has coaxed six wins already from last year's two-win team. Edge: BC. (Listen closely for Robert Burton's I-told-you-so).

• National championships: UConn has three. BC has none. This ain't hockey. Edge: UConn.

• Notable media alumni: BC has Mike Lupica, Bob Ryan, Leslie Visser, Len Deluca, Kevin Armstrong, Bob Wischusen, Jon Sciambi and Joe Tessitore. UConn has Leigh Montville. Edge: BC (but just barely).

• Athletic directors: UConn has Warde Manuel. BC has Brad Bates. Both are Michigan men. But Manuel would win the steel cage match. Edge: UConn.

• Fans on Internet message boards: They're all dopes. Edge: even.

• Conference affiliations: BC is a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference. UConn is a member of "The American." Normally, it's good practice to buy American. Not here. Edge: BC.

• Media coverage: UConn has The Horde. BC has nobody, really. Loved how the Boston media spent more time talking about Luke Kuechly around one Monday Night Football game than during his entire four-year career at BC. This just in: He mauled people in college, too. Some of you might want to drop the too-cool-for-school act and watch college sports now and then. Edge: UConn.

• Deified figures: UConn has Jim Calhoun. BC has Doug Flutie. Edge: UConn. (Not even I can watch the Flutie to Phelan pass anymore.)

• Nearby cities: BC has Boston. UConn has nothing. Edge: BC

• Miscellaneous: BC once had a player named Scoonie Penn. UConn's media contingent is called the Horde. Edge: BC. (The Penn is mightier than the Horde).

• Football Student Section: BC has thousands of kids at football games all wearing gold shirts. UConn has thousands of kids at football games who leave early. Edge: BC.

• Basketball Student Section: UConn has thousands of kids hollering. BC has nobody. Edge: UConn.

• Home arenas: BC has Conte Forum, a dual threat, doubling as a hockey rink. UConn has Gampel Pavilion, where wireless hasn't worked for the media since never. Edge: BC.

So there you have it.

A final tally reveals eight for BC, seven for UConn and one tie. The score, ipso fatso (as Archie Bunker once said), will be tied at the end of regulation. BC will score eight in overtime and UConn will score seven. BC 78, UConn 77.

Remember where you heard it.

(Or maybe not).

This is the opinion of Day sports columnist Mike DiMauro.

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