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Property Transactions - Dec. 13, 2013

Published December 13. 2013 4:00AM   Updated January 22. 2014 11:42AM


85 Caroline Rd: Ticknor, Benjamin H & Marsh, Cheryl T to Helmer, Brett & Helmer, Jessica, $250,000.



178 Chestnut Hill Rd: Carroll, Nicholas J & Carroll, Joseph A to Wells, Gina M, $215,000.

60 Brindlewood Path: Freitas, William D & Freitas, Marianne R to Tetreault, Paul S & Tetreault, Bonnie B, $305,000.

15 Wood Acres Rd: American Airlines EFCU to American Capital Fin LLC, $103,000.

15 Wood Acres Rd: American Capital Fin LLC to Bailey Building&Loan LLC, $109,000.



74 Arbor Xing: Orchards Of East Lyme Dev to Everitt, Chad A, $539,301.

70 Arbor Xing: Orchards Of East Lyme Dev to Goolsbey, Mark W & Goolsbey, Nicole L, $517,338.

88 Arbor Xing: Orchards Of East Lyme Dev to Diep, Paul S & Diep, May L, $602,797.

29 Bishops Bay Dr: Capasso, Joanne to Kriel, Joel & Peck, Emily, $281,000.

4 Aberdeen Ct: Boos, Robert G & Boos, Teresa A to Niantic Bay Dev LLC, $80,000.

1 Whiting Farms Ln #1: Rodgers Development LLC to Potts, Anita, $335,325.

38 Hope St #132: JV Hope Street LLC to Chasse, Mark R & Chasse, Maura C, $360,000.

42 Edge Hill Rd: Sanborn, Kris K to Lynch, Christopher M, $167,000.

13 Colton Rd: Mautino Holdings Inc to 13 Colton Road LLC, $540,000.

97 Columbus Ave: Lille, Laura & Lille, Harry to Winakor, Stacie L, $258,793.

7 Champlin Hill Ct: Wray-Killian, Jimmie to Cleary, Matthew S & Cleary, Kristen A, $240,000.

50 Carriage Hill Dr: Johnson, Albert G & Johnson, Janice L to Hyatt, Jason C, $180,000.

128 Flanders Rd: Woodmansee, Michelle to Duncan, Charles W, $273,500.

26 Laurel Hill Dr S: Foley Dennis J Est & Foley, Michael J to Birk, Norman H, $55,000.

8 Acorn Dr: Norquay, Lisa D & Norquay, Frederick W to Young, John A & Payne, Angela, $292,500.

396 Boston Post Rd: Santamaria, Donna M to Powers, Michael, $90,700.

5 Applewood Cmn: Jones, Robert G & Jones, Margaret L to Patel, Divyesh & Patel, Ashokbhi, $315,000.



634 Hopeville Rd: Ross Myra Est & Brown, Kristine to Wheel Estates Inc, $7,000.



58 Courtland Dr #58: Bogue, Barbara J to Marroquin, Glorimar, $116,000.

63 Leafwood Ln #261: Parker, Ryan A to Schneider, Richard E, $77,000.

45 Thames Height Ln #45: Cummings, Kimberly P to English, Andrew T, $154,000.

36 North St: Hertell, Sandra S to Advanced Improvements LLC, $207,200.

39 Russ Sim Hts: Nationstar Mortgage LLC to IFS Properties LLC, $106,550.

8 Hillside Ave: Pederson, Reginald V & Pederson, Elizabeth to Parkinson, Adam R, $332,450.

1092 Flanders Rd: Clarice Easler T & Southard, Stephen E to Clough, Ian R, $217,500.

178 Cedar Rd: Langston, I T to Gerhard, Daniel J & Gerhard, Lucinda H, $750,000.

578 Cow Hill Rd: Desena, John & Desena, Maria L to Sandberg, Geoffrey K, $162,500.

59 Jefferson Dr: US Bank NA Tr to Lowery, Steven D, $195,000.



191 Spicer Hill Rd: Whittemore, Joseph P & Whittemore, Glenna L to Garner, Travis M, $280,000.

48 Kings Hwy #303: Lamb, Walter W to Swinson, Tracey, $71,000.

44 Long Pond Rd S: Thoma, Lucille W to Reinald E Thoma RET & Thoma, Reinald E, $1.

10 Sherwood Trce: Scheuermann, Thomas P to Williams, Scott M & Williams, Kathleen R, $295,000.

9 Marlene Dr: Bessette, Eugene S & Bessette, Nancy M to Dime Bank, $54,000.

19 Seabury Ave: Reim, David A & Reim, Elizabeth W to Elliott, Jeannine P, $245,000.

1742 Route 12 #2A: Lessard, Deborah H & JP Morgan Chase Bank NA to JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, $1.

17 Lakeside Dr #R: USA HUD to Perakis, Robert & Perakis, Suzanne, $60,000.

1 Whalehead Dr: JP Morgan Chase Bank NA to Gold Star Constr LLC, $80,005.

10 Wolf Ridge Gap: Rouquayrol, Linna to Reynolds, Sandra, $1.

130 Meeting House Ln: Parisi, Joseph S & Chelsea Groton Bank to Chelsea Groton Bank, $1.

4 Muster Ln: Cummings, Jason A to Bryant, Samuel B & Bryant, Miranda L, $185,000.

8 Norman Dr: Lalonde, Elizabeth A to Arnold, Elizabeth A, $160,000.

16 Norman Dr: Galisewski, Dawn N to Parlin, Nicholas, $217,900.

1 Holly Ln: Jensen, Michael B & Jensen, Natalie J to Healy, Suzanne D, $207,000.

98 Vinegar Hill Rd: Brundage, Mary A to Murphy, Eric J & Murphy, Marsha L, $280,000.

161 Gallup Hill Rd: Hill, Omar & US Bank NA to US Bank NA, $1.

8 Conrad Ct: Singh, Gurmeet to Oneal, John J, $175,000.

12 Pheasant Run Dr: Kinney, Kevin M to Arruda, Jon, $157,000.



59 Elys Ferry Rd: Meadow, Peter to Gencarella, Stephen C & Gencarella, Winnifred L, $370,000.

226 Hamburg Rd: Rosenthal, Benjamin O & Davis, Helen to Connor, James M & Connor, Jacqueline M, $625,000.

313 Hamburg Rd: Campbell Financial Svc to Weigle, John P, $150,000.

7 Ferry Rd: Parsons-Prewell, William to Parsons-Prewell, Lenora, $53,333.

7 Ferry Rd: Parsons-Prewell, William to Parsons-Prewell, William, $53,333.

7 Ferry Rd: Parsons-Prewell, William to Prewell, Richard P, $53,333.



399 Old Colchester Rd: Laliberte, Grace E to Buck, Freida, $40,000.

28 Carol Dr: Muttart, William P & Muttart, Jeanne D to Cook, Frank S, $188,700.

41 Pollys Ln: US Bank NA Tr to Hamilton, Nelson, $55,125.

12 Wyndwood Rd: Comeau, Roy E & Comeau, Beverly A to Muttart, William P & Muttart, Jeanne S, $171,700.

427 Kitemaug Rd: Cassell, James to Paddon, Faith, $192,000.

38 Spruce Ln: Doherty, Karen C to Edwards, Erick M & Edwards, Susan K, $345,000.

894 Route 32: Arc Of New London County to Wyspianski, Joseph M, $137,000.



143 State St: 30699-2 Assets LLC to Tetrault Real Estate LLC, $340,000.

189 Parkway N: Hajderlli, Shpetim to Boben, Stuart R, $175,000.

65 Westridge Rd #F7: Krogurd, Emilie J & Desjardins, Denise M to Grabner, Daniel J, $68,700.

54 Dart St: Wigden, Beth E & Miselis, Meri S to Demarco, David C, $96,000.

35 Dart St: Walsh, Crystal R to Tucker, Joseph W, $199,000.

206 Pequot Ave #B: Pope, Mccoy to Hill, Katherine & Head, Joe E, $36,000.

75 School St: Schwab, Daniel M to Sirpenski, Larry, $185,900.

31 Avery Ct: USA HUD to Diaz, Angel, $62,000.

43 Longview St: Derosier, Matthew P to Semon, Richard J & Semon, Matthew, $168,000.

100 Pequot Ave #4011: Krauth, Brian A & Krauth, Kathryn L to Nguyen, Darren V, $32,000.

100 Pequot Ave #4031: David, Frank A & David, Cheryl A to Leone, Dan, $17,000.

104 Willetts Ave: USA HUD to Quijano, Concepion E & Ponce, Doris, $90,000.

10 Cliff St: Seals, Barrett E & Ofner-Seals, Sara to Selent, Emil G, $120,000.

888 Bank St: CDP Properties LLC to Second Star Of Jacob Pent, $65,000.

41 Westwood Ave: Geltzer, Steven & Geltzer, Alice M to Suarez, Raymond, $250,000.

105 Shaw St: Lupica, Louis N to Pearson, Joyce E, $155,500.

8 Greens Aly: CSDH LLC to Tyburski, Krista W, $105,000.

33 Grand St: USA HUD to Cordero, Juan, $35,846.

24 Rogers St: Encarnacion, Berty U to Cammarata, Donald & Torres, Julio, $90,000.



1 Wilbur Ave: Bank Of New York Mellon to Cwalt Inc, $72,500.

26 Carroll Ave: Curland, Carol to Miller, James I & Miller, Alita A, $292,500.

550 Boswell Ave: FHLM to Noblick, Sofee & Noblick, Robert M, $49,900.

47 Mohegan Park Rd: USA HUD to Castro, Carlos W, $49,900.

112 Palmer St: Fairview Farms LLC to Loiacono, Amber M & Guathier, Carol M, $149,900.

24 Woodland Dr: Gray, Pamela to Nicholas, Brett M & Nicholas, Marianne, $159,900.

26 Woodland Dr: Gray, Pamela to Nicholas, Brett M & Nicholas, Marianne, $159,900.

49 Lauren Ln: Sachs, Debra A & Chwat, James F to Guan, Yu & Chan, Wingsun, $158,000.



193 Boston Post Rd: Ward, Bruce W & Ward, Clifford G to Griffith, Sandee, $198,000.

56 Hartford Ave: SI Realty Co Inc to Randazzo, William S, $60,000.

34 Billow Rd: Ibelle M J Est & Mcvane, M Patricia to Dunn, Michael V, $375,000.

25 Biscayne Blvd: Barnoski, Jo-Ann C & Walsh, Charlene to Monteiro, Flavio, $175,000.

258 Shore Rd: L Autorino&C Russo T & Autorino, Fred to Larson, Thomas & Haywood, Ashlynn, $230,000.

52 Hillcrest Rd: Zuccardy, Barbara L to Viall, Jill M & Viall, Sean, $285,000.



102 River Crest Dr: Dreifke, David & Dreifke, Anne to Esposito, Joseph P & Esposito, Kathleen, $448,000.

52 Barnes Rd: H J Okeefe LLC to Jussel, John C, $230,000.

19 Schiller Ave: Rhodes, Ryan J & Rhodes, Rachel M to Theodore, Joshua, $227,000.

478 Greenhaven Rd: Johnson, Eric A & Johnson, Lars G to Greenhaven Dev Co LLC, $68,000.

7 Downer St: Shepherd Rose M Est & Morrone, Albert J to Vogel, Gary L & Vogel, Donna M, $146,900.



81 Shore Rd: Chieka, Rudolph T & Chieka, Janice E to Sullivan, Diana & Hersom, Cynthia, $132,504.

16 Casean Ct: Team Projects LLC to Blatnik, Matthew & Blatnik, Stacy, $425,000.

17 Quarry Rd: Kiser, Keith A to BP Investments LLC, $167,000.

75 Millstone Rd: Miner, William W to Gardiner, Alan H, $1,200,000.

248 Shore Rd: Potter, Stephen & Griffith-Potter, K M to Byrd, Beverly, $470,000.

3 Prindiville Ave: Noyce, George to Noyce, Laura, $95,000.

17 Alewife Rd: BP Investments LLC to Haggerty, Timothy J, $281,000.

23 Deerfield Rd: Rossi, Michael to Rossi, Robert J & Perrino, Molly A, $197,200.

119 Rope Ferry Rd: Laurin, Darlene M to Suppinger, Matthew P & Suppinger, Tina L, $169,000.

54 Rope Ferry Rd #A17: Ruth, Sandra T to Forster, Jeffrey M, $98,500.

30 Park Dr: Dime Bank to Kelly, Bethany B, $475,000.

14 Wild Rose Pl: Wainwright, Walter to Pegnataro, Daniel & Mosca, Edmund H, $219,999.

157 Oswegatchie Rd: Foster, John W to Cannavino, John W & Cannavino, Deborah D, $795,000.

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