Saturday, January 28, 2023


No Doom and Gloom

When you have lived in Essex for as long as I have (18 years), you have the experience to compare what’s happening now to the way it was in the old days. We’re still a small town (thankfully), we’re still a great place to live, and the town is still beautiful. But I can’t help but notice that things work better, especially when you compare Essex to what’s happening everywhere else in the state.

There’s no doom and gloom in Essex. The opposite is true: Building and renovation are happening everywhere. Municipal departments are a lot easier to deal with, and our taxes are still lower than all but a few towns in the state. The good stuff is still here, and a lot of what’s happening now is actually an improvement in how the town functions. I like it here, and I’m staying here.

In November, I’m voting for the people who keep Essex beautiful and stable: First Selectman Norm Needleman and the Democratic nominees.

Ellen H. Pfarr