Wednesday, September 23, 2020


People are Listening

Within a month of Clinton’s new Town Council being seated, the seven members who represent three parties, all of whom ran on transparency, were set to appoint a town historian, typically a lifetime position.

But only two names were put forth, both friends of party leadership, and no mention had been made to the public of the plans. When word leaked out, a letter writing campaign ensued, supporting a resident well-known for his depth and grasp of Clinton history. By the night of the meeting, the appointment had been tabled due to both the letters and the questions of overreach posed by the Clinton Historical Society President Christy Pontillo.

Now an article appears in the Harbor News [Dec. 26, “Putting a Historian on Hold”] making light of the situation by describing an “amused” council representative [Town Council Chair Chris Aniskovich] who felt it was a positive sign that people are even interested. “I like that people are listening and interested in getting involved,” Aniskovich is quoted as saying.

The Town Council can be sure that people are listening and interested when they decide to appoint friends to positions, honorary or otherwise. Clinton expects our new form of government to make the best possible decisions for our town and not repeat the cronyism of the past.

Carrie Allen