Wednesday, September 23, 2020


Put on the Spot

Well we have a new form of government in town. In my travels around lately and before the pandemic, I have really noticed a large amount of homes for sale in town and a large amount of vacant commercial property along Route 1. People and families are leaving Clinton. I have looked into how the population is going down over the years. Some are leaving the state because of taxes and some are just trying to get out of Clinton because of the property taxes.

They do not have to move too far to get property tax relief. Our mill rate goes up every year. How much of that is due to the new high school? Now because of executive orders from the governor they are going to ram a budget and mill rate increase down our throats without a vote.

We also must take a look at the fact that projects that private developers had going in town might be impacted by the pandemic. Our town leaders must be really questioned and put on the spot about this new budget.

Keith Kleinschmidt