Saturday, January 28, 2023


Mindlessly Insensitive

During these times of extreme stress and personal tribulation, we found stories in last week’s Courier of people rising above their own concerns, using their unique skills to support our medical heroes: doctors, nurses, healthcare attendants, and all those on the front lines of the Covid-19 pandemic. We read of a seamstress who makes creative masks, architects using their 3D printer to create face shields, a metal fabricator making metal nose pieces, heroes one and all.

Yet within the same folds of the paper we find a doomsday provocateur, Ambassadors For Christ, proclaiming in bold headlines “The End Of The World.”

Put aside for a moment that this message is not a hopeful nor productive sentiment for those who have loved ones suffering and dying from COVID-19 today. Stretch your tolerance a bit more and put aside also the inappropriateness of a group fear-mongering to leverage converts while members of our communities put at risk their own lives so others may live. Simply reflect for a moment how mindlessly insensitive it is for that type of messaging to run in a community paper during a national emergency.

What might add credibility to Ambassadors For Christ would be its published apology for its obscene behavior and its promise to dedicate the next 12 months of advertising budget to the Shoreline Clinic.

John Parunak