Monday, January 17, 2022


Compassionate Leadership

State Representative Christine Palm (D), who represents the 36th Assembly District, deserves to be elected because of her concern for her constituents, especially seniors. Last spring, when COVID-19 was surging in Connecticut, volunteers for Christine Palm made hundreds of wellness calls to check on local residents. It was an isolating time for many, and I was relieved to get a call and to know that someone cared. As a senior, this is the kind of compassionate leadership I want to see in my state representative. I need to know that elected officials are watching out for me, supporting legislation for seniors, and protecting our healthcare needs.

I am pleased to know that Representative Palm also supports an extension of telehealth services, which is an asset to seniors and others who are homebound with health issues. Measures concerning telehealth services were enacted into law during the COVID-19 public health emergency and Representative Palm is committed to an extension of these services. I have confidence that Representative Palm is watching out for my wellbeing. As a senior who has often taken care of others, it is good to know that someone is taking care of me. I plan to vote for Christine Palm when I cast my ballot. I know that she cares!

Janet Edgerton
Deep River