Monday, January 17, 2022


Outstanding Achievements

I encourage your readers to reelect State Representative Christine Palm (D-36) based on her record and her dedication to her constituents. Representative Christine Palm, elected to the 36th Assembly District two years ago, has established herself in the Connecticut General Assembly as an outstanding legislator who challenges the status quo and does not shrink from challenging issues.

Representative Palm has written bills supporting climate change education in the curriculum and a ban on commercial seismic surveying off the Connecticut coastline. She has also collaborated with colleagues in support of environmental protections, co-sponsoring a bottle bill, a bill on plastic bags, and a bill to control evasive species, so damaging to Connecticut wetlands and waterways.

These are outstanding achievements for a freshman legislator. They serve as clear evidence why Representative Palm should be re-elected in Haddam, Chester, Essex, and Deep River. Why would I vote for anyone else when I already have a state representative who is doing an excellent job? Christine Palm has my vote.

Caroline Miller