Saturday, March 06, 2021


Cares About Constituents

As a senior who has been homebound with threats of COVID-19, I have appreciated the regular updates provided by State Senator Norm Needleman (D-33) to his constituents. Reports have been comprehensive and include information about available state funds for communities, grants for paying water bills, travel information for those entering Connecticut, the opening of public buildings and availability of services, and updates for veterans. Most recently, he provided health information about the coming flu season, alerting constituents to the severity of the illness, particularly during the COVID pandemic. Senator Needleman has urged members of the community to use preventative measures and has also provided a list of flu shot clinics in our local towns.

I feel reassured when I have accurate information to ensure my health and safety. I appreciate having updates from Senator Needleman, particularly his recommendations about staying safe during the pandemic, and information about assistance programs.

Senator Norm Needleman has demonstrated that he cares about his constituents, and is a public servant I can trust.

Louise Manzi-Gray