Saturday, December 03, 2022


Supports First Responders

Brendan Saunders will always stand with the working people of the 33rd District. He grew up in Westbrook and he, his wife Mary, and their daughter Jordon now live in Clinton. The 33rd is a district of towns of all income levels. It is time for all of the towns to be represented in Hartford. Brendan understands the difficulties of balancing a household budget in the state of Connecticut. The Legislature has increased taxes by nearly $1.8 billion. Year after year, they continue to increase state taxes instead of cutting wasteful spending. Brendan will fight for all of your readers, especially those who have lost their businesses and jobs due to COVID.

Brendan believes that to help families stay in Connecticut, it is necessary to reduce the electricity rates. He will work with others in the Legislature to hold Eversource accountable and work to reduce skyrocketing rates.

But, what is most important to me, Brendan supports first responders. He will never turn his back on the men and women who protect us. He will oppose policies that will defund police departments. I encourage your readers to vote for Brendan Saunders—he is a man of his word and will fight for all of us in the 33rd District.

Lynn Herlihy

Lynn Herlihy chairs the Republican Town Committee.