Saturday, February 27, 2021


Innovative, Creative and Business Savvy

It took very little time for State Senator Norm Needleman (D-33)’s leadership skills to be mobilized on behalf of the citizens of Connecticut. He assumed the helm of the Energy and Technology Committee of the General Assembly and immediately immersed himself in that body’s most complex and intellectually challenging agenda.

Norm’s innovative, creative and business-savvy approach has fueled the initiatives brought forward by this committee in the light of recent storm events and the utilities’s responses. Practical and well researched proposals were well received during the Special Session recently concluded. Senator Needleman’s attention to detail and tireless work ethic were on full display in Hartford. And results followed.

Norm’s devotion to public service, deep passion about the strengths of the 33rd Senate District, and dedication to making government function more efficiently are the elements we want in all our elected officials. My heartiest endorsement for the re-election of Senator Norm Needleman is presented to your readers for their consideration on Nov. 3.

Jim Crawford