Wednesday, June 29, 2022


Service and Dedication

It is with pleasure I recognize the accomplishments of my long-time friend Charlene Janecek and encourage her continued support on Chester’s Board of Selectmen.

She has had her fingers on the pulse of Chester since her ownership of the now-legendary Lunch Box. A lively and diverse crowd frequented that place and it was where Charlene acquired the home town skills that enables her to bring the town’s social/economic levels together.

At the top of those skills is the ability to listen, the first step in problem solving. She’s good at it and, even better, loves doing it.

There has been ample opportunity to hone those skills over the decades. Several Chester boards and commissions have benefited from the skills. She serves or has served on the Fire, Police, and Economic Development commissions and the retirement board, chairing the latter three. She was a voice on the Main Street Committee, a registrar of voters, and an election day moderator. She is an officer with the Chester Hose Company Auxiliary and the Chester Fair Committee.

Also a Eucharistic minister at St. Joseph’s, her résumé almost defies belief. The words “service” and “dedication” seem understatements.

It has been my honor and privilege to serve on a number of commissions with Charlene. Never did I see Charlene “get above” the people she serves. And, the way I see it, there is no greater praise for a public official than that.

Pete Zanardi