Wednesday, June 29, 2022


Excited and Humbled

I am running for election to be the next town clerk for the Town of Chester. Chester is my hometown and I really care about our community. My experience includes about 20 years working for small businesses. My very first job was working for Restaurant du Village from about 1990-1997. I also worked as a graphic designer in New York City, but quickly realized that big business and overseas manufacturing was not my passion. My college degrees are in both science and art and design. I presently work as manager at Dina Varano Gallery, also contributing marketing ideas and graphic designs.

I believe my computer and communication skills and my resourcefulness and attention to detail will serve me well in the duties of town clerk. I pride myself on my strong work ethic. I am efficient and dedicated. I asked myself, “What can I do to contribute to a strong local community and society overall and what is important to me?” So last January, I joined the Chester Conservation Commission, because protecting the environment is important to me, especially after working during college as a sustainable agricultural research assistant with Cornell Cooperative Extension on Long Island’s East End. This led to me joining Chester’s Sustainable CT task force team, which is working toward getting Chester certified as a sustainable town. Securing certification will make Chester eligible for more grants and other important resources.

I am presently attending an equity training series to learn more about how our community can support a culture of belonging, diversity, equity, and inclusion for its residents. I really care about Chester remaining and continuing to be the best town! I am so excited and humbled to join Town Hall, serving everyone as town clerk. I hope your readers will come out to vote on Nov. 2.

Kathryn (Kate) Hair

Democrat Kathryn Hair is running for town clerk.