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Uncorked By Kidz Konnection Shoreline Theater Academy


Playwright Joey Brenneman Photo courtesy of Kidz Konnection

Playwright Joey Brenneman (Photo courtesy of Kidz Konnection)

Kidz Konnection Shoreline Theater Academy in Clinton will host a fundraiser event, Uncorked, a one-hour play that inclues wine and dessert, Saturday, July 16 at 6 and 8 p.m. at the 1801 Academy Building, 61 East Main Street, Clinton.

Proceeds from the event will go towards restoration of the historic 1801 Academy Building in Clinton’s historic arts district.

The original play, Uncorked, written and directed by New York City playwright Joey Brenneman, follows Liz, a middle-aged mother, and her sister, Jackie, each living in Manhattan. An unplanned cab ride makes Jackie question all of her life choices. Her sister Liz comes to her aid but ends up taking her own emotional detour, shaking up the lives of a few unsuspecting loved ones along the way. Uncorked celebrates those quirky moments of change that sometimes burst out unexpectedly and at other times are more of a slow pour.

Uncorked will feature local actors Maria Teresa Lonetti, Bee Kavanaugh, Kyle Riedinger, Shannon Robinson, and Jeffrey Liggett. Tickets are $30.

This event is part of a trilogy series to feature three women playwrights of different generations, furthering support of women in the arts. Visit for tickets. Call 860-227-2363 or email for more information.

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