Monday, January 17, 2022

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Fire Marshall Fees Approved in Old Saybrook

Voters at the March 26 Town Meeting approved new fire marshal fees for large commercial projects. The fees will be charged for review of building plans, review and approval of fire alarm and sprinkler system plans, special events, burning permits, and other work.

“These are fees that other towns charge,” First Selectman Carl P. Fortuna, Jr, said.

The town researched similar town fees and settled on those in the middle range. According to Fortuna, the revenue might enable the fire marshal to hire out plan reviews, allowing him to focus on daily inspections.

Many of these tasks are “time consuming” for the fire marshal “and involves a report but it’s something that contractors typically expect to pay a fee for,” said Fortuna. “We don’t expect it to be a big money maker.”

The new fees will be effective as of April 16.

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