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Hyatt Building Connections as Vox’s Director of Community Outreach


Caitlin Hyatt is chairing Vox Church’s Trunk or Treat event on Saturday, Oct. 30 from 4 to 6 p.m. Photo courtesy of Caitlin Hyatt

Caitlin Hyatt is chairing Vox Church’s Trunk or Treat event on Saturday, Oct. 30 from 4 to 6 p.m. (Photo courtesy of Caitlin Hyatt)

After joining Vox Church in March, Caroline Hyatt immediately got involved as a member of VoxKids, helping the VoxKids director. Soon Caitlin began asking about different community outreach opportunities and learned that the former director was unable to continue the role.

“I gladly offered to take it on and am trying to reach out to the community in any way possible to get them involved and to get us involved with them,” says Caitlin. “I’m helping run different events and programs Vox offers.”

Caitlin is excited to lead the Vox Church North Campus’s Trunk or Treat event on Saturday, Oct. 30 from 4 to 6 p.m. on its campus at 161 Mill Road. Signups for trunks have been held at services and Caitlin says it’s been a “great success” and there will be many cars there with decorated trunks to hand out candy.

“I know [the Town of] North Haven has theirs at the same time so people are welcome to come to ours as well,” says Caitlin. “Because we have members who come from out of town, we offer ours to everybody and anybody who wants to come and have a good time.”

Caitlin moved to North Haven four years with her husband, Matt. The couple has two children, nine-year-old Summer and two-year-old Cali. Caitlin grew up in Southington and Matt is from East Haven. Since moving to North Haven, they have “fallen in love with the town and people who live here.”

Though Caitlin attended a Catholic church in her hometown growing up, she never got involved. This past February, the couple lost “a huge mentor in our lives” and attended his funeral. They were so moved by the pastor that they decided to look into the church.

“The way the pastor spoke about our friend was such an eye-opening experience—it was uplifting and more of a celebration than anything,” says Caitlin. “That drew us to find church again and Vox was the church we were told to check out.”

Since then, the couple has attended every Sunday. Caitlin notes that she came from a “very giving family” and the church’s mission of intentional community relationships really resonated with her and her husband. Matt, who volunteers for the production team at Vox, is a store manager at Home Depot and Caitlin has seen him go above and beyond to take care of his 175 employees.

“We really want to let our community around us know that Vox isn’t just there to be a service on Sunday and then you don’t hear from them until the next service the following Sunday,” says Caitlin. “We do a lot to get people from church involved in the community. With a lot of people who aren’t as fortunate as others, we want to step in and build that bridge between people that can help and people that need the help. One of my biggest passions comes from helping people who need it and may not realize or may not want to ask for help.”

Prior to discovering Vox, Caitlin was finding her own ways to help the community at large. When COVID first hit, Caitlin realized how fortunate she was to be able to continue to work from home as a fraud investigator for Bankwell Financial Group. Knowing many people were out of work, Caitlin began to make food for families in need. She spread the word through social media and soon people began to reach out.

“It was a really big success and I was able help a lot of families, build those connections, and help others in their time of need,” says Caitlin. “Working from home, I was in a perfect position to be able help.”

Now Caitlin is expanding her community connections through the community groups at Vox, which offer people the opportunity to gather outside of Sunday services. She and her husband host a group at their home. When Caitlin isn’t working or volunteering with Vox, she and her family enjoy sailing, camping, traveling, and taking the kids on “adventurous days.”

Their children are also involved at the church through the VoxKids program, which is “a phenomenal part of Vox,” according to Caitlin. Vox is currently hosting services on Sundays at 10 a.m., though the church is looking to expand to offer two services if it is able to get more volunteers with the VoxKids program. Anyone interested can reach out to Maria Conrad, director of VoxKids, at

Though the director of outreach post is a volunteer position, it sometimes feels like a full-time job, but Caitlin doesn’t mind. She is excited to see the community come out to enjoy the Trunk or Treat event on Oct. 30 as well as the other events that are planned in coming months.

In addition to fun events, she is planning to create opportunities for people of all ages to give back to the community through initiatives such as assisting veterans in need, feeding the homeless, and making connections with those who may be alone during the holidays.

“I want to reach out to whoever we can help and needs help and be able to say, ‘We left our mark and they’ll remember us because we helped them,’” says Caitlin. “We went a year without events or helping the community through in-person outreach program because of COVID so right now our biggest mission and goal is to get people back into the church in person or joining a team to help such as outreach, production, VoxKids, service, and more. Giving back to the community we live in and serving is a very big thing for both myself and Matt.”

For information, visit or follow the Vox Church North Campus page on Facebook.

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