August 11, 2020
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Real Estate Transactions for Dec. 12

Published Dec 12, 2019 • Last Updated 11:25 am, December 10, 2019

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32 Sundance Drive Unit 32: Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Pasquale and Lisa M. Simone, $65,251 on Oct. 2

33 Sundance Drive Unit 33: Hyon J. Lee to John S. Puerto-Arenas and Leidy S. Balanta, $148,000 on Oct. 1

165 Watch Hill Road Unit 165: Amendola Development, LLC, to Connor P. McGuire, $196,000 on Oct. 4

N/A: Ann M. Petrowski to Rajula Tandon, $205,000 on Oct. 1

N/A: Lori A. Iannicelli LT and Donald P. Iannicelli to Amy Angelo and Douglas G. Lapham, $82,750 on Oct. 4

North Haven

3330 Dixwell Avenue: William and Patricia Julianelle to My Q. Lam and Roger A. Chaput, $269,000 on Sept. 27

32 North Avenue: Carmine L. Angeloni to Mary L. Angeloni, $210,000 on Sept. 27

5 Pine River Road: Estate of William F. Armstrong and Donna Sparago to Lisa Sparago-Hamasian and Peter Hamasian, $120,000 on Sept. 27

72 Postman Highway: Kathleen E. Nolan to Scott and Leah Beck, $305,000 on Sept. 24

524 Quinnipiac Avenue: Maryann Moscato to Russell K. Davies, $218,000 on Sept. 25

1810 Ridge Road: Richard J. and Madeline O. Guandalini to Sentinel Investments, LLC, $200,000 on Sept. 25


31 Commerce Street: Laura C. Wagner to Donald R. and June T. Hansen, $90,000 on Oct. 16

47 Founders Village Unit 47: Regina A. and Mitchel B. Strand to Megan E. Falck, $129,900 on Oct. 15

8 River Road: Michael F. and Sheila R. Hughes to Carol Mason, $330,000 on Oct. 15

41 Killingworth Turnpike: Dean Taylor to Derrick P. Schultz and Ericka P. Eschbach, $255,000 on Oct. 1

10 Knollwood Drive: Christopher Zawadski to Rachele Black and Eric Brown, $207,000 on Oct. 1

17 Nod Place: Beverly Natle to Neri Corporation, $280,000 on Oct. 3

6 Plymouth Court Unit 6: Edward Kolodziej to Denise B. and Bruce W. Sypher, $120,000 on Oct. 1

114 Shore Road: Suraya Wayland to David and Wendy Kovar, $317,000 on Oct. 2


156 Little Stannard Beach Road: Marceline Guarino to Jeremy Cohen and Marci Friedman-Cohen, $1,000,000 on Oct. 16

Water’s Edge Resort Condo Unit 622: Lawrence P. and Michele A. Tracey to Marc A. and Karen L. Mirabella, $15,900 on Oct. 17

1 Macdonald Drive: Joyce C. Suleski to Gregory Honn, $400,000 on Oct. 29

276 Old Clinton Road: Ronald Laverde to Ronald B. Adamowicz, $225,000 on Oct. 28

Old Saybrook

688 Boston Post Road: John C. Strougo to 688 Boston Post Road, LLC, $735,000 on Oct. 10

7 Pettipaug Avenue: Jill M. and Jeffrey S. Bornstein to Frankel Family Investments, LLC, $5,700,000 on Oct. 11

25 Soundview Avenue Unit 2: 311, LLC, to Sharon A. and Angel M. Robles, $1,055,000 on Oct. 11

26 Atlantic Drive: Brian J. Chiffer to Mark D. Chiffer, $150,000 on Oct. 25

47 Briarwood Drive: John C. and Elizabeth W. Ramm to Janice M. Tirinzonie, $375,000 on Oct. 23

7 Hill Road: Ruthanne D. Rothman RET and Ruthanne D. Rothman to Nelden C. and Audrey A. Scott, $675,000 on Oct. 28

201 North Cove Road: Joseph T. and Virginia S. Nochera to North Cove Associates, LLC, $1,700,000 on Oct. 31

11 North Meadow Road: Patrick and Marie T. Moran to Jason R. and Devon Marsden, $535,000 on Oct. 23

12 Obed Heights: Gary R. and Janice K. Lehrman to Sarah E. and Todd L. Wiza, $439,000 on Oct. 23

137 Sandy Point Road Unit 137: Barbara Fishman to Steven H. Bencher, $300,000 on Oct. 24

N/A: Estate of Mary Senecal Potter and William J. Senecal to Tod Raynor, $290,000 on Oct. 28

East Haven

523 Bradley Street: Louann Heft to Valerie Kolodecik and Justin Otto, $218,000 on Oct. 1

201 Coe Avenue: Bridget Hastings to Michelle Bryant, $190,000 on Sept. 30

34 Newton Street: Dennis and Lorraine Bach to Orlando and Yolanda Rodriguez, $285,000 on Oct. 2

173 Rowe Court Unit 410: Carol Grasso to Carol Rowe, $119,900 on Sept. 30

140 Thompson Street Unit 19g: Michael and Patricia Nuzzo to Beny and Evelin Zagorov, $121,000 on Sept. 30

76 Wheaton Road: Elizabeth Caiafo to Adam Barletta, $13,000 on Oct. 1

479 Barberry Road: Danielle Miranda to Serafina and Dominic Auriemma, $190,000 on Oct. 16

199 Bradford Avenue: Birchtree Association, LLC, to Manuel Fontes, $280,000 on Oct. 16

25 Burgess Street: 1900 Capital TIi to Rebecca and Michael Lapointe, $125,000 on Oct. 15

105 Dewey Avenue: Nicole and Pasquale Buzzanco to Maegan Moran, $257,000 on Oct. 11

212 Half Mile Road: Estate of Paulette Licht and Linda DeLillo to Angerlyk Frytz, $265,000 on Oct. 15

7 O’Donnell Court: Estate of Barbara Misbach and Lorraine Wentworth to Betzaida DiLapi, $175,000 on Oct. 18

235 Russo Avenue: Rose Monaco to Rosalinda DeLucia, $126,000 on Oct. 11

2 Bartlett Road: Estate of Marilyn Jaqua and Lisa Winch to Christina Lapierre, $175,000 on Nov. 12

34 Borrmann Road: William Chiquilla to Rudber Duran, $138,300 on Nov. 12

68 French Avenue: Brandon Annunziata and Rafal Mercado to Jordanne Bryan, $187,900 on Nov. 12

12 Grant Street: Stanislaw Jecek to Sonia Reyes, $235,000 on Nov. 12

330 Short Beach Road Unit D4: Atlantica, LLC, to Donielle Camerato, $42,000 on Nov. 15

395 Strong Street: Marissa Wrightington to Edison and Maria Rodriguez, $183,500 on Nov. 15

11 Taft Street: Melonie Neclerio and Gerald Wunderlich to Ruben Rodriguez, $218,500 on Nov. 12

140 Thompson Street Unit 18g: Richard Votto to Austin Wright and Stephanie Rivera, $140,000 on Nov. 15



140 Thompson Street Unit 18e: Przemyslaw and Jennifer Brodzik to Margaret and Rasheem Robinson, $107,000 on Nov. 13

140 Thompson Street Unit 10b: Peter Martin to Sean Cavanaugh, $146,000 on Nov. 14

140 Thompson Street Unit 2g: Eric McGuire to Gladys Cifarelli, $133,500 on Nov. 12

203 Thompson Street Unit C: Estate of Richard Lapan, Jr., and Lisa Alcobia to Kelly Susa, $84,500 on Nov. 14

Deep River

75 Essex Street: Bonnie Reed to Lindsey Sylvestre, $250,000 on Sept. 16

91 Long Hill Road: Donald and Carroll Routh to Real Estate Partners, LLC, $250,000 on Sept. 30

92 Main Street Unit 233: Deborah St. John to Jonathan Ohr, $128,750 on Sept. 30

131 Rattling Valley Road: Robin Crosby to Gregory Pahlosky and Amber Kwiatkoski, $14,000 on Sept. 23

118 West Bridge Street: Guy and Clay DuPlessis to Richard Rae, $65,000 on Sept. 16

N/A: Catherine Cotton to Pergola Properties, LLC, $152,250 on Sept. 23

N/A: Catherine Cotton to Pergola Properties, LLC, $22,750 on Sept. 23

N/A: Cynthia Jacome to MPGG, LLC, $30,000 on Sept. 30

153 Main Street: Mark Rayner to 153 Main Street, LLC, $260,000 on Oct. 21

160 River Road: Robyn Fortier to Terrie and Mark Marino, $707,500 on Oct. 22

39 Union Street: Estate of Verna Sinney and Ann Neumann to Danielle Thompson, $192,300 on Oct. 17

410 Winthrop Road: James Dee, Jr., and Theresa Dee to Aaron Clippinger, $325,000 on Oct. 28


115 Goose Hill Road: C. Mark & J.E. Battey RET and C. Mark Battey to Robert B. Watts, $220,000 on Sept. 30

63 Middlesex Avenue: Forrest W. and Karin K. Cobb to Justin P. Money, $109,900 on Sept. 30

3 Hickory Hill Drive: Christopher M. and Sarah H. Fryxell to Michael Bova, $355,000 on Oct. 15

7 Castle View Drive: Anthony D. and Angela A. Spada to Vanessa and Melissa Oliveri, $272,000 on Oct. 29

15 Hickory Hill Drive: 15 Hickory Hill, LLC, to Cynthia H. and Robert M. Walsh, $387,000 on Oct. 31

Laurel Street: William C. and Kim N. Jordan to Michael Jordan, $25,000 on Nov. 1

6 Middlesex Avenue: Robert F. and Lois A. Eagan to James D. Flemming, $220,000 on Oct. 31

65 Middlesex Avenue: FNMA to Richard Wade, $95,000 on Oct. 29

65 Middlesex Avenue: Thomas F. Lee and FNMA to FNMA, $90,800 on Oct. 29

149 Middlesex Avenue: Joseph J. Kuzaro and Paula M. Dutka to Jonathan J. Kuzaro, $187,500 on Oct. 31


50 Bokum Road Unit 6: Bokum 1, LLC, to Chempolil T. and Linda L. Mathew, $449,900 on Oct. 4

24 Main Street: John and Lisa M. Frese to Roger D. and Jan A. Harris, $1,395,000 on Oct. 4

12 Sheagren Hill: Timothy L. and Kimberley F. Smith to Jeffrey A. and Lucinda Murphy, $386,500 on Oct. 1

27 Gates Road: Maria L. Murray to Richard A. Moore, $260,000 on Oct. 17

8 Main Street: Paul D. Clark to Mark Panaroni, $19,275 on Oct. 15

43 River Road: Dorothy H. Williams to John H. Kolb, $510,000 on Oct. 16

85 River Road Unit D4: Estate of Barbara A. Brooks and Stephen R. Cline to Bruce Feller and Lydia Conca, $96,250 on Oct. 16

85 River Road Unit D4: Estate of Richard L. Brooks and Stephen R. Cline to Bruce Feller and Lydia Conca, $96,500 on Oct. 16

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