August 11, 2020
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Real Estate Transactions for Dec. 19

Published Dec 19, 2019 • Last Updated 11:17 am, December 17, 2019

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30 Granite Road Unit 30: Mark M. Miller to David M. Costa, $135,000 on Nov. 18

85 Greenbrier Drive: Steven J. Virgadamo to Terrence Mott and Jude Yang, $598,000 on Nov. 25

Guilford Yacht Club: Thomas and Joyce Lanzilli to Robert Scranton, $32,000 on Nov. 18

1 Hunter Drive Unit 1: Ann W. DiCicco to Williams FT and Greg Williams, $300,000 on Nov. 22

103 Kimberly Drive: Joan C. Faulkner and Kelli A. Filosa to Andrew T. and Maureen H. Walther, $400,000 on Nov. 22

241 Lake Drive: Andrew T. and Maureen H. Walther to Patrick L. and Cassandra L. Hough, $380,000 on Nov. 20

Long Island Sound Road: Arthur E&N A. Hall Trust and Bennett A. Hall to Robert M. and Donna E. Kessler, $1,535,800 on Nov. 18

636 Nortontown Road: Jeremy Lackey to Kelly and Steven M. Clark, $382,000 on Nov. 25

6 Opening Hill Road: Thomas M. Neustaetter and Bank of America NA to Bank of America NA, $723,971 on Nov. 21

35 Preble Drive: Christine A. Donahue and Donald P. Mullen to Susan Danehy, $421,900 on Nov. 25

62 Reeves Avenue: Angela DiPace to Alice Palma, $321,000 on Nov. 26

444 Schoolside Lane: Robin L. Uzzo to Vincent Fragola and Jacqueline Secondino, $485,000 on Nov. 26

11 Stepstone Hill Road: Heidi Conrad and Lisa Panzini to Lauren M. Ford and Joshua Elman, $289,000 on Nov. 19

134 Union Street: USA HUD to Nicholas B. and Jennifer H. Morgan, $305,000 on Nov. 25


133 Damascus Road: Linda F. Brencher to Daniel and Mary D. Brencher, $425,000 on Nov. 21

6 Dudley Avenue: David M. and Debra A. Simmons to Frederick P. and Kimmy J. Leaf, $985,000 on Nov. 18

39 Elm Street: US Bank NA Trust to Salvatore and Darlene Corso, $160,000 on Nov. 26

268 Harbor Street: Estate of Donald E. Robinson and Nationstar Mortgage, LLC, to Nationstar Mortgage, LLC, $200,000 on Nov. 18

5-a Howard Avenue: Philip Kinsella to 542 Chapel Street, LLC, $750,000 on Nov. 19

3 Manorwood Drive Unit 3: Barbara A. Parise to Peter Martin, $121,000 on Nov. 18

85 Manorwood Drive Unit 85: Timothy E. and Nicolette Reiss to Joseph Leito, $210,000 on Nov. 19

152 Maple Street: Stephen P. and Patricia Malinowski to Diane E. and Hector G. Lizcano, $443,000 on Nov. 18

33 Old Hickory Lane: Brooke C. and Donald B. Parisi to Nicholas Lancia, $180,000 on Nov. 19

25 Orchard Hill Road Unit 18: Estate of Ruth Ellen Clarke and Nicole Gilson to Laurie Rotondo, $120,000 on Nov. 26

15 Parker Place: Cascade Fund RM1 Acquis to Perry Mackey, $284,905 on Nov. 18

21 Pawson Trail: Rachel Singleton-Holmes to Leslie Martino, $521,000 on Nov. 20

10 Quarry Dock Road Unit 10: Stacey S. Conn to Robert F. Slater and Debra L. Jaeger-Slater, $226,500 on Nov. 20

745 Robert Frost Drive Unit 745: Andrew W. Elis to Alidia Properties, LLC, $139,000 on Nov. 26

12 School Street: Blanchard FT and Dana L. Blanchard to Neal E. and Judith W. Robison, $320,000 on Nov. 26

Svea Avenue: Peter Lengyel to Abel Properties, LLC, $290,000 on Nov. 21

Turtle Bay Drive Lot 10: Fernandes FT and Marie R. Fernandes to Eileen N. Hughes, $425,000 on Nov. 26

164 Turtle Bay Drive Unit 164: Joan Lipin to David E. Simons and Marie Onofrio-Simons, $259,000 on Nov. 19

187 Turtle Bay Drive Unit 187: Michael Allegra and Francesca Volpe to Lysa Apuzzo, $325,000 on Nov. 26

190 Turtle Bay Drive Unit 190: Paul Salatto to Kristin Foschi, $272,500 on Nov. 21

12 Whiting Farm Road: Matthew D. and Barbara F. Gailey to Joseph Thurston-Luchini, $365,000 on Nov. 18

North Branford

229 Branford Road Unit 518: Stephen Viglione to Philip E. and Joanne D. Pagnotti, $143,000 on Nov. 26



Middletown Turnpike: Wells Fargo Bank NA to Reeds Gap Rental Company, LLC, $450,000 on Nov. 19

143 Walnut Lane: Daniel E. and Marinela M. Buley to David and Jessica M. Sanchez, $335,000 on Nov. 27


280 Blusfield Drive: Barbara S. and Peter J. Carpenter to Barbara Broerman and John Patcai, $422,400 on Nov. 20

6 Boston Post Road: Frederick J. and Margaret M. Lyle to Generals Residence At Mad, $617,500 on Nov. 14

141 Durham Road Unit 19: Sweitzer Enterprises, LLC, to Soul Voyage Counseling, $120,000 on Nov. 19

7 Evarts Lane Unit 7: Anthony R. and Kathryn L. Tutino to Joseph F. Walton RET and Joseph F. Walton, $825,000 on Nov. 19

12 Flower Avenue: M. Guinault-Picciotto Trust and M. Guinault-Picciotto to Daniel and Patricia Raymo, $740,000 on Nov. 25

32 Grove Avenue: Estate of Vitaline O’Toole and Ellen O’Toole-Hubbard to Nancy B. Mahon and Susan Trerotola, $775,000 on Nov. 26

11 Hammonassett Meadows Road: Kristen E. and Ryan M. Suerth to Alfred D. and Jean G. Haynes, $485,000 on Nov. 20

Hartford Avenue: Kurt R. Anderson to Krista Anderson and Kyle Richards, $25,000 on Nov. 25

58 High Hill Circle: US Bank NA to Clark Street Properties, LLC, $418,000 on Nov. 21

16 Holly Park Road: Estate of Barbara M. Kowalski and W.L. Blennerhassett to Gerald H. Pastor and Jane R. Porterfield, $1,325,000 on Nov. 26

42 Mill Road: Kurt and Nada Specht to Rasim Feratovic, $355,000 on Nov. 20

6 Opening Hill Road: Thomas M. Neustaetter and Bank of America NA to Bank of America NA, $723,971 on Nov. 21

22 Pleasant View Avenue: 22 Pleasant View, Inc., to Stephen T. Hauser LT and Mary J. Marra-Hauser, $885,000 on Nov. 13

76 Squires Road: Arthur F. and Mildred Brasky to Cameron T. DeLucia and Alexa N. Polverari, $318,000 on Nov. 26

47 Surrey Drive: Hok C. and Kwai Wong to Stephanie L. Smithken, $365,000 on Nov. 25


4 Blake Avenue: Janet K. Suchecki to Michael P. and Emma L. Muchin, $380,000 on Nov. 19

15 Cedar Island Avenue: John J. Walonski to Kelli Filosa and Joan Faulkner, $350,000 on Nov. 21

7 Christina Court: John A. and Peggy J. Elefteriades to Matthew T. and Cheir E. Ouimet, $34,900 on Nov. 18

30 East Walk: Ned Deb RT and Edward W. Freedman to Neil D. and Sharon B. Kochen, $500,000 on Nov. 21

6 Hickory Avenue: Mark A. and Anne G. Miela to Roseann McNulty, $284,900 on Nov. 27

26 High Street: 26-28 High Street, LLC, to High Street Clinton, LLC, $275,000 on Nov. 27

84 Killingworth Turnpike: Robin M. and Krystyna E. Borkowski to Susan Fappiano, $285,000 on Nov. 21

Long Hill Road: Thomas D. Jump to Michael C. and Daniel J. Mullane, $450,000 on Nov. 22

47 Long Hill Road: Margaret M. Sorano to Andrea C. Scaccianoce and John R. Comer, $265,000 on Nov. 26

31 Neck Road: Estate of Ann Elizabeth Dowdle and Kendall Gulseth to Warren L. and Catherine G. Tomek, $240,000 on Nov. 20

19 Pepperbush Drive: Mark R. Terrace to Ryan E. Thompson, $312,000 on Nov. 18

Quinnipiac Avenue: Andrea L. Brod to Brandon Robertson and Nicole Bartone, $275,000 on Nov. 25

7 Shore Grove Road: Vivian B. Rasicott to Richard R. and Rose K. Jones, $315,000 on Nov. 27

153 Shore Road Unit 2: Zettergren Trust and Kevin Zettergren to Richard A. and Virginia Speciale, $527,500 on Nov. 18

2 Stephens Court: White Star Trust and Benjamin Foley to Hillary R. Sanford, $198,000 on Nov. 26

East Haven

166 Borrmann Road: Gina Davis to Stanislaw Jecek, $135,000 on Nov. 21

30 Bradley Avenue: David Overson to Marta Martins, $170,000 on Nov. 27

16 Charnes Drive: Estate of Evelyn DeLucia and Raymond DeLucia to Tania Chacon, $189,050 on Nov. 27

159 Coe Avenue: 167 Coe Avenue, LLC, to Connecticut Home Tech Corporation, $40,000 on Nov. 25

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