August 5, 2020
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Real Estate Transactions for Jan. 9

Published Jan 09, 2020 • Last Updated 10:56 am, January 07, 2020

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274 Church Street Unit 6c: Michael A. and Pamela J. Sipala to Jeanne Velhage, $210,500 on Dec. 18

90 East Gate Road: William J. and Christine M. Sennett to Michael and Melissa Meehan, $385,000 on Dec. 18

133 Glenwood Drive: Raymond J. and Patricia L. Mastrangelo to Timothy P. and Carly F. Wysoczanski, $351,000 on Dec. 17

5 Island Bay Circle: Robert Soufer to Douglas E. and Dixon L. Sanderson, $760,000 on Dec. 16

39 Landons Way: Lemi Luu LT and Lemi Luu to Juan Nadal and Kathleen M. Glennadal, $775,000 on Dec. 16

34 Prospect Hill Road: Russell Vito to Marc E. Chavez, $270,000 on Dec. 16

38 South Fair Street: Leonard W. Billing to William C. and Wendy M. Zabel, $150,000 on Dec. 16

19 Spencer Avenue: Estate of Elizabeth A. Work and Cathleen D. Draper to Aaron N. and Tatiana G. Draper, $355,000 on Dec. 18

84 White Birch Drive: John E. and Susan L. Bobbin to Patricia Ann O’Connell LT and Patricia A. O’Connell, $362,000 on Dec. 16


7 Alexandra Lane: Edward M. Francis RET and Edward M. Francis to Danielle M. and Robert S. Paolucci, $450,000 on Dec. 16

Boston Post Road: Leslie A. Delperdang Trust and N.P. Dodge to Kari Soderstrom, $369,000 on Dec. 18

16 Centre Village Drive Unit 16: Helen Ax to Resync Property Solutions, $250,000 on Dec. 16

9 Dream Lake Drive: Kathryn R. Dann to Frank P. Cirillo, $375,000 on Dec. 16

4 Durham Road: Daniels FT and Dorothy H. Daniels to Hamilton Hernandez, $235,000 on Dec. 20


249 Alps Road: Thompson FT and Lynne A. Schmitz to Nicholas Vissicchio, $172,800 on Dec. 20

8 Ashman Court: Thomas W. and Janice A. Fowler to Brian J. and Lisa A. Palmeri, $475,000 on Dec. 16

105 Florence Road Unit 2a: Cheryl Tew to Elizabeth K. Brantley, $95,000 on Dec. 17

Griffing Pond Road: Estate of Harold C. Burkhardt and Francis X. Conlon to Joseph and Maria Gilhuly, $422,000 on Dec. 16

6 O’Brien Road: Thomas R. Cosgrove and Wells Fargo Bank NA to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $169,796 on Dec. 17

36-42 Old Quarry Road: Citizens Bank NA to Jeffrey J. Knight, $167,500 on Dec. 16

13 Pawson Trail: George J. and Michael W. Cahill to Janice A. Fowler, $430,000 on Dec. 16

Pineview Condo Unit 6c: Gunnar E. Jagdmann to Anamaria W. and Robert S. Skarzynski, $93,000 on Dec. 20

69 Seaview Avenue: Luanne Dehar to Ahmet S. Gork, $725,000 on Dec. 17

Turtle Bay Condo 3 Unit 126a: Robert J. and Joan M. Monte to Dylan Stempel, $308,000 on Dec. 20

Union Street: Peter P. Batrow to Alfred A. Tisko, $190,000 on Dec. 16

North Branford

8 Farm River Drive: William F. and Donna M. Moeller to Philip and Lisa King, $415,000 on Dec. 16

1444 Middletown Avenue: Paul H. and Cynthia K. Marlowe to Stephanie L. Palasiewski, $108,000 on Dec. 19

66 Norwill Drive: Lisa Gray to David DeMartino, $322,500 on Dec. 16

122 West Pond Road: Lynn DeMusis to Joseph C. Traversano, $292,000 on Dec. 18

53 Walnut Lane: Anteck FT and Nancy M. Anteck to Nancy M. Anteck, $137,150 on Dec. 20

58 Woods Hill Road: Joseph T. Joaquim and Chelsey Kovacs to Jeremie St. Pierre and Brandy St. Pierre, $365,000 on Dec. 16

North Haven

19 Allen Road: Jonathan D. Eichholtz to Bruce Berthel, $185,000 on Dec. 17

511 Elm Street Unit 11-2: John J. Hackett to John S. and Deborah O. Markle, $271,000 on Dec. 13

Primrose Street: Pamela K. Parente to Kunso and Kumsuk Kim, $388,000 on Dec. 12

2244 Ridge Road: Eugene L. Romanowski and Richard Dziamalek to Thomas Nolan and Alexa Oddo, $256,000 on Dec. 13

23 Roarke Road: Estate of Freddie L. Thompson, Sr., and Gregory B. Thompson to Freddie L. Thompson, $140,000 on Dec. 12

11 Saint John Street Unit B5: St. John B5, LLC, to John Acanford, $250,000 on Dec. 16

114 Summer Lane Unit 10: Denise Iorio to Pamela K. Parente, $585,000 on Dec. 12

East Haven

6 David Drive: Rose Kozolis RET and Rose Kozolis to Joseph Siracuse, $185,000 on Nov. 18

10 Englewood Drive: Estate of Lucy Anyzeski and Michelle Carfora to Numan Ayala, $227,000 on Nov. 19

53 High Street: Jacki Miniaci, LLC, to 53 High Street EH, LLC, $285,000 on Nov. 22

55 Leigh Drive: Geraldine Pepin to Taylor Scalia, $252,500 on Nov. 18

49 Bradley Avenue: Edward Conte and Corinne Larsen to Dawn Popolizio, $265,000 on Dec. 12

130 Coe Avenue Unit 83: Peter DiPietro to St. Bari Capital New Haven, $67,000 on Dec. 11

8 Oak Hill Drive: Gene Wolcott to Jill and Benjamin Franco, $219,000 on Dec. 11

4 Roma Street Unit 4: D’Andrea FT and Ray Nardella to Cynthia Bannon, $66,500 on Dec. 12

70 Vista Drive: Kimberly Bellonio to Bradley Pimer, $150,000 on Dec. 11


11 Blaine Avenue: Kevin J. McMahon to Mark R. Sadoski, $200,400 on Dec. 20

8 Hill Top View: John J. Phillips to Brie A. Lepore, $255,000 on Dec. 17

41 West Shore Drive: Richard P. and Rosemary Weder to David C. and Valerie T. Grant, $252,000 on Dec. 16

33 Whitewood Road: David I. and Eva A. Robinson to Adam M. Plott, $200,000 on Dec. 18


147 Captains Drive: Susan Fish RET and Ronald L. Fish to Mary B. and Thomas E. Murphy, $643,500 on Dec. 16


150 Fishing Brook Road: Roger J. and Faythe Papp to Aaron O. and Heather M. Kjos, $389,000 on Dec. 16

Old Saybrook

Ayers Point Road: Robert C. Ulrich to Barbara Dunayev-Horner and Stephen C. Crane, $565,000 on Dec. 13

74 Chalker Beach Road: Alexandra Papageorge to James W. Oliver, $239,900 on Dec. 17

19 Channelside Drive: Bank of New York Mellon to Michael Varela, $200,000 on Dec. 12

College Street Unit 1: Gail T. Fahey to Dylan Ficke, $225,000 on Dec. 13

College Street Unit 2: Gail T. Fahey to Dylan Ficke, $225,000 on Dec. 13

9 Edwards Road: Frank Saunders to Sebastian L. Garolfalo, $210,000 on Dec. 16

Fenwood Drive Unit 94: Joel R. Lucas to Kimberly Beek, $485,000 on Dec. 12

45 Knollwood Drive: Robert X. and Janet A. Johnson to Brian and Emily Zaklukiewicz, $355,000 on Dec. 13

65 Neptune Drive: James P. Carrigan to Patricia M. and Kevin P. Prendergast, $375,000 on Dec. 12

205 Old Boston Post Road: Gem Properties, LLC, to 205 Old Boston Post, LLC, $1,200,000 on Dec. 18

12 Seacrest Road: Melissa Keefe and Jeanne Velhage to Patrick M. and Polly A. McCann, $586,000 on Dec. 17

7 Shetucket Trail: Charlene S. Cusano to Donna I. Shepherd, $360,000 on Dec. 12


6 Fife Court: Shawn and Alyssa Atkinson to George and Lynn W. Prouty, $320,000 on Dec. 17

85 River Road: Robert Rivers and Elizabeth Doornweerd to Diana L. Charnok, $316,000 on Dec. 16


10 Liberty Street: Estate of K.A. Smith Moeller and Peter H. Charbonnier to Matthew J. Malaquias, $150,000 on Nov. 22

193 Middlesex Avenue: John A. Digertt to Jesse B. Freundlich and Amanda W. Krawczyk, $370,000 on Nov. 20

26 Spring Street: Lynne F. Croker to Anthony Iafrate and Vicki L. Steele, $568,000 on Nov. 18

37 Turkey Hill Road: Freudenstein LT and Sandra K. Freudenstein to Robyne L. and Craig M. Brennan, $409,900 on Nov. 22

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