August 11, 2020
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Real Estate Transactions for Jan. 30

Published Jan 30, 2020 • Last Updated 10:31 am, January 28, 2020

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21 Edge Hill Road: Joan and Lawrence E. Finman to Kirt H. Swanson, $210,000 on Jan. 9

909 Goose Lane: Michael and Jennifer A. McDermott to John and Jill Kennelly, $555,000 on Jan. 8

41 Ironwood Road: Lynn M. Horton to Jeffrey T. Pan and Banu Ozkazancpan, $1,175,000 on Jan. 3

Main Street: Sunset Creek Development to Deirdre B. and Robert A. Jacob, $850,000 on Jan. 6

503 North Madison Road: Xcelerated Lending, LLC, to Allyson Gemske, $380,000 on Jan. 3

348 Peddlers Road: Wells Fargo Bank NA Trust to Mark Russo, $276,000 on Jan. 6

83 Sachem Head Road: FNMA to Sxs Solutions, LLC, $179,000 on Jan. 7

89 State Street: Timothy W. and Elizabeth M. Clifton to Lexicon Government Services, $527,500 on Jan. 6

83 Whitfield Street: Estate of Joan P. Cianciolo and R. Eugene Torrenti to Louis J. Guerrera, $370,000 on Jan. 7


205 Austin Ryer Lane Unit 205: 205 Austin Ryer Lane LC3 to Kristina M. Langlan, $160,000 on Jan. 6

Deforest Drive: Timothy A. and Stephanie C. Lohret to Craig J. Thomas and Naomi Y. Berkins, $363,000 on Nov. 15

9 Elm Street: Russo Real Estate, LLC, to 9 Elm Street, LLC, $260,000 on Nov. 15

101 Hotchkiss Grove Road: Diane M. DeBona to Jennifer Marks, $332,000 on Jan. 10

Liesl Lane: Stone Ridge Association to 3 Liesl Lane 2, LLC, $33,400 on Jan. 10

60 Maple Street Unit 16c: Joy V. Brighton to David Ferguson, $252,500 on Nov. 15

9 Montoya Drive Unit 9: Kathleen Rollar-Abbott to Jesse A. Romano, $315,000 on Jan. 7

37 Pleasant Point Road: Eileen P. Griffin to Lisa Egan and Brian Henson, $160,000 on Jan. 9

32 Riverwalk: Paul Greenberg to Stephen M. and Catherine A. Ross, $564,000 on Nov. 15

15 Salt Meadow Lane Unit 15: Polly S. Rosen to Paul S. and Deborah J. Greenbaum, $650,000 on Jan. 7

Short Beach Road: Zatulskis FT and Robert Zatulskis to Walter C. Hallier, $187,500 on Nov. 15

19 Sundance Drive Unit 19: Edna A. Smith LT and Claudia A. Smith to Angel Rivera, $100,000 on Nov. 15

46 Todds Hill Road: US Bank NA Trust to Joseph Lepre, $95,500 on Jan. 6

96 Village Lane Unit 96: Susan B. Calistro to Brooke V. Logan, $139,900 on Nov. 15


782 Boston Post Road: Gunnar R. Johnson to Neilsen Davidson, LLC, $554,500 on Jan. 10

1 Langshire Drive: Margaret F. Fogarty to Jared G. Ingves and Christine Zavitsanos, $281,000 on Jan. 6

660 Opening Hill Road: Margaret K. Reyer Trust and Margaret K. Reyer to Grand Manor Holdings, LLC, $200,000 on Jan. 6

660 Opening Hill Road: Grand Manor Holdings, LLC, to Michael A. Gellman LT and Michael A. Gellman, $210,000 on Jan. 6

211 River Road: 211 River Road, LLC, to Anthony A. and Katlyn Loricco, $265,000 on Jan. 6


177 Buell Hill Road: David M. Costa and Marc C. Civatarese to William C. and Jennifer Logiodice, $318,500 on Nov. 18

127 Chestnut Hill Road: Adrianus H. Stoop to Lisa A. Gomez and John H. Banks, $1,250,000 on Nov. 15

11 Kelseytown Road: Estate of David L. Paulsen and Casey R. Healey to Jamie A. Venuti and Steven J. Gullitti, $151,000 on Nov. 21

61 Schnoor Road: Keybank NA to Heritage One National, Inc., $105,500 on Nov. 20

39 Tower Road: Judith Gebhard to Nicholas Campbell, $335,000 on Nov. 18

North Branford

28 Arthur Road: Barbara Scalise and Nationstar Mortgage, LLC, to Nationstar Mortgage, LLC, $215,000 on Jan. 7

33 Ash Drive: Jennifer L. Rossi to Alfred E. Rossi, $10,000 on Jan. 10


52 Brickyard Road: FNMA to Michael Hutmacher and Kaitlyn Fetterman, $251,000 on Dec. 2

21 Cream Pot Road: Charlene K. Voyce to Jillian A. Massey, $310,000 on Dec. 2

29 Founders Village Unit 29: Estate of Ellen Cavanagh and Jonathan Cavanagh to Elaine A. Wells RET and Elaine A. Wells, $168,000 on Dec. 2

6 Mohawk Drive: Henry L. and Harriet D. Stein to Gerald J. and Jane C. Vece, $385,000 on Dec. 2

123 Commerce Street Unit 123: Steven and Donna Korn to John T. and Shari S. Collins, $360,000 on Jan. 8

31-a Old Post Road: Shoreline Gardens, LLC, to 31A Old Post Road, LLC, $90,000 on Jan. 6

50 Olde Orchard Road: Peter G. and Lynn A. Thompson to Benjamin S. Rosenthal and Elizabeth A. Griffin, $325,000 on Jan. 7

31 West Road: Carol A. Bassett to Joseph and Karen Tracy, $1,190,000 on Jan. 7

East Haven

654 Laurel Street Unit 9: Eunice and Sterwin Maggay to Chandano and Channlyda Meas, $230,000 on Dec. 5

41 Pardee Place: Michelle Cochran to Daniel Varley, $182,000 on Dec. 4

560 Silver Sands Road Unit 103: Raffaela Renna to Ellen Michael, $215,000 on Dec. 3

89 Stevens Street: Julia Kaplan to Adlenia Robinson and Johan Rodriguez, $230,000 on Dec. 3

476 Thompson Avenue: Frank Rubino to Real Estate Group 12, LLC, $200,000 on Dec. 2

18 Ure Avenue: Michael Amodio to Steven Buker, $20,200 on Dec. 5

N/A: SS King Property, LLC, to Nicholas and Lena Onofrio, $115,000 on Dec. 4

23 Birch Lane Unit C: Carl Seaquist to Brenda Liu and Daniel Chen, $80,500 on Jan. 6

369 Coe Avenue Unit 13: Frank Trentini to Michelle Laudano, $12,900 on Jan. 3

105 Foxon Road: Jonathan and Anne McGuire to Jairo Camacho, $295,000 on Jan. 8


239 Hemingway Avenue: Winxi Xu and Xiuying Luo to Christopher Tapia, $230,000 on Jan. 9

226 Laurel Street Unit 6: FHLM to Deborah Samuelson, $62,000 on Jan. 10

233 Mansfield Grove Road Unit 103: Christine Costantino to Matthew and Alyssa D’Angelo, $225,400 on Jan. 8

149 Mulholland Way Unit 87: Ral North Haven, LLC, to Carol and Richard Hylinski, $366,816 on Jan. 3

151 Mulholland Way Unit 88: Ral North Haven, LLC, to Roberta Esposito and Robert Henry, $373,884 on Jan. 2

209 North High Street: Kimberly Boria to Yaritza and Wilfredo Perez, $159,900 on Jan. 3

586 Strong Street: Mario and Joan Proto to John and Deborah Keyes, $222,000 on Jan. 9

35 Summit Avenue: Dorothy Ruocco to Ronald and Ronald Mariano, $145,000 on Jan. 3

272 Tyler Street: Lee and Norma Mohler to Kyle Hart, $210,000 on Jan. 10

North Haven

12 Curtis Court: Francis A. Fragola to Meixiang Chen, $232,000 on Jan. 8

287 Hogan Road: Raymond B. and Peter S. Brock to Daniel T. and Jesse J. Keefe, $449,325 on Jan. 7

678 Middletown Avenue: Timberwood Homes, LLC, to Jennifer Schobert, $361,000 on Jan. 8

3060 Ridge Road: Raymond B. and Peter S. Brock to Daniel T. and Jesse J. Keefe, $449,325 on Jan. 7

80 Wayland Street: Susan I. Fowler to Michael E. Davidson and Sara L. Nason, $253,000 on Jan. 7

5 Windsor Road: Judy Edwards to Georgia and Graham Masell, $337,900 on Jan. 6


Little Stannard Beach Road: Matthew H. Vibberts to Beverly Hand-Joubert and Adrienne C. Miazga, $32,000 on Jan. 7

Old Saybrook

10 Attawanhood Trail: Stephen and Robert J. McGuigan to Joseph M. and Jeanne M. Bell, $290,000 on Dec. 4

31 Edwards Road: Anne E. Huot and Joanne M. Cepelak to Mark R. Antonio LT and Mark R. Antonio, $605,000 on Dec. 2

57 Maple Avenue: Donna Cofrancesco to Julie Saviano, $335,000 on Dec. 2

21 Middletown Avenue: Bradley Gould and Bayview Loan Servicing to Judy Carten, $242,000 on Dec. 5

11-a Cove Street: Ruth D. Yakaitis to Gregory T. Laviero and Karen O. McLaughlin, $275,000 on Jan. 6


291 Hope Street Unit B4: National Cooperative Bank to PDT, LLC, $285,000 on Dec. 3

38 Middlesex Avenue: Jesse B. Freundlich to Samuel and Elizabeth L. Tucker, $285,000 on Dec. 4

149 Sylvan Knoll Road: Susan Allison and Susan Rivera to Nellie Velasco, $240,000 on Dec. 5

49 Straits Road: Andrew J. and Rose H. Vomastek to Keith and Dana Nobert, $300,000 on Jan. 9


14 Essex Glen Drive Unit 2: Essex Glen LLC to Louis W. and Carol A. Bassett, $500,000 on Dec. 9, 2019

25 New City Street: Estate of Raymond C. Lauber and Sheryl Weden to Jared M. and Leslie J. Novinski, $450,000 on Dec. 10, 2019

85 River Road Unit B2: Emanuel Gambino to Bradford R. Frost, $300,000 on Dec. 9, 2019

15 Sunset Terrace Unit 4: Patricia E. Kirkwood to Janelle Schmittberger, $112,000 on Dec. 9, 2019

24 Mack Lane: Elaine Lifland to Judith D. and Raymond B. Schoonmaker, $660,000 on Dec. 3

126 Mares Hill Road: Gail P. Mulcahey to Michael Kentner, $270,000 on Dec. 6

1-3 North Main Street: Charles & J. Weinberg Trust and Janice K. Weinberg to Bushnell Management, LLC, $196,666 on Jan. 8

1-3 North Main Street: William R. Weinberg to Bushnell Management, LLC, $196,666 on Jan. 8

1-3 North Main Street: Stanley Capers-Weinberg to Bushnell Management, LLC, $196,666 on Jan. 8

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